swaaragini-swasan (love after marriage) episode 1


Hey guys this is my first ff on my favourite pair swasan …….hope u like it and do comment
U already know the characters so I’ll directly start with my ff…
The scene starts with a lady calling her daughters to wake up..she is sumi…
Sumi – shona lado wake up ….. sanskar’s family might be here any moment and u r still sleeping..
One girl takes the blanket off her face … she is our swara..
Swara – five minutes more ma plz

Sumi – shona! Today is ur engagement and ur still sleeping and lado what r u doing ?u must get up early and make swara ready na??????
Then the other girl also takes off the blanket from her face … she is obviously our rags…
Rags – yes ma.. I’ll make swara didi ready but five more minutes plz..
Then they hear car’s honking and immediately rush to washroom.
A happy maheshwari family arrive at the baadi but the to-be groom sanskar is sad..his bro laksh sees him thus and cheers him up. They come into the gadodia’s house and sanskar gives a fake smile and takes everyone’s blessings.everybody are happy that they chosen sanskar as swara’s life partner especially dadi , dada and dida…
The pandit enters and eveerybody welcomes him…
Ap – but where is the bridegroom?????

Just then rags enters with swara dressed beautifully as a bride .swara blushes seeing sanskar and everyone smile seeing it…
Lakshis mesmerised to see ragstells her through actions that she is looking very beautiful and she blushes..laksh keeps on staring at ragini..sanskar sees laksh and slightly pinches him so that he comes back to real world ans sees laksh and smirks … laksh understands that sanskar is teasing him and hits him slightly..
Then everyone makes swasan sit together and they exchange rings..
The episode ends with split faces of upset sanskar ans blushing swara………….

Precap – pandit tells something which shocks both the families…

Credit to: swetha

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  1. y sanky is upset …

  2. Oh thats so cute yaar

  3. good start…

  4. Hey swetha. Nice yaar. But make it long..

  5. nice starting. .
    why sanskar upset. .
    I’m also big big big fan of swasan

  6. nie start dear…plz make it long dear

  7. thanks guys for all the lovely comments. the following episodes will be long and u guys will get to know y sanky is upset in the next episodes of my ff…….. pleease do comment as it really matters to me…tq once again

  8. Gd episode. Interesting. But why sanskar z upset?? He don’t wanna marry swara.

  9. Good start..

  10. Oh wow..thats like a kick start dear..its soo cool…

  11. wowww .so nice story

  12. I m very big fan of swasan Dr but change your wallpaper to swasan pic dr

  13. Nice start dea..?

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