Suvreen Guggal 7th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Suvreen Guggal 7th October 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 7th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts in Iris. Rehan, Ira, Vikram, Geeti, Rohan, Pritty are celebrating because they got Iris back. Rehan asks them where is Suvreen? Did you guys see her? She should be here. Rehan says that there will be a special guest here soon and then Manani comes. Everybody get shocked. Suvreen comes too and sees Manani. Suvreen imagines what Manani said to her. And then some people come to Iris too. Manani says thank you, you have made an amazing party for me. It’s wonderful. Rehan tells her that she is not invited. It’s private party. And then a man comes. Suvreen watches them. The man says hey to Manani and tells her that she came before him. Manani says to Rehan welcome to hell. She says that he is the special guest. Manani asks him to tell the good news to RC. The man says

welcome to your new partner. Manani. Everybody get shocked. Suvreen goes there. The man says why are you all so shocked? I know that Manani can take care for Iris. Ira and Rehan get angry at the man. Ira says that he was a friend for them. The man says business and friends are not the same. Rehan gets angry and says that he trusted him. Suvreen watches them. Manani says that she wanted to take the full company but it didn’t happen. She says that she has 51% rights for Iris. She says the 1% makes her boss. Rehan gets angry and says that they will quit Iris. You want iris na?? then take the iris. Rehan takes Ira and goes. Everybody goes but Manani stops Suvreen and says that she wants to talk to her. Suvreen says that she doesn’t want to talk to her. Manani says that she told her that she will take Iris and she can’t do anything for that. And then she says that her offer is still open. Suvreen can work with her. Suvreen doesn’t say anything and goes. Manani is happy and looks at Iris.

Ira and Rehan are really sad and angry. Ira shouts that she will kill her and all. Rehan stops her. She is still shouting at Rehan. Rehan says that Iris is their! Nothing will happen. Ira cries and hugs him. Vikram, Geeti and Rohan come and are sad. Rohan says Rehan, What manani will be our boss?? Geeti asks can’t we do anything? RC says that he can’t tell anything and asks for time. And then Suvreen comes her phone rings. It’s her dad. He says that she has to come and hangs up. Suvreen wanted to tell everything what happened to Iris but he doesn’t listen to her and hangs up. Rohan gives water to Ira. She drinks it. Suvreen watches them and is sad.

Suvreen having breakfast. She is really sad. Puppa asks why are you not talking ? Suvreen says why should I say something? You won’t get it. Suvreen goes to Iris.
Rehan having breakfast. Ira comes and asks where are you going? He says that he will go to office. Ira says that he should not go he will get hurt. Rehan says that the employers needs me. Ira asks him is it everything really finished?? And then Rehan goes. Ira is sad
Yuvraj is waiting for an audition. He sees Soni.

Alisha and Manani are sitting on the car. Manani tells everything Alisha what happened.
Suvreen is in the office and is really sad. She phones Yuvraj but he doesn’t open the call. And then all the employers come to Suvreen and hug her. And then Rehan comes. They are imagining everything about Iris. Suvreen imagines all Iris memories.

Suvreen says to Manani whatever you are doing you won’t win. Yuvraj asks to promise him that she won’t see Iris and RC’s face anymore. (sorry they cut the rest of the precap in the video so can’t update.)

Update Credit to: Naz_YuvReen

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