swaaragini-swasan (love after marriage) episode 7


hey guys this my 7th epi. i’ll try to describe the scenes more .i couldn’t bcoz i didn’t hav time……btw thanks for the suggestions….<3 u all!!!!!!!!!!!

recap- sanky"s past….

next day in MM:
in swasan's room swara wakes up and smiles seeing sanky sleep .
swara(to herself):how sweet and cute he is while sleeping …
just then sanky gets up and sees swara smiling at him.he too smiles back.seeing him get up , she comes back to her senses.
swara:get ready fast. we have to do so much arrangements fo raglak'd sangeet.
sanky complies and goes.
after a while it is shown that sanky is working hard with the arrangements.suddenly he bumps into swara. both say sorry at the same time and give each other a smile.
swara is surprised to see him working so hard with the arrangements.he instructs all the servants what to do and runs here and there.
after a while he notices that lucky didn't come out of his room after lunch.so, he decides to check on him.when he enters his room and sees noone there.
he understands that he has gone to see rags.he smiles nodding his head.he goes down and finds swara there.he tells her everything.
in baadi:
lucky comes to rags' room through pipe near the window…he sees rags doing her hairstyle……

lucky:rags!!!!!!!!!!!!help me come inside!!!!!!!
rags:lucky u!!!!u are not supposed to come here now ……..plz go back…
lucky:i didn't come here to back .so help me to come in.
rags helps him to come inside.
he romances with her for sometime when rags hears sumi coming to her room calling her name. both get scared…
rags:now what to do??
lucky:miss intelligent plz do something and help me…
rags thinks and hides him behing the curtain.
sumi:open the door ..
rags opens the door and sumi tells her something and she nods in a yes.
sumi:rags pleae tell lucky to come out from the curtain
lucky come out with shy and keeps on ruffling his hair….
sumi:these all happens before wedding.
she smiles and goes.
rags;see …naa got to know .before anyone else comes here plz go.
lucky cmplies .but before going he gives akiss on rags's cheek.rags get shy and bids him bye.
in mm:

lucky enters his room through window and heaves a sigh of relief.while closing the window someone pats his shoulder.he turns back and is shocked ….he stammers while speaking…
lucky:bh…bha…bhabh.y…yo…..u here????????
swara hits him on his head.
swara:went o meet my sis no devarji????????
lucky:yy……yes but how did u know??
sanky comes from behind lucky and pats his shoulder..lcky turns back.
lucky:bh…bha…..bhai u to are here??
sanky:i only told her…
lucky:but how did u know?
sanky:i'm your bro.i'm seeing u from childhood and i know your each and every actions.that's how i got to know this also..
lucky hugs him and whispers in his ears:don't tell this to anyone.
sanky breaks the hug.

sanky:till now i didn't get the idea but now u told me so i will tell to everyone….
saying this he begins to run in the room and lucky runs behind him.sanky hides behind swara making her a barrier between them both and runs again.swara keeps on laughing seeing them.
after a while both the brothers get tired of running and fall on the sofa laughing .they look at each other and hug.they break the hug when sanky gets ap's call and goes out.
lucky:tq bhabhi!!!!for bringing back our sanky bhai!!!!!!
swara:it's ok lucky…she leaves
while going swara to herself:so his nickname is sanky!(she got to know his nickname now only)….
she smiles saying this.

in evening in mm:
it's raglak sangeet.many people are gathered there.
suddenly lights go off.
swara:this is for my sweet sister ragini aka rags.i have dedicated these songs for her.now i request her her to come onto the stage as the song cannot be sung unless swaragini sing together.
music starts and the lights come agsin.
swaragini sing the song ek hazaron mein meri behna hain and galliyan.everyone are listening to them with a keen interestwhile sanky is mesmerised hearing swara's voice…
after they finish singing, they hug each otherand everybody starts applauding and praise them.then the sangeet is continued by uttara.
in swasan's room after sangeet:
sanky:you both were great today.you have a very beautiful voice and u didn't tell me u could sing.

swara:thanks sanky . u did great too and u never asked me if i ould sing…
sanky smile and then realises what she said..:swara how did u know that my nickname was sanky????
swara thinks hor a while and with a smile:i have my own sources.
they both smile and go to sleep .sanky thinks again how swara resembles kavita and even dreams about swara without conciousness….

precap-swasan meet two old people….

Credit to: swetha

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