swaaragini-swasan(love after marriage) episode 17


guys sorry for the late update….as i told u we r modifying our house i had to move my pc where there was no net connection n my annuals exams were getting on my nerves…
i hop u understand my situation n didn’t forget my ff……

swaragini-swasan(love after marriage) epi-17…..

recap-swalak listening uttara speaking to the mysterious man…
precap-mysterious man face revelation…..


the scene starts with swara standing near the cliff n the mysterious man pointing gun towards swara.lucky came out of his hideout to stop the man.just as the man was about to shoot a bullet hits the man’s hand.
all turn back to see ragsan with the police.rags runs to swara n hugs.later sanky,lucky n uttara join them.
rags-u r ok no dii??????nothing happened to u no????
swara-rags…..rags…i’m fine…i’m fine.
the police holds the mans hand n the acp came forward n removed his mask…..
sanky-swara do u know him???he’s is kavita’s bro….
swara-yeah sanky i know him…i also know that he had a sis who died but i didn’t know that he is kavita’s bro….

karan-don’t u dare call my sis name with ur mouth….u know what u r a chudail….u cast some spell on my sis sanky n made him urs….
swara went to him n slapped him repeatedly….
swara-chi!karan i didn’t even think in my dreams thet u would do something like this..i always considered u as my bro n thought that everyone should have a bro like u.now i regret to think like that…
saying this she ran to car crying.rags is about to back of her but lucky stopped her seeing sanky going behind her.he gently puts a hand on her shoulder…she immediately turns n hugs him tightly.
swara(still hugging sanky)-how could he do this to me sanky???
sanky slowly breaks the hug n wipes her tears lovingly…she then recalls her happy moments with karan.

fb starts….
her happy moments with karan….how he always supported her….how he gifted her a beautiful dress on raksha bandhan day…etc…..
fb ends….
then she recalls todays incident n gets angry n cries in anger.to comfort her sanky hugs her.he breaks the hug a while later n lifts her face up…
sanky-don’t cry shona…i don’t want our baby to be a cry baby like u…i want our baby to be stong like me…see how strong i am..

swara hits his chest slowly n both laugh.
when they were about to leave the acp come there n hugs sanky…
acp-yaar sanky after how many days we’ve met na…but i’m sad this meeting is only a brief one.
sanky-haan yaar prithvi…btw let me introduce u to my wife…(pointing swara)this is my wife swara sanskar maheshwari..(to swara) n he’s my bestiee acp prithviraj…..
he shakes hand with her.
prithvi-nice to meet u…i hope u wouldn’t mind if i call u swara…
swara-not at all.
sanky(pointing to rags)-she is bro’s wife n my wife’s sis ragini laksh maheshwari…
he shakes hand with her too.
prithvi- nice to meet u too.
rags smiles…
prithvi(to swara)-btw swara when r u going to give us a chota sanky……..
swasan blush n smile

swara- in nine months……
prithvi-oh that’s a good news…u r really lucky to have a hubby like sanky n even the little star is going to be lucky to have a dad like him…
swasan smile at this comment.
sanky-not only me but even ragini is going to give a little lucky…
raglak blush…
prithvi-oh thats a very gud news…
he looks at his watch….
prithvi-yaar time’s up …(n makes a sad face)…hope we spend a lot of time next time….n u all should come to my home for lunch one day…..i’ll introduce u to my wife n lil champ…
saying this he hugs sanlak n leaves…..
they all sit in the car n leave.swasan in the front n raglak at the back with uttara.swara is lost in thoughts…
sanky-what r u thinking shona?

swara-i was thinking to ask u from when do u know prithviraj…..
sanky-i know him from my school days…after completing our 12 grade…i chose business n he chose ips…u know swara we used to do a lot of pranks together n were famous as prankster partners…
he recalls his momoents with prithvi….n gets interrupted by swara….
swara-u n pranks?impossible….
sanky-hey shona!there is no word in my dictionary called impossible n don’t ever underestimate the power of sanskar maheshwari……

uttara-hey bhai!!!!!don’t tease my bhabhi haan n enough of ur chennai express dialouges.
all laugh n enjoy in the car…
they reach mm after a while n see parish sitting together blushing n all members r sitting around them.
swaragsanlak come in n ask what happened.
ap-arre we r soon going to see chota aadarsh also……
all get happy n lucky goes n hugs her.he whispers in her ears which is audible only to aadarsh.
lucky-bhai gave u the gift so fast huh bhabhi?????
both parish blush…….all have n family time n enjoy a lot.
the screen freezes on the happy family.

precap-nine months leap n aadsanlak fun….

Credit to: swetha

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