Suvreen Guggal 5th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 5th February 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 5th February 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts in college. Rehan says that Suvreen is disturbing every class. Suvreen says I’m sorry. Zorro thinks why RC behaving like that to Suvreen.

In the next scene Naro, Rathi and Mannu are talking to going to cinema. Yuvraj says that they have to wait for the others. Mannu says for other? or for Suvreen? Yuvraj gets angry. Rathi says that they named Suvreen and she comes. Yuvraj smiles at Suvreen. Zorro ask Suvreen why Rehan is behaving like that to her. Yuvraj says that they planned to go outsid. He says that it is very long ago that they are not driving. Suvreen imagining the kiss. She says that she can not come coz her dad is waiting for her at home. She goes.

In the next scene Suvreen and her dad are at home and having dinner. He asks Suvreen how is Yuvraj.

She answeres he is fine.

In the other hand Yuvraj says to Rathi and Mannu that he has thought to confess his love to Suvreen on Valentines Day. Rathi and Mannu are very happy.

In the next scene Rehan asks himself why he can not move on.

And then Alisha thinks of Yuvraj in her room. She says that she has to confess her love to Yuvraj.

The next scene is in the class. Rehan asks to class is that you assignmant? Everybody says yes. He answeres it’s bullshit. Then after a while he says finally someone did a different assignment. But he says that it’s not better. And then RC looks who did the assignment and sees it’s Suvreen.

In the next scene Mannu plays the guitar and sings a song. Yuvraj gets angry. Mannu asks Yuvraj what do you want to do in the valentines day. Rathi gives him ideas.

In the next scene is in the class again. RC says that Suvreen’s idea is good. He says that he is disappionted and says that he will cancel the assignment. Everyone get shocked. RC leaves the class.

And then Rathi and Mannu are giving ideas again.

In the next scene RC thinks that he can say it slowly to the class but he can’t control his anger. He asks himself what’s wrong with you? And then Suvreen comes and asks is everything ok? He says yes.
He says that he has to go. And then Zorro and Annie come. Annie asks did he said what he wants to see in the assignment?. She says that she can not asked him.

PRECAP: Yuvraj says nice bag Alisha. Suvreen gets confused and jealous. She asks herself when did he started liking bags? Yuvraj asks to Alisha: Why you didn’t say that today is your birthday? And he says that he will do anything what she wants coz today is her birthday. Alisha says let’s go..
They both are leaving Suvreen alone.

Update Credit to: nazomel

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