swaaragini-swasan (love after marriage) episode 2


Hey guys I will upload only one episode per day as I have exams till 22nd…hope u enjoy this ff of mine…

The episode starts with pandit reading swasan’s kundli and both the families are gathered around him waiting for him to tell something.
Pandit – the marriage will be held after three days or only after three years.
Everyone stands up getting shocked.
Dadi – pandit ji what r u saying marrriage after three days?
Ap – three days???we have so much to do. Nobody is prepared
Pandit – I have u what the kundli says…. Now the decision will be yours.
Dp – kaki ji…we will prepare everything.pandit ji thanks for coming.now this marriage will happen only after three days..
Everyone join their hands and the pandit leaves.
Dp – kai ji… nobody will get disappointed… I will assure you this.i just want this to happen fast because the faster it happens the better it is.
Dada – even I agree with dp in this decision.
Dp- now we will leave as there is so much to dofor the wedding.
Everyone join their handsand the maheshwaris leave the baadi.just before leaving sanlak look at swaragini and smile.

Sumi- so my darling shona will leave me after three days?????
Shekhar- yes mishti she will leave her darling papa also after three days
Dada and dadi together- then what about us shona will u not miss us???
Just then rags comes from the kitchen holding sweetsand puts it in everybody’s mouth.
Rags- then what about me didi??will you not miss your lado???????
Raga makes a crying face and swara blushes.they all have a group hug.swaragini plays in bg.
Back at mm in laksh’s room,sanskar is telling him somethingbut laksh does not pay attention to himand keeps on looking ar his phone.sanskar gets irkedand snatches phone from laksh’s handand sees raga’ pics in it….
Sanskar- what is this lucky??????????
Laksh snstches his phone back and kisses it…..

Sanskar – lucky?????? Have you fallen in love with rags??
Lucky – yes bhai!!!! And hugs him…
Sanskar- I’m very happy for u lucky.
Lucky – thanks bhai.
Sanskar – now sleep .i will go.
Saying this he goes to his room bolts the door and lifts swara’s pic.
Sanskar – I’m sorry swara.i can’t give her place to u in my life though I know u love me very much.
Saying this he offs the light and thinks about someone…
The episode ends with split faces of swaragini and sanlak.

Precap – swaragini enter the same shop where sanlak are shopping.

Credit to: swetha

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