Suvreen Guggal 8th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Suvreen Guggal 8th October 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 8th October 2013 Written Update

The episodes starts of with Manani coming to meet Suvreens parents…In Iris RC is packing his things…he tells the interns therecareer has just began they will go far they ar every talenet.. Geeti telsl RC they are always with him…Vikram says they make Pepper such big brand with Suvreens help we will beat Manani… Manani comes laughing inside RC Cabin she taunts him and the inters… Manani tells everyone to meet her designing associate Alisha… she tells RC she re hired Alished afte rhe fired her.. Manani promises all interns she will give them double salary… Rohan tells Suvreen to tell Manani their decision.. Suvreen says RC has given them all so much respect and care that she can never double… Suvreen tells Manani you have brought building nothing else you can try your best

but you will never be able to buy us all. The interns leave… RC laughs at Manani and leaves.

Alisha says they all left now what to Manani…RC tells all the interns to meet at his place tomorrow at 11am.. he tells all interns to go home and spend time with family and friends… RC tells the interns to consider Manani offer… The interns say no.. RC says we will discuss this tomorrow.

Suvreen rings Yuvraj but no anwser…Yuvraj text Suvreen saying he doesnt want to talk to her right now…Suvreen point of view is shown she says she doesnt know what to do everything is going wrong…she says whenever she needs support Yuvraj helps her calms her down he isn’t here…Suvreen says she feels very incomplete without Yuvraj she misses him a lot…she says how shall I bring him back?.

Alisha says to Manani Suvreen didnt accept the offer now what how will we ruin her career… Manani tells Alisha tomorrow morning Suvreen Guggal will be here.

Suvreen is talkign to Soni she tells her she has called Yuvraj to meet her she pretended to be model co-ordinator.. Suvreen says when Yuvraj find out he will be very angry… Soni says thats good all the anger wil come out Soni tells Suvi Yuvraj loves her a lot she needs to pacify him.

Suvreen goes to to talk to Yuvraj she tells hims he wants to explain what happened why she done all this… Yuvraj says he knows what Manani done she was wrong.. he says Suvreen can handle everything… he says bye to Suvreen… Suvreen says why wont he listen to her? Yuvraj says he doesnt want to listen to her. Suvreen says he came to office and said everything now he needs to listen to her… Yuvraj says fine talk. Suvreen tells Yuvraj all about Manani blackmailing her…Yuvraj says he had told her not to get involved in the first place.. Suvi says yeah she knows…she even tried to apologise to him but he didnt listen…Yuvraj says it has all been done now.. you do what you had to and Manani done what she wanted… Iris has been finished.. RC is not your boss no more… he then says I am fine nothing happened…Yuvraj tells Suvi to promise her she will forget about Iris, RC and Manani the chapter has been finished. Suvreen doesnt say anything.

Yuvraj says you said what you wanted… he says he is going now he wants to be sucessful as well…Yuvraj says you will become sucessful quickly and I have to work very hard to be sucessful.. Suvreen says she is working hard also to be sucessful…Suvreen tells Yuvraj she wants to be with him she is incomplete without him she says to Yuvraj not to leave her… Yuvraj walks off… Suvreen runs after Yuvraj… Yuvraj says to her stop taking all the world problem on your head.. he says he doesnt want any pressure… he says you are strong you can take care of yourself and everyone else as well… Yuvraj says he wants to be strong and sucessfull he will pay any price for it.. Suvreen says you are right but your way is wrong… Yuvraj shouts he says Suvreen dont tell me what is wrong and right. Yuvraj leaves.

RC and Ira having coffee and talking… RC tells Ira his decision is final he wont change it…he wants to spend his life with Ira he says decison is final.

Suvreen is waiting for cab Yuvraj comes there also…Yuvreen get the same cab but they arent talking to one another… Suvreen remembers all her moments with Yuvraj flashbacks are shown when they first met Tumhi ho is playing in the background… Yuvraj is also remembering Suvreen flaskback are shown from season 1…Suvreen tries to put her hand on Yuvraj hand but he moves his hand… Yuvraj remembers when Suvreen had confessed she loves him he has tear in his eyes… Suvreen also remembers when Yuvraj said he loves her.

Suvreen point of view is shown she says she remembers all the moments with Yuvraj.. with his support everything was so nice… she says she doesnt understand what is happening… have they really broken up she says I dont know.

Precap- Suvreen says she wants RC and Ira to have Iris back… she joins global indian she tells Manani she has won… Manani laughs.

Update Credit to: Anam_Ali

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