swaaragini-swasan (love after marriage) episode 10


hey guyzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!this is the 10th part of my ff n is very romantic ………..please do comment how it is……..
i request u guys to listen to the song while reading as it would be easy for u people to imagine the romantic scenes!!!!!!!!!!!!

recap – swara’s accident
precap – swasan’s in lamhon ki daaman mein moments

the scene starts withe the night scene in mm after one week.now swara is normal and active as before.
in swasan room:
swara enters n bolts the door.she sees sanky sitting on the bed and smiles.when she was about to go to washroom she hears the music of a song.
she recognises the song as in lamhon ki daaman mein from jodha akbar.(read line to line from now it will be very romantic)….
she turns to see sanky staring at her and the have a cute eyelock…..while the music plays slowly sanky goes towards swara.

in lamhon ki daaman mein ————————sanky holds swara’s hand and stares at her and they have an eyelock
pakiza se rishtey hain
koi kalma mohabbat ka
dohratey farishtey hain

khamosh si hain zameen—————————–swasan hug for sometime…………….
hairaan sa falak hain
ek noor hi noor sa
ab aasman talak hain
nagmein hi nagmein hi jaagti soti fizaaon mein
husn hain sari addaon mein
ishq hain jaise hawaon mein…
oooooo nagmein hi nagmein hi jagti soti fizaaon mein——————swara breaks the hug and runs toward the mirror shying
husn hain saari adaaon mein
ishq hain jaise hawaon mein…..

kaisa yeh ishq hain ————————————–sanky comes and hgs her from back and puts his chin on her shoulder.
kaisa yeh khwab hain
kaise jazbat ka umda sailab hain
kaisa yeh ishq hain
kaisa yeh khwab hain kaise jazbat ka unda sailab hain

din badle raatein badli baatein badli—————————————swara turns back and hugs him again
jeene ke andaaz hi badle hain

in lamhon ki daaman mein
pakiza se rishtey hain —————————sanky softly kisses her neck
koi kalma mohabbat ka
dohratey farishtey hain

while the music plays swara runs towards the window and the lights go off.she lights a candle and starts singing

swara – samay ne yeh kya kiya
badal di hain kaya…..
tumhein maine pa liya
mujhe tum ne paya…

miley dekho aise hain hum————————-sanky goes to swara and slowly holds her hands and removes her bangles.
ke do sur ho jaise madham
koi saadhnaa koi kum kisi raag mein…..
ke prema aag mein….jalte dono hi the
tan bhi hain man bhi man bhi hain tan bhi
tan bhi hain…man bhi..man bhi hain tan bhi

while the music plays in the song sanky lifts her and puts her on the bed.he is over swara .he starts singing next .

sanky – mere khwabon ki iss gulistan mein
tumse hi toh bahaar chayee hain
phoolon mein rang mere the lekin
in mein kushboo tum hi se ayee hain

the lights come back and the song continues to play from where they had stopped.while the music plays he slowly removes her earrings..

kyun hain yeh aarzooo——————————sanky starts kissing her forehead ,eyes,cheeks and every where.
kyun hain yeh justjoo
kyun dil bechein hain
kyun dil betaab hain
kyun hain yeh aarzooo
kyun hain yeh justjoo
kun dil bechain hain
kyun dil betaab hain

din badle raatein badli baatein badli———————-finally their lips meet and they have a passionate kiss.
jeene ke andaaz hi badle hain

in lamhon ki daaman mein—————————they break the kiss and change their position.now swara is over sanky.they both hug.
pakiza se rishtey hain
loi kalma mohabbat ka
dohratey farishtey hain
nagmein hi magmein hi jagti soti fizaaon mein————————–sanky open the knot of swara’s dress and their lips meet.
husn hain saari adaon mein
ishq hain jaise hawaon mein ———————-sanky changes their position without breakin the kiss.now he is over swara.
ishq hain jaise hawaon mein……….——————swara clutches the bedsheet tighly and the lights go off.

next morning in mm in swasan’s room:
swasan r sleeping with only one bedsheet draped over them and swara is in sanky’s arms .they both get and get freshened together for a long time and go down.
pari and rags see bruises on swara’s hands n neck and tease her.sanky comes there to drink water and pari and rags start to tease him also .
he then runs from there due to shyness.
in evening in mm:
a lady comes inside the house shouting sanky’s name. sanky and everyone gather there and are shocked.
the screen freezes there.

precap-the lady says to swara that she will not leave her .

Credit to: swetha

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