Suvreen Guggal 3rd October 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 3rd October 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 3rd October 2013 Written Update

Ira says she doesn’t care whether Suvreen is mole or not but she can’t work in Iris.Rc persists and says she helped in finding the real culprit that is Alisha yet u are saying this.Then ira thinks how much I want him to be away from suvreen and yet she comes back.Rc says what she says I don’t care.Rc tells her suvreen is staying in iris and does anybody has anything to say.
At that time Yuvraj says I want to say I quit Iris.Rc asks why.He says he doesn’t want to work here.neither he wants to do anything with them.All realize he is drunk.he says there are bigger company tha iris.To which Ira says he has signed a contract with them for 3yrs he cannot break them,Yuvraj says I am breaking the commitment.Hearing this Suvreen comes near him and says this wrong.He tells her even

now instead of supporting me u are their side.Its always about Iris.that time rc tries to interfere,Yuvraj says its the matter between them u don’t come in between,He continues I am leaving Iris,next I am joining iris,this is what u do Suvreen ,U have this problem that problem but no time for me.He says whether its right or wrong decision I am responsible for it.I want to do something on my own.I am never your priority.He looks at rc and says I know what is your priority and leaves.Suvreen is crying and everybody consoles her.
At Suvreen place her father is wondering why there is delay in getting money from her office.At that time bell rings ,and her father opens the door.

At iris ira says like Suvreen even her bf is crazy.Rc says just didn’t like the way he spoke to suvreen,how sick it was.Ira says its their personal matter why are u taking interest.To which Rc says what are u implying.She says do u have feelings for her.Rc says no its just that she is correct .Ira says in few days we will get engaged and u know I don’t want her between us and then why are u bringing her back.She asks do u love me.Rc says yes I love u and they hug.
Suvreen enters the house and is surprised to find manini having tea with her parents.Her father she ready to forgive u just say sorry.Suvreen is hesitant but says sorry.Manini tells her I am giving u an offer to join my offive with double the salary than Iris,with travel allowance plus rent also.Suvreen rejects and says she is not leaving iris.
Manini says I am keeping the letter the offer is open u can consider it when u change your mind.
At dinner table mamma and papa tells her manini is a good lady and why are u not excepting her offer.She tells she is not good lady she is manipulative.They disagree they say she could have gone to the police but she forgave u,and u can’t stay in one company for your entire life just because rc saved us from police.We will repay his money.Suvreen thinks that rc is like my parents I respect how can I e xplain it to them.

Precap;Alisha calls manini and sayseverybody knows the truth.manini tells her to come to office.There she introduces her to Mr khanna who happens to be financier of Iris.At home Suvreen ready to go to Iris party but her father says don’t attend it as manini has called and said there will be some problem there…

Update Credit to: Sujairohit

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