Suvreen Guggal 4th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Suvreen Guggal 4th October 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 4th October 2013 Written Update

Episode begins with soni n suvreen being shown..soni cnt bliv that yuvreen broke up..suvreen has tears in her eyes n her shaking voice tels she cnt bliv that yuvi wants to break up with her she says he refuses to understand her..soni says that boys r different so yuvi reacted in anger..n soni coaxes suvreen to resign 4m suvreen refuses to c logic in soni..she says her mentor iris means lot to her..she owes her dreams n career to him n so she just cnt quit iris n leave rc wen he needs her presence..suvreen complains that yuvraj is simply refusing to understand her n y is he alwaz nagging her to quit iris?

then iris is shown..rohan vikram geeti r already present..alisha walks in..she greets every1 bt no1 responds bak..then rc cums up to alisha who already sits herself in

her desk..which hd a pc..rc asks alisha to type wat he dictates..alisha is surprised..she says bt preity is better in this typing job..rc says ya dnt wory i wd b slow so that u can follow so just alisha starts typing..rc dictates alisha to type that sir i hv bin disloyal to iris so accept my resignation..alisha is all shaken up n red with shame..her fingers fumble she halts bt rc forces her to continue..alisha finaly types it full..rc asks rohan to gt d printout..alisha hangs her head dwn n slowly leaves iris with no1 feeling any pity 4 her..instead rc says nw iris gt rid of al negative energys..n rohan vikram n geeti agrees heartily..alisha bumps into suvreen who is re-entering iris with d cartoon full of her things..suvreen asks alisha wats d matter..alisha replies sadly that rc hs fired her tho she is nt at any “fault”..n she goes away in her car..while suvi shakes her head at alisha no guilt attitude..alisha calls up manani informing her that she lost her job as rc found her truth..manani says that does she know hw rc cam to know abt al these..alisha expreses she is clueles..manani gts angry at alisha n cals her dumb..she tels her suvreen guggal frnd might hv told rc..alisha asks wat wd she do nw?manani taunts her..she says can she atleast drive herself to mananis office to meet sum1?alisha reach mananis office..manani introduces her to an investor who finances iris..n manani says he wd help him in her plans to which alisha is shown beaming

back at iris..suvi gts a surprise greeting 4m rohan geeti vikram..they try to cheer her up n make her spl..they dance to tu hain to i will be alright song..suvi honour of her she day dreams of yuvraj’s presence n we hv a 1 minute blink n miss yuvreen scenes

rc cums to greet back suvi in iris..suvi asks wats d nxt project they wd b wrking on..rc says thank god he is d boss nt suvi else she wd hv wrkd 24hrs..he says suvi just joined bak so they sd chill..ira stares as usual nt approving any rc declares that every1 must attend d party thrown by him in d evening..

suvi is shown dressing up 4 d her parents cum n stops her..suvi says bt she hd already cald n informed them abt d party so y cnt she go nw?puppa g says bcoz manani hd said thr wd b sum truble at d party n as she cares 4 suvi so she warned d guggal seniors to keep her out n safe 4m it..suvi says she must go to warn othes..puppa g refuses..he says iris is nt her concern..let iris tackle its own share of problems..suvis only concern sd b her own safety n career n family..suvi says iris is her she wd go..

nw d party is shown..every1 including vikram geeti rohan ira rc r shown njoying..rc asks ira 4 a dance..tels her love u n slips an engagement ring n every1 applauds..

Precap:Suvi rushes in at d party at d very last she sees that d man who financed iris declaring manani as d new financiar as he sold his 51% share to manani nw bcums d owner of iris due to her 51% aghast rc refuses to wrk under manani n storms out..

Update Credit to: JustMySelf

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