swaaragini-swasan (love after marriage) episode 12


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recap-a lady shouts sanky’s name coming to mm.
precap-swara is brought to a deserted place.

morning scene in MM:
swara-sanky can u drop me in the market?
sanky-ok .i’ll come with u.
they leave.
in market they buy some things.
after buying:
sanky-i’ll drop u home.

swara-sanky…u r already getting late for office.u go i’ll take a taxi home.
sanky- but shona….
swara- sanky…..i told no i’ll go.u leave now.
sanky- ok.
sanky was feeling something’s gonna happen to his shona but he didn’t wanna disappoint her by letting her know that’s he’s overprotective.
so he decided to follow her till home.swara goes to call a taxi but a van comes in front of her n kidnaps her.sanky watches alll these.
the van then brings her to a deserted place.there someone comes out n calls swara.she gets scared seeing that person.

it is revealed that it is kavita.she is holding a knife.swara gets gets scared not becuse of kavita but because her love is not there to help her build up courage.
when kavita was about plunge swara, a stong male hand stops her.
it turns out to be our hero sanky.he then pushes her back hold her hands n police catch her.
sanky- sir, arest this lady for trying to kill my wife twice.
kavita looks on shocked.sanky comtinues.

sanky-first time she tried to kill my wife by running her down by a truck n make it look like a accident.i met the driver n asked him.he told me that a lady gave him money to cause the accident.
kavita is stading still.
sanky-and second time today.
kavita-i only did this.(to sanky)but how did u no that i’m here n i was the one who gave the money to the driver ?
sanky(smiles)-kavita….kavita…..that day when u confronted swara, that day only i doubted u.
kavita is looking at sanky with teary eyes.
sanky- n for today ,i sensed something would go wrong .so i decided to follow her till home.then i saw a van kidnapping her.i confirmed that it was u .i called the police n followed u here.
kavita is shocked.

kavita to swara-u have snatched my love completely today.i won’t leave u at any cost.
sanky slaps her.
sanky-aren’t u ashamed kavita.u r caught by the police yet u r talking like this.now get ur disgusting face out my sight.
the police then take away kavita.she sits in the jeep and looks at the lovebirds with fury in her eyes.
after the jeep leaves swasan look at each other and hug tightly not even giving air to pass.
swara-never leave me n always stay by my side like because u r my strength.
sanky-i promise shona i won’t leave u .u r the most precious thing for me ever in this whole universe.
then they have a cute eyelock.jeene jeena from badla pur plays in the BG.
then they come to their senses n comply.
snaky- now come.i have told bade paapa everything.he allowed me to stay today at home with u.
swara smiles n they leave.
they go home n tell everything to family members.they all heave a sigh of relief.
ap-thank god.everything is over now.
sujata-yes jiji.now that chudail has gone returning peace to everyone’s lives.
after that everybody get engaged in their work.swasan n raglak go to their room.

precap-uttara creating misunderstanding between swara n the family.

Credit to: swetha

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