Suvreen Guggal 7th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 7th February 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 7th February 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts in college. Yuvraj informs Alisha that the party venue, which they had booked, has been allotted to someone else. Alisha says that it’s ok. She decides to organise the party in the college campus. Then she asks Suvreen to buy some thing for the party. Suvreen says that she can buy it. She asks to Yuvraj: Do you remember that when we went to find Baby there was a shop.
And she says that they can find all the things in that shop. Suvreen gets up and says “Come we go” to Yuvraj. Yuvraj says yes but behind him was Rathi and Mannu they said that he has to ignore her. Yuvraj tells that he has to go with Alisha. He says that Rathi and Mannu can go with her. After a while she says that she can go alone and buy the things. Then she says to Alisha that she will

invite RC. And then she goes.

In the next scene Suvreen goes to Rehan and invite him to the party of Alisha’s birthday. He says yes he will come to the party. Suvreen gets happy and holds his hand. She thanks to Rehan and goes. Then Rehan thinks what did happen to him.

In the next scene everyone are decorating the college campus. Suvreen and Alisha are talking about their friendship with Yuvraj. Alisha says that Yuvraj is a really nice guy. Suvreen answeredwith yes. Alisha asks her how long they have been friends. She says that they were not friends. And she tells that they had fighted everytime. Alisha can’t believe her. She says that they are really good friends. Suvreen imagining of their fights.
And then Alisha says that she didn’t know that they are really good friends now. She says that she didn’t find a friend like Yuvraj before and she says that he fights for his friends. Then Suvreen imagining when Yuvraj helped her.
Alisha asks her how she likes him. Suvreen thinks: Say that you like him very much.
She answeres: He is nice. He is my best friend.
And then Suvreen says that she has to phone anyone and goes.

In the next scene Suvreen is crying. She says to herself why she didn’t say to her the true of her feelings. She says why she doesn’t understand that they will not come together. He didn’t understand her feelings. How will he understand it now?? She crys badly. She says to herself why she doesn’t understand that Yuvraj is not interested to her. She says that she will not get hurt anymore. She will go away from him. She says that she won’t go to the party.

In the next scene Suvreen is coming home. Her dad says what happened to you? And he says why she is not saying hi to him. He asks her what happened in college? She says nothing happened. And then she says that she is tired and goes to her room. She thinks of Yuvraj (when he goes with Alisha and leaves Suvreen alone). She takes the bear (Yuvraj did give her). She says why he is doing this to her. And then she asks: do you love Aisha? and begins to cry again… And she says that it’s his life he can do everything and can make friends or ignore anyone. And she says why it makes problem to her. She says that she is not ok. It’s makes problem to her when he is with Alisha. And then she says that she moved on and she’s not care of it. After a while her dad calls Suvreen. He comes in and gives her a cup of tea. He asks her is everything ok. She says when he is giving a cup of tea everyone would be ok.

In the next scene Zorro says that the mask suits him to Annie. And then Naro comes. Annie says that Naro is looking beautiful today. And then Annie says that the mask suits her better. And they are fighting. And then Annie sees Suvreen. They go to Suvreen. And then Alisha comes. Annie, Naro, Zorro and Suvreen are congratulating Alisha for her birthday. Zorro says sorry to Alisha for making the party good. After a while Alisha’s phone rings. She goes.

PRECAP/NEXT EPISODE: Yuvraj says to Alisha do eat anything you want but wear dresses what everyone likes it. Do you remember that girls are liking different. She asks do you remember it?? He says yes. I remember everything we talk about. And he comes closer. Suvreen gets jealous.

Update Credit to: nazomel

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