Suvreen Guggal 3rd May 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 3rd May 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 3rd May 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Soni. A man says: Hi Soni. She says: Where did you get my name? He says: That they said that she came. The man is her Boss. She shows a book with lots of pics of her. While he is looking to the pics he says the same thing what Maddy said yesterday. She laughs He says that she is looking really beautiful in the pictures. He says sorry coz he couldn’t come yesterday. He says first impressings are the most important thing for actors. You are talented.! And then he goes.

In the office. Pritty comes to the office.. she is talking to herself like she is irritating. She dropping something. And then a boy comes to the office. She sees him and falls in love Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge song is playing in the backround.. 2 or 3 minutes is the song playing and she is dreaming..

(how cute ‘ now I got it that pritty is very beautiful) He comes and she wakes up.. *day dreaming* loll.. He says that he has to meet Ira. She got scared and runs.

Suvreen is designing something. She is really irritating. She has to design something’ (dunno what) She stands up and goes.. and then Pritty comes and tells her about the man. She said that she found her prince of her dreams. And then Ira comes with that guy. She says this is the new intern. Rohan. He will join you guys. Pritty says to Suvi that she is already in love. Suvi looks at her and smiles. Ira says: Tomorrow is a very important day, so they have to come at the time. Coz tomorrow will come Samar. (OMG.. it’s maddy’. I think) and then she goes..

In Delhi. Mumma and Puppa Guggal are packing up mumma guggal’s things.. coz she will go to Mumbai to surprise Suvi. Puppa says that she has to go in the morning.. she can’t go alone at the night. Mumma says that suvi is her daughter and she can go to her when she will. He says that she has to call him when she arrives in Mumbai. And then he imagines Suvi. How she loved him.

Back to Suvi. She wants to sleep but she can’t coz Maddy is doing party again. She calls the police station and then she goes to Maddy and says that he should close the music. He says that it’s a party so he can’t.. and then he turns around. Suvi goes to the music recorder and closes the music. Maddy turns around and get angry. While he is walking to Suvi police comes and takes everybuddy out of the house. A police comes to Suvi and says that she has to go with them too. Suvi gets shocked.. Soni sees them taking Suvi out. She goes to police and says that she wants to meet her friend. He doesn’t let her. Suvis mum arrives at Mumbai and sees Police taking some people on the car. She says that all the girls were going to school or anywhere in delhi but in Mumbai all the girls are going to parties. Suvreen sees her and screams Mumma. And then she turns around and gets shocked .. But mumma didn’t hear her. She calls Soni and says that her mumma came to Mumbai. Mumma goes to Suvis house.. Soni opens the door. Soni says come in you are suvis mumma.. And then mumma asks: How did you get that I’m suvis mumma?? Soni says that she told her everything about her mum that’s why she knew it. Soni says that suvi is in the office now. Mum calls Puppa and says that she is arrived in Mumbai but suvi is not there, she is waiting for her. And then they hang up. Puppa gets tensed. Suvreen is in tension.. Maddy is talking to the police behind suvi.

PRECAP: Mumma calls puppa and says that Suvi is not there. Mumma says to Soni that she has to call her. She calls her. Puppa is in tension.! Suvis phone is ringing. She is in tension too.

Update Credit to: nazomel

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