Suvreen Guggal 9th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 9th July 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 9th July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts off with Preity checking her facebook Farhan sends her a facebook message and request… Suvreen comes there asking for stapler… Rohan and Trisha come there… Rohan sees the computer screen and says Raj.
We see Yuvraj and Max running around Samar says faster guys faster he then says Saniya and Riya are faster than you guys hurry up… Saniya says Yes Sir I peeled orange so fast… Riya comes there with coffee and say peeling an orange isn’t a fast job Saniya… Riya gives Samar Coffee and tells him that in of the shows she beat the record and changed her clothes in 3 seconds.. Samar says that’s very nice babes… Riya says Thank You Sir.. Saniya isn’t very happy. Samar tells Yuvraj and Max that my camera isn’t like your girlfriends eyes that you guys

will look good all the time… he says you guys don’t have enough time left run run … Saniya praises Max that he’s so hot Riya says not more than Samar Sir… Saniya says what stamina Max has been running from ages.
Trisha says to Preity why Raj sent you FB request now aren’t you Facebook request from ages… Suvreen says Preity deleted Raj from her list to give him space… Preity says now Raj had sent her request… Rohan says that’s good… Trisha says it’s funny that you both weren’t Facebook friends… Rohan says it’s nice… Trisha says you guys carry on with the discussion I just came to drop Rohan to office… Priety we need to meet again so we can finish off our remaining conversation.. Rohan says yeah we should all meet up… Preity says ok… Trisha leaves.
Back to the shoot Yuvraj and Max are doing press ups.. Samar says time for shoot they both get up.. Samar says you guys continue with what you doing and he does Riya and Saniya Photoshoot.. after a while Samar says pack up the light isn’t good here we will continue tomorrow 5am sharp… Yuvraj isn’t very happy he says to Samar on the name of grooming you are running dictatorship on us… Samar laughs at him and claps says model you know such a big word dictatorship now tell me it’s spelling… Yuvraj says you are insulting me… Samar says you finally have understood and laughs.. Yuvraj says Samar Raghuvanshi if you are going to waste my time like today just tell me now…Samar says why supermodel tired already.. I told you can never be a super model…Yuvraj says he will be super model no matter what 1000 Samar Raghuvanshi like you can’t do anything to me… Samar says there are no 1000 Samars its only me and there is no one like me.. Samar leaves… Yuvraj says 5am Sharp.
Suvreen is doing her work in her work station..Alisha the witch comes there and says to Suvreen it seems like you are doing 2 jobs you are so into your work… Suvreen says I have a habit of working hard I give my 100% to everything my work and anything else in my life… Alisha says big words guggal you are working hard to becoming intern of the month right… RC Sir didn’t like you work last time… Suvreen says she will be become Intern the Month you don’t worry… Alisha says don’t be so sure Guggal if you be in Iris then you will become Intern of the Month.. Alisha starts laughing… Suvreen says Alisha are you ok why are you laughing… Alisha says I’m fine she says Intern of the Month will be announced when Ira Mam is back… we can give Ira Mama a belated birthday celebration… Suvreen says yeah we can also celebrate me becoming Intern of the Month the same time. Alisha leaves.. Suvreen says Alisha has gone weird and odd than before does she know something which I don’t know.

Suvreen is in Yuvraj house he hurt his hand so she is taking care of him in the background the song Be Inteha is playing… Yuvraj was about to get the jug of water Suvreen comes running and gives Yuvraj glass of water… and then she put medicine on his hand… Suvreen says to Yuvraj please take care of yourself she can’t be everywhere… Yuvraj says if she was it would be so good he then says if she was invisible and only he could see her .. Suvreen says you are secretly a Shah Rukh Khan fan stop making me Aishwariya Rai of Mohabaatien… Yuvraj laughs
Suvreen carries on putting medicine on Yuvraj… Yuvraj says topper relax it’s not that bad as it looks I’m fine… he then says if he had known he would get so much love and importance he would get hurt everyday… Suvreen raises her hand… (the rest of the convo is muted unfair I wanted to hear it such a cute Yuvreen scene) Yuvraj pinches Suvreen Nose (so cute) Suvreen realises she’s getting late to go home.. She put everything on the table for Yuvraj.. wishes him goodbye and leaves.
Suvreen comes home the gate is locked… the watchman says its 11pm now she can’t come inside… Suvreen says its 11pm now she is on time it’s just turned 11pm to open the gate… the phone rings it is Soni on the phone she says to the watchman no water is coming etc… Suvreen sneaks inside… Chubey the watchman isn’t very happy he goes he won’t spare them.
Suvreen isn’t very happy with everything she says KK Chubey and his secretary how can they be so mean… Soni says I hate people like Khurana and Chubey… they blame everything on girls… Suvreen says what if I have a late night meeting in office or fashion show and they won’t let me in after 11 this isn’t done… people like PP are allowed to party all night and have all sorts of people in his house.. no one says anything to him… she then says single working girls have no rights unfair… Soni gives Suvreen water.. Soni then says Yuvraj had told her today there could be a big lecture if watchman don’t allow you in.. Suvreen says what I had told Yuvraj to go to sleep he’s awake… Soni says to her now don’t shout at him he was right you don’t listen to anyone in these matters… Soni says I’m mastermind of this plan saada haq aitha rakh lights camera…
The scene shifts to the photoshoot .. Samar says costumes are here go and change they have 1 hour 30 minutes for makeup and 10 minutes for hair and 10 minutes to get back here…he then says who doesn’t reach here on time they won’t like it what happens to them.

Precap- Samar is taking pictures of Yuvraj and says Yuvraj Suvreen is good looking, I will take Suvreen on a long drive, then coffee, then dinner, then you know what I mean right

Update Credit to: Anam_Ali

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