swaaragini-swasan (love after marriage) episode 5


hey guys !!!!!!i’m back with my fifth epi….. i know i’m late but my system was not working i had a a difficult exam …………this is a short epi but i hope that u like it……..

Tt is morning in baadi….
Swara got up early and is waking up rags……
Swara – lado wake up today is your engagement and my wedding.
rags – sleep didi and let me also sleep.
then she goes back to sleep.then swara takes a bucket of rally cold water and pours it on rags.
rags gets up and scereams while swara is laughing. rags acts like she is angry and swara gets to normal.
swara – lado !come on !get ready… today is your is your engagement……….
rags- okay didi! i’ll be ready in five minutes.
after rags comes out wearing the dress , swara signals her beautiful….
swara- today i’ll do my sweet sis’ makeup
rags get happy…
swara – see rags luck wo’t be able to take his eyes off from u.
rags blushes.
swara- oho! some one is blushing………………you know lado i’m very happy that we are going to get the same sasural..
rags- yeah didi afterall we are inseparable as juno’s swans……
both have a sisterly hug.

first we have raglak engagement and then swasan wedding.
after swasan’s wedding lucky pulls rags to a room and starts romancing with her.suddenly someone adjusts their tone loudly and it turns out to be swasan.they immedistely sepate.
lucky -bhai and bhabhi!why do u always have a wrong timing???????
swara – lucky and lado , my vidaai is going to take place and u both are romancing here???????
rags hugs swara.
rags- i’ll miss u didi……….swaragini plays in the bg.
swara- don’t cry lado as it is only a matter of one more dayand u will be with me for the whole life.
raglak are shocked as well as happy.lucky opens his moth with shock.sanky closes his mouth .
sanky- yes!your both wedding is day after tomorrow.
sanlak hug and seeing that swaragini also hug.raglak are excited .

Precap – sanskar’s past….

Credit to: swetha

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