Suvreen Guggal 8th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 8th July 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 8th July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts in the office. Samar says to Yuvraj stand up and tell the others what I said word for word! Yuvraj doesn’t want to do it. Samar says I decide who behave like what.. and then they look to each other.
Everyone is clapping . Rehan says one more thing. He enlightens his students about the upcoming projects. And says good luck. Geeti thinks: nice things happens here but me’. Rohan looks at her and says don’t worry everything will be nice. Vikram gets jealous.

In the class. Samar says the theme for the shoot.. *Men at work*. The girl says ohh.. you mean no shoot for us?? The other girl says that he definitely needs girls at the shoot. Samar says that the shoot is for everyone. He says the location and the time. The time is 5 a.m. The girl says you meant 5 p.m.

right? Samar says: I don’t make mistakes.. if I say 5 a.m. then it’s 5 a.m. And then he looks at Yuvraj. They look each oher for a while..

Suvreen waits for Yuvraj. Samar comes out and asks are you waiting for me? Yuvraj comes too and says that suvreen isn’t interested at boys like you.. and then they wanna go but Samar says: Smart Suvreen doesn’t speak like you. (I dunno what bakhwaas in English is) Who says Bakhwaas they are talking between couples. And then he says: I and my Girlfriend are going now.! and then they go.. Samar says Supermodel tomorrow 5 a.m. And then Yuvraj says a time (I dunno what it means).. Cheetah background sound is playing.. YuvReen goes. Samar is laughing behind them.. (I love his smile)
Outside of Suvis house. YuvReen come with a taxi.. Suvi says that Rehan will do intern of the month. Yuvraj shouts. Intern of the month Suvreen guggal!! Suvi asks Yuvi how can you be so sure that I’ll win the intern of the month? He says that she is the Topper.. she can do everything.. They laugh.. Suvi asks Yuvi why the taxi is still waiting?? Yuvi says to the man that he can go. Yuvi says that he thought that he will stay with Suvi and Soni there. Suvi gets shocked and tensed and asks how?? Yuvi says that he has to wake up early.. if he goes to his house he won’t wake up.. Suvi laughs. He says: You know, I want to show Maddy that I am disciplined. Suvi laughs and says that he isn’t disciplined and goes.. A man comes and says that he won’t let them go.. Suvi says again drama?? The man says I’m not doing drama, who is that boy?? Suvi says it doesn’t matter who he is. He says that a boy and a girl can not come to the house after 8 p.m. Yuvi wanted to go but the man opens his arms and doesn’t let them go. And then a man comes and asks what is happening here?? Yuvi says that the man doesn’t let us go. The man says that he did the rules.
In the office. Pritty is talking to herself. After a while her phone rings. She doesn’t know who it is. It’s Faran

Suvi says that she knows him. The man says that he doesn’t like that a girl is living alone. And that Maddy comes.. and asks the man why?? Why can’t a boy and a girl go alone there? The man says that there will be rumors. Samar got an idea and smiles.. (areyy.. I would die for his smile yaar..)

He goes between YuvReen and makes signs to Suvi that she should go. Suvi goes. Samar says that Yuvi is with him. Suvreen smiles.. and that Samar is touching Yuvraj.. (it’s too funny) the men don’t want to look at them.. Suvreen watches them. Samar says there won’t be rumors.. The man turns around.. Samar and Yuvraj are going. Suvreen laughs and goes too..
In the office. Pritty has her phone on her hand and thinks what she should write. She deletes the massages by Faran.

Suvreen is sitting on the bed and does something on laptop.. Yuvraj is looking to himself in the mirror.. (he is really hot.. ) He asks what do you think why Maddy did help us?? Suvi says that Samar doesn’t know what he does.. Suvi says that he has to sleep.. Yuvi says that he will behave like that what he wants anyone to behave with him. He is talking too much.. Suvreen sleeps.. Cheetah song track is playing on the background. Yuvi turns around and sees her sleeping.. He says that she said to him that he should sleep but she slept before.. and then he looks at the mirror.
In the morning. The models are going to the location what Maddy said. They are waiting for Samar to comes. Yuvraj looks at the clock and asks himself where are you?? They are still waiting for the photographer.. after a while Samar comes with two girls behind him. Samar’s tune is playing on the background. Samar says nice place and then Yuvi says the time.. Samar says that he should save the attitude for the camera. And then they look each other. The girl says good morning sir.. and the other girl says you are really hot.. and gives water for him.. Samar gets scared.. he takes the water and smiles and says thank you babes..

In delhi. Someone is knocking on the door. Mumma guggal stands up and wants to open the door but Puppa comes and opens the door. It’s a man. Baldev becomes tormented, as the court rules against him. The man gives a paper.

A girl brings the costumes.. Samar says to the models and asks did you guys look at your bodies?? It looks like shit! Maddy says do take something and run all around. The model goes and takes it and runs.. Samar says ohh.. I forgot that lover boy understands with love.. and then he says RUN!! He shouts: NOW!!! He looks very angry.. Yuvraj looks at him.

PRECAP / Next Episde:
Suvreen says to Alisha I’ll be the intern of the month.. Alisha turns around and says to herself : You can win the intern of the month when you are still here.. she smiles.. Suvreen is confused and asks herself what does she know what I don’t know?? They are shooting.. Samar shouts.. (dunno what he shouts..) Samar says that he can not be a super model! Yuvi says that he will be a super model! Nobody can stop me by being a super model.! They look each other.

Update Credit to: nazomel

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