swaaragini-swasan(love after marriage) episode 16


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swaragini -swasan (love after marriage) epi-16.

recap-swaragini pregnant.
precap-swalak listenting to uttara speaking to some man on loud speaker.

its a bright morning in mm.
in swasan room:
swara gets up n sees sanky sleeping like a baby.she runs her fingers through his silky hair n kisses his forehead n was about to leave but he pulls her suddenly so that she falls on him.she falls on him n he holds her by her waist.she tries to free herself from his grip but she falls on him again but this time their lips meet.it was a quite long one n atlast they broke n were breathing heavily.when she tried to go ,he pulled her hand n made her sit in a leaning position on the bed.
sanky-what shona….won't u let me talk with my baby?i'm her father….
swara-no sanky i want a handsome prince like u.
sanky-no shona…..i want a princess more beautiful than u…
then they started the arguement about the baby n it took a long time.then they stopped arguing when they heard sujata at the door.
sujata-swara beta is everything alright…y r u taking so much time to come down we have to talk about a imp. thing with u today.so come down fast.
swara-mr.mahashwari don't u have to go to office today.
sanky-no mrs.maheshwari i am going to spend this whole day with my wife n baby.
swara- ok but let me get ready first.
sanky- no me.
both of them look at washroom n run.swara manages to get in.after a while swara is dressing up.she is unable to tie her back knot.sanky sees this n ties her knot n fills her maang with sindoor.swara smiles.he then holds her by waist n leans to kiss her.they hear rags calling swara n she pushes him on the bed n runs out.he smiles n follows her.
evening in mm:
sanlak n swaragini go to lawn.
sanky-y did uttara call us?
lucky- might be something imp.
rags-might be but where is she?
swara-here she comes.
uttara comes there.
uttara-bhaiyya bhabhi that man called me again but i didn't lift it n called u here coz he might call me again.
just then someone calls uttara.
sanky-i n rags will go to trace the call.
they both leave n uttara puts the call on loud speaker.
man-uttara r u sure noone is near u?
uttara-yes.i mean no noone is near me.
man them bring ur swara bhabhi to the treking hills alone. do it immediately n no more questions.
saying this he immediately hangs the call.
lucky-don't worry uttara i'll follw u two silently.
then swara n uttara leave with lucky follwing them.
after a while they reach the spot n find the man there wearing a mask.they go to him.
uttara- y r u doing this?
man-i said na no more ques….now u can leave her with me.
swara tells uttara to leave through her eyes.uttra goes n joins lucky who is hidinh behind a tree.
then the man points gun towards swara n swara gets shocked.
the screen freezes there.

precap-police arrest the man n his face is revealed.

Credit to: swetha

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