swaaragini-swasan(love after marriage) episode 15


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swaragini-swasan(love after marriage) eposode 15

recap-uttara’s truth revealed
precap-swra tells something to lucky n gets ruses from there followed by swara.

next morning in mm:
while working in kitchen swara feels nausea n runs to vomit.she comes back n everyone ask if she’s fine.she replis in a yes n again starts to work.while working she falls down unconcious.everyone rush to her side.uttara who has finished her doctor course checks her n tells that she’s pregnant.while everyone are taking care of swara rags also faints.uttara checks her n tells she’s also pregnant.all get happy then pari says “double dhamaka”.swaragini get up n ask about what double dhamaka.all inform tthem that they r going to become mother.they get happy. get up to continue their work but ap stops them.

ap-beta u go n take rest.we’ll manage n sujata call sanlak n tell them the gud news.
sujata-ji jiji.
swara-ma we’ll only tell them when they come back.if u tell them now they’ll leave their work ,come home n torture us .
everyone laugh hearing it.
ap-ok beta u only tell.now go n take rest..
they go to their respective rooms.
swasan room:
swara is thnking how to tell the news to sanky then rags comes to her room with the same problem.they think for a while n then a idea stikes her mind.she shres it with rags n she happily nods.

in evening in mm:
swragini see sanlak coming n sign each other.
lucky is coming in the corridor.swara is purposely singing n dancing n bumps into lucky.
swara-sorry sorry sorry devarji.
lucky-what happened bhabhi ji u look very happy.
swara tells him shyly-u……u…u r going to become uncle.
lucky is shocked as well as happy.
lucky-where is bhai bhabhi???????
swara-in garden.
lucky goes from there followed by swara.

the same incident happens with rasan.
later swara joins rags who’s hiding behind a wall.
sanlak see each other.n jump n hug n shout together-congratulations bhai u are going to become a father!!!!!!!!!!!!.
sanlak look on shocked to hear what the other said.then they look at swaragini who come out n they shout “u r going to become father” while running to them.sanlak immediately hug their wives tightly n twirl them in the air.then the couples go inside hugging each other n find the whole family staring at them.they compose themselves n sanlak stammer.then pari comes near them n hold their ears.

sanlak-bhabhi please leave our ears it’s paining.
she leaves their ears n whole family is laughing at them.
pari-now what will u give me for this good news?
sanky-bhabhi we’ll give u a big trat 2morrow.pls leave us .
pari-only treat is not enough.i need something more.
lucky then go to her n aadarsh n whispers in their ears.
lucky-bhabhi bhai will give u ur gift …i’ll tell him.
parish understand what he meant n him slightly n blush.
all have a family time n screen freezes on their happy faces.

precap-swalak n uttara put the phone on loud speaker n listen to a man talking to uttara.

Credit to: swetha

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