swaaragini-swasan (love after marriage) episode 6


hey guys i’m back with my 6 epi……………hope u like it!!!!!!!!!!!<3 u all ….plz do comment it really matters to me……..

the episode starts with swara's vidaai…..
in mm at nigt:
in swasan's room, swara sees her pic with sanky's pic and smiles…..she sees another girl's pic on the table.
swara- sanskar who is this?????????
sanky who had just changed gets sad after seeing the pic….
sanky- kavita….
swara- she looks very beautiful!!!!!!
sanky- maybe u'll not like her after i tell who she is
swara sits beside on the bed…
swara – feel free to share with me what is bothering u….are we not friends???????
sanky-okay i'll tell but first promise me that u'll not feel bad…
swara- okay i promise…..
sanky tell her how hw was madly in love with kavita,how he proposed her and how they spent their time together.
sanky-then came the day when i lost everything
he becomes teary eyed.
swara-i'm there with u sanskar.plz tell me what happened.
sanky- one day we were going to get married as both our families didn't accept our relationship.while going in the car some goons came and
stopped our car.the goons beat me up and killed kavita
saying this , he cried vigorously.swara consoled him. he suddenly he hugged her tightly.she gets shocked but reciprocates.he then realises
what he's doing and complies.

sanky- after she died ,i could not love anyone else. i even refused to marry u at first but i wanted to see my family happy so i married u.
but i feel guiltynow. i feel that i'm very selfish. i spoilt your life for my wishes. i know u love me a lot but i can't give u her place.
i'm sorry swara ………..i'm sorry……
he cries and says this.
swara- don't feel guilty sanskar. i just want u to be my best friend and support me in all my decisions.i expect nothing else
sanky gives a faint smile feeling that swara has accepted his decision..
sanky- thank u swara…
swara – nw go to sleep . we have a lot to prepare for raglak wedding…
saying this she headed for the couch but sanky jumped in between.
sanky- i'll sleep on the couch, u sleep on the bed.
swara-no sanskar this is your room. you sleep on the bed , i'll manage on the couch…..
sanky- no. if u want your best friend to be happy then u sleep on the bed.
swara smiles and goes to sleep.even sanky goes to sleep thing how swara resembles kavita in most of the ways……..

precap-sanlak fun and swara and rags sing a song together……….

Credit to: swetha

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