swaaragini-swasan (love after marriage) episode 9


hey guys this is the 9th part of my ff swasan love after marriage hope u like it and please comment

recap-swasan meet 2 old people and swasan hug.
precap-swara’s accident.

the scene starts with sanky unable to concentrate on his work and thinks only about his lovely shona.
just then lucky enters his cabin and sees his bro disturbed.
lucky-what happened bhai?????u look disturbed
sanky tells him everything from point to point about his feelings towars his beautiful and lovely shona and asks lucky what it means.
lucky- it means the u have fallen for bhabh………….
sanky- no ot can’t happen lucky…………nobody can take kavita’s place in my life.
lucky- accept it bhai.there is no first or second for love.it just happens.
then sanky sanky thinks for sometime and wide smile appears on his lips…
sanky-maybe u r right lucky.thanks.
lucky- not lucky.from today i’m ur loveguru.
sanky joins his hands and bows before lucky.
lucky raising his hand- sukhi raho….
both bros laugh and hug each other
lucky- so when are u going to propose bhabhi bhai??????
sanky-i need sometime to practice how to propose and tomorrow i’ll take her for shopping…..
lucky smiles.
in swasan room in night:
sanky-swara shall we go for a shopping tomorrow???
swara gets happy hearing it but decides to tease him a bit..
swara-shopping and with u…..it will be boring.
sanky understands that she is teasing him .
sanky- ok….i thought of spending time with my best friend but u r saying no so i’ll go to offic eonly tomorrow.
swara immediately-no no no……..i’ll come with u to shopping.
both give a smile to each other and go to sleep.
next morning outside mm:
sanky bring a bike and tells swara to sit.swara is happy and she sits.
sanky is driving the bike very fast and swara gets scared.
swara-go slow sanky .i’m getting scar…..
suddenky a speed breaker comes in between which sanky doesn’t notice.so he puts a sudden break and swara holds his shoulder tightly.
swara-see thats why i told u to go slow.
and so she starts scolding him.
sanky-shona shona. if u r getting scared hug me tightly.ok.
swara nods and hugs him tightly.
minutes later they reach a mall.
sanky-u go iside and wait i will park my bike and come.
a truck is speeding towards swara after she crosses the road and hits her .sanky who parked his bike and comes sees the scene.
he runs to her and sees her unconcious.he then admits her in the hospital and calls everyone.
when everyone come to hospital and ask him what had happened to swara he tells everything starts to cry vigorously and lucky hugs and consoles him.
then doctor comes out and tells that swara’s condition is getting worse and only one person can in and meet her.all tell sanky to go in.
sanky enters the i.c.u.and cries seeing swara.he sits beside her and holds her hand.
sanky-shona, first u loved me and i refused to accept your love.then u told me that we could be best friends for the entire life and i accepted it….
he cries a little after saying that.
sanky-noow i have started to love u and u r going from my life just like kavita did.y shona y.don’t u want ur love to be happy.if so then come back to me.
swara’s other hand moves but he doesn’t notice it.he keeps her hand on his cheeks and closes his eyes and starts to cry again.
sanky while closing his eyes- i love u shona i love u. plese come back to ur sanky.
swara opens her eyes and sees sanky cying.tears have formed inside her eyes.
swara with a faint voice-i love u too sanky.
sanky opens his eyes and sees swara ,his shona back.he then out of happines kisses her handand caresses her head.he then goes out to inform doc.
after sometime the doc.comes out and tells everyone that swara is back to normal and they will shift her to normal ward immediatelyand will discharge her the next day.
all get happy hearing it.
a man hiding everyone’s notice calls a lady and tells her about swara’s condition.she gets angry and throws her phone down and shouts “swara”.
lady-how much ever rest u want u take swara.but after one week i wont leave u.
the screen freezes there.

precap-swasan in lamhon ke daaman mein moments.

Credit to: swetha

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