Suvreen Guggal 8th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Suvreen Guggal 8th May 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 8th May 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with RC working and thinking he cant finish all the work by himself, he then wonders why Suvi isn’t there and calls Preeti and asks her to find Suvi and send her to his office, Preeti tells RC that Suvi has gone to keep Samar’s stuff in his car, RC shocked asks why, Preeti informs him that Jolly has appointed Suvi as Samar’s personal assistant, RC keeps the phone in anger
Suvi keeps the stuff in the car and talks to gannuji saying he surely must be on vacationotherwise why would anyone need an assistant for these kind of work and why her only
Just then Yuvi calls and Suvi thinks she wont pick up his call coz now her mood is off and she will surely crib and ruin his mood too, Yuvi thinks why Suvi isn’t picking up and tries again but Suvi cuts the call, Yuvi thinks

she never cuts the call like that and tells himself definitely the mad photographer has done something, he wishes he could be with her right now atleast he could have helped her out from all this stress
Yuvi thinks helplessly he is so far away he cant even do anything and gets frustrated saying long distance relationships are useless
RC screams out asking Ira what is Jolly upto, he tells her Jolly knows very well Suvi is his assistant then why did he appoint her, he tells her for this project he needs Suvi he cant even complete one design and there are 12 designs and such a short time, he further asks again how could Jolly make this decision how could he make Suvi Samar’s assistant, RC tells her irritated jolly cant take all the decisions here, Ira tells RC Jolly did ask him about it and she was the one to say ok, RC looks at her angrily
Ira tells him whats the big deal as Suvi isn’t one of their best intern and she tells him she thinks he’s too soft on her, she further goes on that Suvi wont learn anything like that, its better for her to be under a hard task master who can teach her everything and only then she can become something
She explains RC that being with Samar her aesthetics will improve and she will get a new perspective and explore a new territory which will benefit her creative outlet, RC nods still grumpy, Ira informs him she has already found him a good assistant, RC looks at her bewildered and tries to say something but cant
Ira asks irritated to RC what is the issue with Suvreen, whenever they talk about her he becomes so touchy, RC reminds Ira that after the Shaina incident he didn’t even talk to her, but now he needs her because he trusts her, Ira irritated asks after what she did, RC tries to argue back but then gives up and says there is no use talking about it again and again
Just then Rohan comes to the office and Ira informs him that he will assist RC in this project, they both go to RC’s office, Rohan asks RC what do they start with and what do they have to do, RC opens a diary and hands it to Rohan informing him that he needs to complete these tasks by today even if he has to work late night, Rohan says no problem and he will start right away and leaves from there, while RC sits back grumpily
Soni and Suvi are on the road and Soni says angrily she cant believe Maddy made her his personal assistant, Suvi says when the luck is bad then virus enters even though there is antivirus, Soni tells her if he annoys too much then she should give him one slap, Suvi laughs and says from the time she met him she always wished to give one tight slap
Soni explains Suvi since they are working together now she shouldn’t do any panga and advices her behave cordially, Suvi says she will try, she then looks around thinking Mamma didn’t come
Her phone rings and Suvi apologizes to Yuvi for not picking up his call, Yuvi says its ok anyways she will not take phone calls rather than working at office, Suvi agrees and says she was so busy at office and plus its so hot in Mumbai, Yuvi says he knows as he checks both Delhi and Mumbai temperatures now, he says since the city she is living in he has to keep all the info
Suvi says really and asks to say what she is doing right now, Yuvi hears the bg sound and says it seems like she is out and says maybe out for office work, Suvi laughs and says no and tells him she is going out with Mamma and Soni and they are waiting for Mamma
Yuvi says he wished he could take her out too, he wishes he was within walking distance from her, Suvi jokes with him and says he is at walking distance and tells him to start walking and in 4 months he will reach, Yuvi says laugh how much ever you want, Suvi apologizes and says even though they are physically distanced but they are still very much closer (Oye hoye damn i soo want to see them together)
