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Happy birthday SV, I promise you that I will write an OS on your birthday, well here it is hope you’ll enjoy it.

Hi my name is SV and I have a story to tell, it’s about how I reunited Nesam and Ardhika, you’ll have to go back to when I was 10 year old

10 years back

In my family there is three: me my father Arjun Mehra and my mother Samaira Mehra.

All my life I always wanted a brother or sister, it sucks being an only child, every birthday of my, I always ask for a brother or sister, but they always change the topic. It was only when I was 10, that I discover the truth.

My father had a secret room, which mom and I were not allowed, I always wonder what was in the room, so one day when mom and dad were not around, I made a copy of my dads key so that I could know what was in the room, what I discover shocked me. My father had pictures all around the wall, they were not my mothers but some other lady, I looked for other clue and found a letter, it was from Radhika, in the letter, it said, that what we did was wrong, you belong to Sam, I’m giving you divorce, if you want to see me happy, keep Sam happy.

I realize my father was sacrificing his happiness to keep mom and me happy, it was obvious that my father still loves Radhika.

I went to my mother’s room, I need to tell her the truth that father never loved her, it would hurt, but she needed to know the truth. I was going to write it in a letter, I was looking for a pen but what I discover was my moms diary.

I know it’s wrong to read my moms diary, but I just couldn’t help myself. What I discover in the diary shocked me. I was not Arjun Mehra child but Neil Malhotra is my biological father, she never got a chance to tell Neil that I exist because he left thinking mom was in love with Arjun, Arjun gave Radhika the divorce only because mom was pregnant with me. He sacrifice his happiness for me, my mother had a picture of my biological father she was also sacrificing her happiness for me.

Now I knew why I never had brother or sister, if I be true to myself, I never saw love in there eyes, they were always like friends not lovers. I need to do something to get them with there true soulmate. So I started with my grand parents Samrat and Piyali, I told them the truth, I ask them where would I fine Radhika and Neil. They told me that Radhika use to live in Rishikesh but don’t know if she’s still there, I told Samrat grandpa to take me to Rishikesh but not to tell mom and dad.

We lied to mom and dad that grandpa was taking me to vacation, they actually believed it. So we left to Rishikesh when we made it at Rishikesh, I met with Radhika’s parents, they said she didn’t live with them, and they didn’t know where she was, I was disappointed, how was I going to find Radhika and my father, when we were outside, Dadaji called me and said, why am I looking for Radhika, I told him the truth that Arjun was still in love with Radhika and that Neil is my father. He said he knew where Radhika and Neil are, I ask him you know where my father is, I was excited, he told me they were stillin love with there soulmate, that both are living in New Delhi, He gave me the address and told me to go there.

When we made it to New Delhi, first person I saw is my father, he recognize my grandpa, he ask my grandpa what he was doing here, I told him I was looking for him and Radhika, then he notice me and ask who I was, I told him My mother was pregnant with me and that my father never knew I exist he left believing that she love the other man, they search for my biological father but they couldn’t fine him, so the other man married my mother, so that he could give that child a fathers name, and he divorce the woman he truly loves. He said why are you telling me this. I told him I am Samaira’s daughter, you are the man my mother loves, you are my father. He was shocked.

He said how I know, I told him I read the diary, mom said she conceived me on the day when both of you were drunk. I ask him why did he give u on my mom.

Then there was a lady who said it was my fault that Neil couldn’t be with Sam, I turn around and see that my grandpa was shocked, he said what are you doing here Nandini.

Nandini said I need to apologize to Sam and Arjun, it was because of me that they are not with there true soulmate. I ask what did you do, she told me she kept Neil and Radhika captive, the letter and the divorce paper was all her doing. Grandpa got angry, and said because of you4 people’s life you have destroyed.

I go to her what changed why do you want to apologize now. She said she did all these because she is bipolar, when Neil and Radhika found out the truth, they have been taking care of me and the orphanage children, but I know they are lonely without there true love and that is why it is eating me up with guilt, when you were born I thought there was no way Ardhika and Nesam were going to get together but now that I know that they are also missing there true love and that you are Neil’s daughter, I still have hope.

Suddenly Radhika came with the children, she saw Samrat grandpa and gave him a hug, we told her the truth, she had tears in her eyes, she told me, she never move on with her life because Arjun is her only love, these orphan children were her reason for living as well for Neil too.

I told them it was time to rectify the mistake that was made 10 years ago, Nandini agree she told them to go with me to be with there true love. Radhika and Neil gave her hug and told her Sam and Arjun will forgive her once they know the truth.

When we made it to my house, I told my parents I have a surprise for both of them I told them to close there eyes. When they closed there eyes. I told Radhika and Neil to come in and to stand by there soulmate. I told them to open there eyes and when they did, they were shocked, surprised and had tears in there eyes.

Both my parents ask how I knew about Neil and Radhika. I ask them not to get angry when I tell you the truth, to my surprise they give me a hug and said thank you.

