swaaragini-swasan (love after marriage) episode 4


Tq guys for supporting me……..lots of <3 to you ……..i’m a bit boring in describing the love scenes but I hope that u r not disappointed………….

The epi. Starts with rags gathering veryone.
Rags -ladies and gentle men, I welcome u to my didi’s and jiju’s sangeet ceremony.
As she started saying this all glances were on rags.
Rags-I with my partner laksh are going to start the sangeet ceremony. Pls enjoy it.. the first performance will be mine and this is specially dedicated to my didi.

The lights go off. All can see rags on one corner of the stagewith glittering clothes and jewels.the lights come on as soon as song starts. The song is didi tera devar deewana.rags dances to the song pointing to lucky on other corner of the stage.everyone clap and hoot for them..raglak cute nok-jhok through the song.after raglak dance one by one dance in pairs. After sangeet lucky pulls rags towards the terrace. Swara sees them and signs sanky.sanky gathers everyone and tells them something (muted part)which shocks them but get happy after a while.meanwhile lucky brings rags to the terrace and tells her toon the switch. She does the same and is surprised to find the terrace beautifully decorated. She was about to say something to lucky but he gets on his knees and takes out a boquet of flowers. (raabta plays in the bg).

Lucky-rags I have met many girls in my life.my whole college knows me as a biggest flirt. But from when I saw u ,I couldn’t think of anything else.whomever I see I imagine u in them.i love u ragini!!!!!!!!!!miss ragini gadodia will u accept this idiot as your better half and stay with me for my whole life?????????i promise u that when u are with me I won’t lwt anything happen to u…….will u??????????

Rags (with tears in her eyes) accepts the boquet and makes him get up.
Rags- yes!yes! I love u too laksh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i iveu too..
Lucky gets happy and both hug.
Someone coughs. Raglak see that whole family is watching them and separate avoiding everyone’s glances. Then swara comes and holds thier both ears.
Swara- shaitaan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rags- ouch !didi.

Lucky – aaaa bhabhi pls leave my ears.
Swara leaves their ears and everyone start laughing.
Dp- everyone come down immedistely.
Hearing that everyone all go down. While on stairs swasa smile seeing their victory.
After coming down dp announces something.
Dp- ladies and gentlemen .i have an imprtant anouncement to make. Tomorrow will be my other son’s that is laksh’s engagement ceremony with ragini gadodia, the only sister of the bride swara gadodia. May I have a round of applause for swara and sanskar for making it happen.
All are happy. During free time raglak ask swasan about their plan. Swasan share the fb with them how they planned this moment in the café itself.
The pisode ends with blushing face of raglak.

Precap- raglak engagement and swasan marriage.

Credit to: swetha

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