swaaragini-swasan(love after marriage) episode 14


hey guys this is my 14th epi.please tell me if i should continue with my current dp.i’m in dilleme so i put the same dp.please do comment.<3 yall!!!!!!!

recap-uttara creating misunderstanding between swara n the family.
precap-uttara tensed seeing someone's call n swasan n raglak hide n see uttara talking to someone.

its morning scene in mm:
sanky gave sleeping pills to swara as she was oing on crying.sanky gets up n sees swara sleeping like a baby with a smile on her face.
he stares at her n places a kiss on her forehead.
sanky-may u always smile like this.
saying this he takes off his shirt to go to take a bath.at thay time only swara wakes up.
swara(sleepily)-sanky what is the time.
swara-omg!!!!!!!8:30.i'm late.why didn't u wake me up before.
saying this she goes towards washroom.sanky pulls her n hugs her n whispers in her ears.
sanky-because u look more beautiful when u sleep than when u r awake.
swara shies n pushes him n tries to run but he holds her wrist n pins her to the wall n stares at her slowly coming nearer to her.now there is only a centimeter of gap between their lips.
swara-how shameless u r sanky.u r standing shirtless in front of a girl.
sanky (still standing close to her)-n that girl is my wife n she has seen me like this before also.
swara gets shy tries to go but his grip so tight that she is even unable to move is hand a bit.he soon zeroes the gap between them into a kiss.
after a while they get themselves fresh n get dressed.then sujata comes there n tells sanky to tell swara to come down fast.
after sujata leaves swara breaks down.sanky consoles her.at last she stops crying after a while.
sanky-after a lwave don't start crying n i'll come home early in the evening.
in evening in mm:
sanlak come down freshened.they go to their respective wives.just then uttara gets a call n she gets tensed.swaragsanlak see that.sanlak sign each other through eyes.
uttara goes to the lawn.swaragsanlak follow her n hide behind a bush.
uttara-hello…………yes i did what u told me…………my family didn't doubt me but i far they might find out……….i'll do whatever u say but please don't leak those pics….ok i won't.
sanky had recorded the whole conversation in his mobile.then they preview the whole video n go inside.
all get angry seeing swara with sanky n turn their heads.then sanky gathers everyone.
sanky- guys…….i have a proof which can prove swara innocent.
uttara gets tensed.sanky sees this.
all family members scold him for trusting swara.but he turns deaf to everyone n goes ahead n puts the video on tv.
everyone see the video n are shocked.sujata with tears in her eyes slaps uttara.uttara starts to cry.
sujata-tell us y u did this.teel no y r u standing like rock.just because of u i doubted my DIL.tell us y u did this.
after saying this she slowly goes near swasan n apoliges to them by folding her han .seeing that whole family does the same.
swara(with tears)-no mom .ma,dad.no need to say sorry.btw i also forgive uttara.don't be angry on her.she did it on someone's pressure.
swara then goes to uttara.
uttara then hugs swara.
uttara- i'm sorry bhabhi.but what i could do there was no way for me except than doing this.
swara breaks the hug-tell me what happened clearly.
uttara-when i was coming from my friend's house day before yesterday,a man witth mask kidnapped me n misbehaved with me n rook the pics.he told me to as he says n tell nobody about the incident n not to complain to police else he will leak my pics.
everybody r shocked hearing it .uttara breaks down completely.swara n rags hug her n take her to the room.they then go their room.
in swasan room:
swara comes n finds sanky present there already.she goes n hugs him.
swara-thank u my love.thank u so much.
sanky-only a hug n thank u?i want more .
swara understands he wants a kiss n thinks to tease him.
swara-what do u want more mr.hubby?i didn't understand.
sanky understands she's teasing him so he moves forward.for each step she moves a step back.
sanky-so u didn't understand.
swara gets nervous as he starts to unbutton his shirt.she's stepping back n didn't notice there's bed back so she falls on it.snaky comes over her.
sanky- so u didn't understand uh?now i'll make u understand what i want.
saying this he was about to kiss her when sujata comes to their room to ask swara about their honeymoon.she sees them n turns back.swasan notice her n comply.they feel embarrased.
swara-mom u can come inside.
sujata comes in controlling her laugh.
sujata-i came to ask u about ur honeymoon but u r spending it here only.
swasan r embarrased n looking here n there to avoid eye contact.sujata senses the situation n decided to leave.when she is near the door ,she stops n turns back.
sujata-atleast lock the door before romancing.
she smirks n leaves.sanky then locks the door n lifts swara n puts her on the bed.he romances with her for sometime n both go to sleep.

precap-swara tells lucky something.he rushes from there followed by swara.

Credit to: swetha

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