Suvreen Guggal 6th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 6th February 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 6th February 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with Mannu Rathi teasing Yuvi about Suvi, Mannu notices Suvi coming towards them with Alisha, both Rathi and Mannu prepare Yuvi to ignore Suvi and give all the attention to Alisha and they both hide

Yuvi goes to Suvi and Alisha and Suvi says hi to him but he gives attention to Alisha and compliments on her bag who thanks him and tells about the bag being a gift from her mom and they both start discussing about it as Suvi looks at the two and the bag confused, she thinks to herself irritated from when did Yuvi started being interested in bags
Suvi suddenly calls out to Alisha and reminds her for what she was here, she tells her to tell Yuvi about it, Alisha invites Yuvi to her party and he excitedly asks is it her birthday, Suvi looks bewildered at Yuvi and then

says it’s a birthday party and plus they won so also for that, and they needed a party venue and Alisha wanted a planner so Suvi herself brought her to him to arrange the venue for Alisha’s party

Yuvi tells Alisha its her birthday she should have told and tells her he will arrange everything perfectly the way she wants it, he tells Alisha he will make her meet few people today itself if she wants, Alisha excitedly says to lets go and bids bye to Suvi and Yuvi walks away with Alisha ignoring Suvi who watches them going stunned
Mannu Rathi who were hiding comes out to Suvi and asks her where did Yuvi go, she tells them he just went to arrange party venue, both Mannu and Rathi start playing their game and compliment Alisha in front of Suvi as she looks at them with dagger eyes

Annie in the canteen thinks to herself why did Alisha become Suvi’s bff suddenly and she doesn’t even know half of them yet she leaves her high class friends and wants to celebrate her birthday with them all
Zorro on the other hand thinks to himself why is RC behaving so weirdly with Suvi, Annie says there is something wrong, Zorro agrees with her, Annie tells him there must be some other reason, and Zorro says yes and to hide the real reason weird behavior is being used, Annie agrees with him and tells him they need to find out why Alisha is throwing the birthday party, Zorro comes out of his thoughts

Yuvi tells Alisha now her venue is booked and its perfect also for her small party, Alisha tells him she loves the place, Yuvi asks her what other plans for the party
Dream Sequence- Alisha dreams of dancing with Yuvi and confessing her love to him

Yuvi calls her out of her dream and asks if she is here, Alisha tells him she is here with him, she goes on that whatever she planned for the party he will need to wait and watch
Suvi is busy making her sketch of a dress when she thinks about Yuvi complimenting at Alisha’s bag, she tells herself he was just complimenting the bag, just a compliment but thinks was it just a compliment, she thinks about Mannu Rathi’s words that Yuvi and Alisha have become good friends and if they did become good friends they spend a lot of time together, she then thinks about Alisha saying she went out for dinner when Yuvi was stabbed, she clears her mind and tells herself to concentrate on studies and goes to back to her sketch when she hears a sound of something falling
Suvi runs to the kitchen to see Pappa G. making something, she asks him what is he doing and he tells her he is making dall makhni for his daughter, Suvi asks if there is something special today, Pappa G. jokes its daal makhni, he then tells her he even got rasmalai while coming back from office as he thought of having a party with his delhi daughter, they have a tight hug session and Suvi helps him out for cooking

Alisha in her room thinks everything has to be perfect, she checks out a dress on herself on the mirror and thinks everything does suit her but she wonders if Yuvi will like it and wonders what will be his favorite color, she thinks that she has to make it look special for him
Alisha thinks about Yuvi complimenting her always and tells herself she doesn’t need to worry as Yuvi already likes her so much, all she needs to prepare for is to how to tell about her feelings as she never did such things for any guy

Mannu Rathi are busy playing while Yuvi searches the whole room for something, they ask him what is he searching for and he tells them he cant find his phone, Rathi says his phone is with him and starts laughing, Yuvi tells him he shud have asked and taken and asks him to give his phone back

