swaaragini-swasan (love after marriage) episode 13


hey guyzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!today i found some time so i’m writing my next part of my ff.
i’m not getting good response for my ff so i request u guys to comment…………n plese tell me if i should continue this dp for my ff or change it……..love yall!!!!!!!

recap-kavita was about to stab swara but sanky held her hand n got her arrested.
precap-uttara creating misunderstanding between swara n the family.

morning scene in mm:
sanky is hugging swara by her waist n she is setting his tie as he has to attend a important meeting with foreign clients.
sanky- shona……won’t u give me a gudluck kiss?
swara-may i know why my sanskari hubby is being naughty these days?
sanky actually…i ………….i was thinking about our honeymoon trip so that i can spend sometime with u leaving office.
swara smiles shyingly.sanky sees this n smiles.they here dp calling sanky.sanky was reaching the door then swara runs to him .
she stares at him for sometime n then holds his neck n kisses him on the lips.it only lasts or some seconds.sanky is shocked as well as happy.
sanky smiles n hugs her n then leaves.
after a while she comes doen but everyone keep ignoring her.she then finally comes to ap.
swara-please listen to once ma.i want to tell something.
ap-what is there to tell swara?
swara-i didn’t understand what u r telling ma.
ap-u didn’t understand no.i will tell.
she then tells fb.
uttara comes n tells everyone that swara was instigating sanky against the family n wanted to settle with sanky in foreign as the family members are torturing her.
fb ends.swara is shocked.
swara-what r u saying.
just then uttara comes there.
swara-uttara what r u telling when did i tell sanky these?
uttara(making a innocent scared face)-u were only telling to bhai no bhabhi.
swara-stop it uttara .stop ur nonsense.
sujata-u shut up swara.its ur mistake then y are r u scolding my daughter?she is innocent.
then uttara sheds crocodile tears n goes from there crying.
sujata-see how innocent n sensitive my daughter is.she never lies.
sujata keeps scolding swara while swara is hurt n tears r coming from her eyes.
ap-enough sujata.
sujata-but jiji….
ap-i said enough.we’ll talk about this when everyone comes home.
swara then runs from there crying.rags hears the whole conversation of swara with ap n sujata n sees her running.she too follows her.
swara goes to room n breaks down completely.rags comes in and shuts the door.she puts her hand on swara’s shoulder.swara turns n hugs her tightly n cries even more.
swara looks at her.
rags-this sis not the tigress swara i knew.i know whatever uttara did n family members told u is hurting u but u hav to be strong.do one thing when jiju comes home tell him everyyhing…..
she pauses then again starts.
rags-i’ll tell this lucky also.i think someone’s behind this conspiracy n forcing uttara to do this.
swara looks at rags n nods.rags stays with swara for sometime n then leaves.
evening in mm:
swasan room.
swara is standing near window.sanky comes n hugs her from her back.
sanky-i’m so happy shona.the clients were happy n accepted the offer.all because of ur goodluck kiss.btw wat did u think about our honeymoon.
a tear escapes swara’s eye n falls on sanky’s hand.he feels it n turns her facing him.
he notices that her eyes r red n swollen n nose has become red due to continuous crying.he senses some big issue n hugs her to comfort her.
sanky-why r u crying shona?
she then breaks down n tells him everything.while in raglak room rags tells everything to lucky.he is surprised n rushes to swasan room.rags follows him.
in swasan room:
raglak come inside n discuss about that days’ incident n make a plan.

precap-swasan n raglak see uttara getting tensed seeing someone’s call n talking to the caller scared.

Credit to: swetha

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  1. awesome update swetha. keep it up yaar loved it so much

  2. Yr ff was specially swasan scenes but i have complain plzzzz change the pic it hurts me wen i see this pic it reminds of the promo shoot in wich swasan are happily geting married but at last moment their marriage stops i was crying for this nd again it made my eyes wet

  3. The story is good; different from other’s story; and about the dp it’s good; suits the current story

  4. Amazing

  5. superb bt i think u already posted this part… update nxt fast

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