Yuvi says in your heart, Suvi jokes saying she is already talking so cheesy even he is talking cheesy and then says yes ‘in my heart’ (gosh they are so adorable), Yuvi asks her does she miss him, Suvi asks what kind of question is that, Yuvi says why doesn’t she call him to her, Suvi tells him he is 12ookm far away, Yuvi says to try and say this cheetah can come across the seas also so 1200km is nothing
Suvi spots her Mamma coming and tells Yuvi she is coming and keeps the phone in a hurry, Yuvi looks at their picture on his phone and says he cant do anymore of this long distance relationship (YAAAYYY come to Mumabi sooon Yuvi)
Preeti finishes her work finally and thinks how much work they make her do and is about to leave when she stops seeing Rohan working on designing, she gets lost into her dreamland staring at him when she is woken up by the beep of her cell, she gets irritated at the stupid bank people for waking her up from her dream, she again gets lost staring at Rohan
Preeti thinks he is so dedicated and says to herself she read somewhere those who are dedicated turn out to be a good husband and father, she goes back to her PC and thinks of searching out more about him, she checks out his fb profile and admire his pictures, she thinks that she has to do something to lessen the distance between her and her prince charming, Rohan looks at her and smiles just then and Preeti faints back to her dream world again
Suvi tells Mamma she is so happy that she is here, Mamma says she has to thank Pappa for bringing her here, right outside the hotel Pappa gets off the taxi and asks the driver the fare, he tells him its 300rs and Pappa gets shocked and says he didn’t even travel so much that he is charging so much and asks the driver to show the meter, the driver says meter isn’t working and that rates have also changed, Pappa tells him his office people told him that it would take 200 rs to travel till here and he hands the driver 200rs
The driver argues back and Suvi comes there and starts shouting at him that its his fault he hasn’t put a new meter and tells him to leave otherwise she will call the police, the driver leaves, Suvi and Pappa G. are standing next to each other facing on opposite sides but stealing glances again and again at each other (awww they miss each other so much but they both are stopping to take a step forward)
Suvi then calls out to Mamma and goes to her and goes hyper talking about taxi drivers and meter and starts crying, she then goes on telling Mamma that she is happy she is here and that next time she comes she will take Mamma to different places, Pappa goes into fb of when Suvi told Pappa she didn’t want to do MBA and wanted to do Fashion course, and then goes into fb when he found out about Suvi going to Mumbai with Yuvi, Pappa G. cries and wipes his tears and goes into the hotel
Suvi watches him go and starts crying hugging her mom, she cries and asks is she that bad that Pappa left without seeing her, Mamma consoles her it isn’t like that, she is her best daughter and she only followed her heart and it isn’t a bad thing, Suvi says Pappa doesn’t love her anymore, Mamma consoles her saying they do love her a lot
Mamma tells her not to stress out so much and explains her that after so much happened its not easy to forget and forgive, she explains her he is still angry once that anger cools down everything will be fine, Suvi talks about the good old times she and Pappa shared and asks Mamma if things will go back to those days, Mamma hugs her and says yes it will as Suvi sobs
Mamma then tells her to stop crying and hands her an envelop, Suvi opens it to find some cash and she tells Mamma sternly she cant accept this, Mamma fires up at her that she does what she wants to do and Pappa also does what he wants to do and asks did anyone think about her what she wants, Suvi shakes her head crying, Mamma tells her she is giving he this money because she keeps worrying for her
Mamma then tells her when she starts earning then she can take her to Paris, Suvi smiles, Mamma tells her to become a big fashion designer soon and then she take her there, Suvi nods and Mamma asks if she can go, Suvi says no and asks Mamma how can she live without her, Mamma cries and says she doesn’t need to and hugs her (awww Mamma-Suvi scene was really heart-touching)

Precap: Soni gives commentary from the window saying Maddy’s going towards his car, opening the door, sitting on his car, she tells Suvi to hurry out as he already left with his car, Suvi runs out saying she is gone today, Suvi apologizes to Maddy in the office for being late who tells her he told her yesterday that he doesn’t like two things, apology and excuses, and informs her to say something when he asks, Suvi nods getting angry and goes to him and screams out she was listening and what will she do if she’s late should she kill herself, while Maddy hides his face with the magazine (OMG hahaha i cant wait to see this scene even though i think its going to be a dream hahaha Maddy was looking so cute trying to hide out)

Update Credit to: sweetshine

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