swaaragini-swasan (love after marriage) episode 3


Hey guys first I would like to thank manu,aqsa,hayathi,niti,bhuvi,sindhuja,akku,fransi,karthi,surbhi,meghs,nive and all the silent readers for loving my ff.
But frm now I don’t know if I’ll be able to update it daily so if im late don’t get disappointed bcoz I hav to read for my exams
In my ff sanky will be sad in few episodes and after that u will see swasan scenes.even though he has a gud bonding with swara in the starting episodes he wont be that close or too happy. His mood is is mixed mood of happiness and sadness.
Hope u enjoy this episode and do comment.. so let’s start………………………….
The scene starts with swaragini going to a mall. They go to a shop for buying dresses and spot sanlak there.rags immediately goes there.
Rags-hi jiju!hi lucky!

Swara comes behind rags and saya hi.
Lucky- hi bhabhi ! you look pretty than your bhutiya sis…
Swara- thank u devar ji!
Rags gets angry on swara and lucky.lucky runs shouting and rags runs behind him to hit him.
Lucky- catch me if u can bhoot!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rags- you chooha !!!!!!! I won’t leave u today….
Swasan are alone and smile seeing raglak. Swasan are selecting dress for themselves when sanky interrupts:
Sanky- u know swara lucky loves rags.

Swara is surprised.
Swara- really?????????lado was also acting weird yesterday……
Sanky- lado?
Swara- nickname of rags..
Sanky smiles…..
Swara – we should try to make them one.
Sanky yeah!!!!!!
Swara- I have a plan.their engagement will take place on our wedding day.
Sanky- how?????
Swara tells her plan to sanky which is muted.
Sanky – niceplan!!
Raglak see swasan talking and decde to spend some time alone.
Rags- swara after u select ur dress come to café we’ll be waiting..
Saying this raglak leave for café.
Swara – can we be friends ???????????
Sanky – okay .friends…..okay come lets go to café.

Swara nods… they go to café and spot raglak there laughing … swara drags sanky to atable where raglak could not spot them…sanky orders a coffee while swara orders a cappuchino.they talk for sometime.
After aying the bill:
Sanky-u know u sound like her sometimes.
Swara- who???????
Sanky realises what he had said.
Sanky – I’ll tell u later when time comes…okay???
Swara- okay… whatever…..
Raglak spot swasan when they got up to go to raglak.raglak come to them….
Rags – shall we leave didi???
Swara- yes lado!!come………
They bid bye to the boys and leave.
Next day:
Sangeet is going on and all the ladies have applied mehendi with their hubby’s names on their hand.rags sees that swara’s mehendi colour has darkened and teases her.
Rags- didi……looks like jiju loves u a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!
Swara – rags u tell anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then swaragini’s friends come and drags rags with them.
Sanky – lucky ………….swara thinks that rags also likes u…….
Lucky is shocked …but is happy.

Sanky – u propose her today after our sangeet.
Lucky nods in a yes and winks at him…..
Sanky gives a thumbs up to swara who is looking at him with curiosity. She jumps with happiness… all elders than make sawsan sit together and they talk about their plan which is muted..
The episode ends with split faces of swaragini and sanlak…

Precap- lucky propose rags….

Credit to: swetha

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