Mannu asks why does he need it, Yuvi tells him to talk to topper, Mannu says they knew it he wouldn’t survive without talking to her that’s why they took his phone
Yuvi gets angry and screams at them he has been ignoring her from so long and they are not even letting him talk to her, Rathi says ok and give him the phone back and says you do whatever you want to and they also wont tell him what happened after he left

Yuvi goes back to them and asks what happened, they act they wont tell but Yuvi starts hitting them and tells them to say it, Mannu Rathi agree and they tell him after he left they talked to Suvi, Yuvi says angrily whats a big deal in that and hits them againg that they are not letting him talk to her and they themselves are talking to her so much
Rathi tells him they were just doing it to know how she was feeling, Yuvi asks what was she feeling, Mannu says she was jealous, they tell him that she was very jealous that he complimented Alisha’s bag and that he left with Alisha ignoring her

Yuvi doesn’t believe them but they try to convince him that the plan is working, Suvi is getting jealous and then it will be perfect to give her the ‘awww’ wala surprise
They tells him if he still doesn’t want to believe them then he can go ahead and call, Yuvi tells them fine he will not call but warns them if this plan messes anything then they are gone, they don’t understand how difficult it is for him not to talk to her and he hates it

Yuvi leaves and Mannu Rathi excitedly exclaims now they real fun will begin in Alisha’s birthday party
Pappa G. and Suvi are having their dinner, Pappa G. tells her this daal is the best way to make her mom happy if she is ever angry, he then tells her sometimes he misses her a lot
Suvi thinks her dad is in good mood and it’s a good chance to take permission for the party, but then thinks what if his mood becomes bad and thinks of not saying anything
Pappa G. asks her what she wants, Suvi looks at him surprised and he tells her she thought he wouldn’t know, from so long she has been talking in her mind he can sense it, Suvi tells him its Alisha’s birthday party and she has already told her that Pappa wont agree so she cant come

Pappa G. asks about the party venue and Suvi tells him she doesn’t know but its near college and they decided to come back early at night, Pappa G. tells her if it does become late and there is no one to drop her so she should call him, he will come to pick her up
Suvi asks surprised she can go, Pappa G. says obviously and Suvi hugs him in excitement, he explains her he has no problem with her going to the party, he just wants to know who is she hanging around with and where she is going, if she tells him where she will go and all then he doesn’t have any objection, he tells her he trusts her and to go to the party and enjoy herself
Next morning Alsiha tells Suvi Annie and Zorro she just loves the venue, she tells them she didn’t know Yuvi could so easily crack the deal, Yuvi looks at her jealous and thinks is Alisha as special as her to Yuvi coz he used to do such things for her only

Alisha tells them she was thinking of calling RC to the party, Annie blasts off is she planning to get them a lecture in desert, Alisha tells her the party is also as a celebration to their victory and without him the victory wouldn’t have been possible, she asks for Suvi’s opinion and she agrees that RC should be invited
Zorro asks but will he come since his behavior from past few days have been weird, Alisha says she will go and ask sir and leaves, Zorro says he is soo excited for the party and both he and Suvi excitedly talk about the party and think what if its a masquerade party it will be more fun, Annie tells them off why are they excited for her party and why do they think she will let them do whatever they want to do, Suvi and Zorro together tell Annie ‘not again’ and get back to their discussion

In the canteen all decide the masks for each other to wear in the party and start arguing, Zorro tells them to stop, Alisha comes to them and informs them RC is not coming, Annie says she knew it as RC is angry with them, Alisha says no that’s not the reason there might be some other problem, Suvi thinks what is the matter that RC sir is not discussing with anyone or even her
Zorro asks Alisha if its ok to make her party a masquerade party and pleads, Alisha says ok and they all become happy, Yuvi comes and Suvi tells him that Alisha’s party will be a masquerade party, Yuvi just smiles and Suvi asks if he didn’t like the idea, he says no, Alisha asks him if there is a problem, he apologizes to Alisha saying they cant get that venue now

Precap: Alisha asks Suvi how does she find Yuvi, Suvi says he is awsum and her very good friend and leaves from there, Suvi cries in a room that she lied to Alisha but how can she lie to herself, why cant she understand that nothing can happen between her and Yuvraj

Update Credit to: sweetshine

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