I told them they should be with the one they love, they told me that they had there marriage annulled, long time ago, and that they pretended to stay married for me and to the world.


Well I finally have sibling Nesam have a boy named after my dead uncle Jai and Ardhika have twins both girls Sia and Dia, I have two moms and two dads, I’m one lucky girl. Sam and Arjun forgive Nandini and now Nandini is living with Ardhika, Radhika always made sure Nandini takes her bipolar pills.

Today I am getting married to my soulmate, want to know who he is, he is no other than Aham Sharma, I can’t wait to be Shri Vidya Sharma, has a nice catch to it don’t you think. Well this is the end of the story of how I reunited Nesam and Ardhika, now it’s time for new beginning for me with my husband to be, I hope I’m happy as Nesam and Ardhika is and wanting what every girls wants happily ever after….

So that is it, SV once again happy birthday, I hope your having a good birthday and all your wishes come true.

Waiting for your comment SV, hope you like the story…..

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  1. Sammy

    Awesome brin di …woho Aham sharma ..lovely .. i love it ???

    1. Brin

      Thank you so much Sammy, stay blessed. 🙂

  2. Jessie

    hayyyyee.. how beautiful!!! wow!! Brin.. when I read the first line itself I knew it is you… This is completely different and awesome… girl this is awesome.. and the final one.. Shri vidya sharma!! warewah!! Fantastic. Bear hugs to you Brin.. you are a true darling..

    SV is gonna dance with all the Arjun and Aham we have gifted.. wow!! Happy Birthday SV..
    You know what .. more than you.. its me who is excited reading you being gifted with Arjun
    and Aham moments.. Its a true bliss.,, May every good happen in your life baby… Muahhh..

    1. Brin

      Thank you so much Jesssie, like your comment, stay blessed. 🙂

  3. Sathya

    Really nice one Brin…. Wow SV United ardhika n nesam… That’s superbbbb n yes finally she got her aham…. Ahem Ahem… Sv… Today is ur day n everyone of us is giving u the bday gift which u can’t even imagine…. Lol

    1. Brin

      Thank you so much Sathya, stay blessed. 🙂

  4. Starz

    Superb… loved it… love you and take care

    1. Brin

      Thank you so much Starz, stay blessed. 🙂

  5. Sweetie

    Brin di,it was superb,mind blowing and awesome.. 🙂 Shri Vidya Sharma,lovely.. 😀 Stay blessed.. 🙂

    1. Brin

      Thank you so much Sweetie, stay blessed. 🙂

  6. Dipika

    Brin darling this is awsome yarrrrr..i always loved n get treat to read ur stories..beautiful os…n yess waiting for rectify….love u..muhhaa

    1. Brin

      Thank you so much Dipika, stay blessed. 🙂

  7. Rossy

    Soooo sweeet…u nailed it brin…superb and that Sri vidya Sharma….lol…so that’s how she made them together…?? awesome dear

    1. Brin

      Thank you so much Rossy, stay blessed. 🙂

  8. S.v

    Seriously loving every os u guys show me so much love which I never knew it before and yaar .jessie ahem ahemah ?? Too much yaar I wish I have all the day as my birthday coz I never read these many lively os. Brin love u so much for this os im the match maker for my ardhika and nesam. He he he im their daughter and im so proud of myself. Lively os made ardhika and nesam one for which I will do anything anything. God this is the best day of my life. Love u so much. Muuhhhaaa. Bear hugs.

    1. Jessie

      i dint say ahem ahem.. its satzz..I commented like a good girl :p

      1. S.v

        sorry baby but ahem ahem sathya ahem ahem also he he he

    2. Brin

      SV I’m glad you like it, hope all your wishes came true on your birthday, stay blessed and bear hugs to you. 🙂

  9. Gauri

    Fantastic Brin….Amazing 🙂

    1. Brin

      Thank you so much Gauri, stay blessed. 🙂

  10. mindblowing..

    1. Brin

      Thank you so much Subha, stay blessed. 🙂

  11. Aadia

    Really a fantastic gift to sv.Suupeerb di…

    1. Brin

      Thank you so much Aadia, stay blessed. 🙂

  12. Hemalattha

    mindblowing brin i didn’t imagine that this story will stole my heart.awesome my dear friend u really made this ff to stole all your readers really you make proud of yourself.

    1. Brin

      Thank you so much Hemalattha, that is very nice thing you said, I am on cloud 9, bear hugs to you and stay blessed. 🙂

  13. _Ritu

    Wow Brin… 🙂 it was totally awesome 🙂 Sv really got amazing bday gifts…loads of love. 🙂

    1. Brin

      Thank you so much Ritu, stay blessed. 🙂

  14. Awesome, wowwww brin very cute you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug my sweeeeeetheart

    1. Brin

      Thank you so much Roma, stay blessed. 🙂

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