swaaragini-swasan (love after marriage) episode 11


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swaragini-(swasan)love after marriage episode 11.

recap-swasan in lamhon ki daaman mein moments.
precap-thae lady tells swara that she will not leave her.

the episode starts with the shocking faces of the family especially sanky.the lady gets happy seeing him.
kavita hugs sanky but he does not reciprocate.swara is teary eyed seeing all these.
sanky-but kavita how r u alive.u died in my arms only na?
kavita-o…i'm very sorry sanky.i just tried to test how much u love me and if u r ready to accept our relationship.
sanky is shocked hearing all these.
kavita-i only arranged the goons but they hit me on the head and acted like killing me and i fell unconcious.
she pauses for a moment then starts.
kavita-then my bro told me that u left for london and i was searching for u everywhere.now finally i got u.now noone can stop us from becoming one.
sanky then slaps her hard.kavita looks on holding her cheek where sanky slapped her.
sanky(with fury)-don't call me by that name.u lost the rights that day itself when u thought to test our relationship.we can never become oneand only my wife has full rights to call me like that.
kavita has tears in her eyes but those r tears of jealously…..
sanky-now plese from here and my life.
kavita slowly comes near swara.with tears in her eyes she says-so u r one who separated me and my true love.but i have to tell u that his happiness lies only with me and for separating us u'll have to pay a big price.
swara slaps her hard without even wasting a second.kavita looks on.
swara-don't even dare to call my sanky as ur true love and he gets happiness when he is around me after he left u.and for the risks i can go to any extent to save my sanky from u.
kavita didn't expect this slap from swara and looks on.
swara-btw sanky told u to leave from here na????????
swara without even waiting for kavita's reply drags her and throws her out of mm.
swara- now don't even bother to take look at this house as sanky is mine and will only be mine.
kavita-i won't spare u for this swara…i won't leave u.i will go to any extent to get my sanky ba-
swara cuts her speech short by raising her hand.
swara-enough of the filmy talks of urs.now get the hell out of my house.
saying this she closes the door on kavita's face.kavita leaves from there with super anger.
after closing the door swara goes to her room angrily.sanky runs behind her calling her name.sanky closes the door after coming in.he senses that she is worried.he goes and hugs her from back.
swara-leave me sanky.
sanky-how can i leave u my jaan?
swara turns and looks at him.sanky is holding her by waist.
swara- i'm really worried sanky.btw how kavita told me i can sense that she is going to do something with me.
sanky-shhh……don't tell these words to me.i called u my jaan so i can't live without u.
swara-but san—-
sanky gets bored by her talks and to comfort her he kisses her on the lips.
sanky – feeling better????????
swara nods in a ok and says-shall we go down now everyone will be waiting for us.
sanky nods in a no and tells that he wants one more long kiss from her and starts kissing her neck.swara pushes him on the bed and runs out of the room.sanky sees this and smiles.
the screen freezes on sanky's smiling face.

precap-swara is brought to a deserted place.there she sees someone and gets scared.

Credit to: swetha

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