Suvreen Guggal 9th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Suvreen Guggal 9th January 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 9th January 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with Alisha and Yuvi both reaching at the same time, Yuvi is impressed to see her on time as he thought she would be late in getting ready, Alisha tells him he seems to have dressed up today, Yuvi says he had truly had to thank her so had to dress up
Yuvi asks to lets go but Alisha says she will drive, Yuvi becums serius and tells her he doesn’t allow anyone to touch his laila except him, Alisha is confused and Yuvi smiles and says Laila his jeep, Alisha asks shocked they will go on that for date, Yuvi tells her whats bad about his laila, he then asks her if she ever rode a jeep Alisha says no, Yuvi tells her then after today she will forget her luxurious cars and tell her to lets go on the jeep
He puts his hand forward and takes her to sit on the jeep like a gentleman
Baby walking around the room with a book in her hand talks to herself she is lucky she didn’t have to fight much, Suvi cums calling out to her and instructs her to eat on time and not to watch tv and study properly, Baby tells her to calm down and leave she will be fine
Suvi leaves and Baby jumps in joy and gets dressed quickly and then leaves home
While on the road both Yuvi and Alisha enjoy their drive
RC is waiting in the hotel with a flower bouqet thinking she is late today, he talks to himself telling he will practice a bit of what will he do when she comes, but then thinks if she doesn’t come today then he will be the biggest idiot and hopes she comes
RC suddenly senses and turns around to see Suvi walking to him, he is happy but suddenly sees Zorro tagging along with her and looks at him shocked and thinks what is he doing here and thinks if Suvi brought him here, RC thinks that must be it as he doesn’t want to meet him alone and calls himself dumb
Yuvi takes the drinks from the counter and takes it over to where Alisha is sitting, he gives her her drink while Alisha tells him she never knew he had this side of him, she tells him she wanted to come to this place from so long but couldn’t get time, Yuvi flirts with her maybe she didn’t come because she wanted to come here with him as with the place company also matters, Alisha tells him she is very happy he brought her here she feels very special
Yuvi says its his pleasure and Alisha is impressed with his behavior, they take their drinks and Alisha asks him what drink is it, Yuvi looks at it unsure and says he doesn’t know what exactly it is but he knows for sure it isn’t alcohol, Alisha is a bit disappointed and Yuvi tells her he knows people like them usually have alcoholic drinks and all but he doesn’t, Alisha is yet again impressed with him, he then raises a toast for their friendship, he tells Alisha she ahs been very helpful to him and he will always be thankful for that
Suvi and Zorro wave at RC who is quite stunned, Suvi comes saying in hyper mode they are very sorry as they weren’t getting an auto and when they got auto and came, Zorro completes for her they couldn’t get the change and then he suddenly looks at the flowers RC is carrying and is confused, RC says flowers for the lady and gives it to Suvi and he then tells Zorro he is sorry he couldn’t get anything for him, Zorro says he doesn’t need to be instead he is so glad to have dinner with RC
They enter the restaurant and both Suvi and Zorro exclaim looking at the hi-fi place, they are taken to their table but RC panics, Suvi sees the table for two and says howcome its two when they are three, the waiter tells her table for two was reserved, Suvi looks confused at RC who tells the waiter he must have misunderstood he asked table for three and tells Suvi and Zorro it was just a mistake
RC tells the guy to get another chair while Zorro wonders why is RC behaving as if he is surprised coming to his own party
Rathi tells Mannu there’s no fun playing basketball without Yuvi and was about throw the ball towards the basket when Annie snatches the ball from him from behind, Annie tells them Naro was right whatever be said to them they will never bother, Rathi tells Annie they are very sorry for whatever happened yesterday, Mannu tells Annie to ask Naro how many messages he sent apologizing her
Annie tells him ofcourse that’s the easiest thing he could do just sms her, he tells them they have no idea how hard it is for Naro to stand up and asks them to atleast respect the fact that how bravely she is facing this whole situation
Yuvi finishes his juice while Alisha tells him to give her just sometime she is confused what to order, Yuvi says he is not and tells her to try out the shammi kababs and shwarma’s here, Alisha says no she will just have salad and juice, Yuvi says he forgot to ask she must be a vegetarian, Alisha says she’s not and Yuvi asks shocked why is she having ghaas phuss, she tells him she always has such things coz her mom tells her to have less oily food
Yuvi looks around and whispers to her if her mom is here, she says no and she wont ever come to such a place, Yuvi tells her then forget her mom and her rules and enjoy and have fun for tonight, Yuvi orders for her non-vegetarian and tells Alisha she should try and see
Someone knocks at Annie and Naro’s room and Annie tells Naro to open the door, she slowly opens and looks around to see no one while Annie stands behind scared, Naro sees a paper rolled up and placed down and shows it to Annie
She picks it up and reads it where it instructs her to walk the red carpet, they look confused towards the red carpet, they walk on the carpet and head to a door and both hold each other hand before entering the door, they finally enter the room to see the a bed of roses on the floor, the lights appear and roses are showered on Naro and she admires the room filled with balloons
Mannu welcomes them and Rathi ad Mannu tells her she is their hero and they really salute her for her bravery
At the restaurant Zorro exclaims looking at the wine bottle and says to RC is so expensive for the treat for fashion show, RC lost in Suvi says the wine is for another reason and Suvi and Zorro look confused at RC
RC coming to senses says he is just happy right now so that’s why he got this wine, he telsl them to order whatever they want to, he keeps staring at Suvi and Zorro wonders Rc says he is happy but doesn’t seem to be
Suvi tells RC she hopes the wine doesn’t taste like the one she ahd the first time and RC starts laughing remembering her reaction that day while Zorro is lost, Suvi tells him the story when she went to the fashion show with RC first time and they both start laughing again, Zorro looks at RC and says to himself RC smiles so much when he is with Suvi
The waiter gets the menus and Suvi tells RC to help her decide, Zorro looks at RC’s behavior and tells himself he has a strong feeling that this dinner was meant to be for two and he gets a very kabab mei haddi wali feeling
RC thinks to himself what he had thought for today and what is happening, he thought to let Suvi know he could be something more then her mentor but until and unless Zorro is there with her he cant do anything

Precap: Yuvi sees Baby with some guy and tells Alisha he doesn’t seem to be right and doesn’t think Baby should be with him, he tells her he will just come and Alisha asks if he is gona fight, he tells her if he understands by words then fine otherwise fight, Yuvi goes Baby and asks her does Suvi know if she is here, Baby tells him ofcourse she knows, Yuvi tells her then fine even Suvi is here so he will drop her and Suvi back home, Baby becomes shocked and asks Suvi is also here

Update Credit to: sweetshine

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