Suvreen Guggal 6th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Suvreen Guggal 6th May 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 6th May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Suvreen. Police asks everyone What did you drink? Suvi watchs them. Police asks Anyone wants to say something?? Maddy says YES! The police comes to him and says : You want to say again something?? Ok say.. Maddy says: If your finished can we go ?? Police says: who are you and telling me that ?? Maddy gives his phone and says that he has to check. After a while the police goes.. Suvreen looks at Maddy .. he is very angry !! Suvreen thinks: OMG! What did I do?? I didn’t want that the police come and take them out. I only wanted the music switched off.. Maddy wants to go but the police doesn’t let him go. Maddy says: How can you arrest us like this?? Is not allowed to do party at home?? Police says : Yes. Suvi watchs them.. her phone rings.. it’s Mumma guggal. She goes

to a police and says that she wants to talk with him. He says ok.. She tells him that she called the police and gives him her phone to check. Maddy looks at Suvi and gets confused and thinks: Why is Suvreen talking with the police? Soni talks to Mumma too much.. Soni gets very tensed.. Mumma says that it’s really late, she wants to meet her in the office. Soni doesn’t let her go to the office. After a while Puppa Guggal calls Mumma and asks is suvi there?? Mumma says that she is not there.. He says that he is waiting for a call. And then they hang up. Mumma says to Soni that they should call Suvi and tell her that she is at home and waiting for her. She calls Suvi. The police takes Suvis phone and wants to check but a police comes and says that anyone is on the phone and wants to talk with him. The police takes the phone and talks.. Suvi sees that her phone is ringing in Police’s hand. She gets tensed and thinks: If it’s Mumma?? And then Maddy comes to Suvreen. He looks really angry and says: Why I’m feeling that you have called the police?? Suvi gets shocked and tensed.. she asks: Why you think so?? He says that she seems like that. She says : I didn’t do that. And then a police comes and says that Suvi has called the police and gives her phone back.. and says that she can go now. Maddy gets angry.. and Suvi gets sad and goes.. the police comes to Maddy and says that he has to go with them. While he is going to the police car he turns around and looks how Suvi runs.

In Suvis house. Suvi is going to her house and knocking. Soni opens the door. Suvi asks : where is Mumma?? She says that she is inside.. Suvi comes and sees her mum. She crys and runs to hug her. Mumma crys too. And then Mumma Guggal calls puppa and says that Suvi is there and then she asks do you want to talk to her?? Suvi gets happy and wants to talk with him but he says no. She gets sad. And then they hang up. Suvi and Mumma are having fun together.. Puppa is sitting on the couch and says: I should go there too..

In the morning. Mumma is cooking food and screaming at Soni and Suvreen. They come and eat the food. and then Soni gets sad.. Suvi asks what happened? She says that she is missing her Mum. Mumma says that she should not be sad, coz she is like her mum too..Mumma says that she will go with them for dinner tonight.. 😀 After a while Suvis phone rings.. It’s Jolly he says that she should buy flowers for the photographer. And then she goes to take flowers for him.

In the office. Everybuddie in the office are very happy that the photographer Samar comes today. Rehan, Jolla and Ira are waiting for Samar. And then Samar comes.. (They don’t show his face) Everybuddie looks shocked.. Suvi comes running to the office a big flower on her hand.. Pritty asks where were you? Suvi tells that Jolly said that Suvi should buy some flower for Samar. Pritty says that he is already there. Suvi gets tensed and runs up the stairs. She goes in. Jolly says to Samar: Please accept this for being in our project. Samar stands up . (Suvi can’t see his face) Samar says : Ofcourse jolly, thanks for understanding why I am late. He tells that police came and took him out because he does party at his house. And then he turns around.. both get shocked..!! IT’S MADDY’ Suvi imagines all the scenes with Maddy.. How they met .. and the scenes of todays epi.. Maddy says to Suvi: is the flowers for me?? She gives the flowers.. He says: Awww’ how sweet 😛 PP and then he says to all: everybuddy in your office is soo sweet.. I wish my neughbour would be sweet too.. 😀 he ask to Suvis: where did you get that these are my favourite flower?? He calls her Aunty.. He sits and says sorry again.. RC says : It’s ok.. it can happen everyone.. Maddy says: No, nobody could happen that coz nobody has the neighbor aunty as their neighbor everybuddy laughs. RC says that everyone is happy to work with him. Maddy says that he is happy to work with RC Sir.! Jolly says to all: Go to work.. and they go. Only Suvi not.. Maddy looks back to Suvreen and he laughs..
Episode ENDS!!

Maddy is sitting on the couch and has magazine on his hand. Jolly says to Suvreen: You met Samar already, from now on you are his personal Assistant. Suvreen gets shocked and look at Maddy.. He looks confused at her and waves his hand.

Update Credit to: nazomel

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