Suvreen Guggal 3rd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 3rd July 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 3rd July 2013 Written Update

Suvi thinks to herself that Alisha made Yuvi get a job here so definitely there must be some ploy, while Yuvi on the other hand thinks to himself that Maddy who has earned such a big name is willing to work in this small place, definitely there must be something wrong
YuvReen get into conversation, Maddy comes and clears his throat, Yuvi turns to him giving a hard look, Maddy tells them that people say one does not need words when in love just like him and he looks at Suvi and greets her ‘hello neighbour’, Suvi smiles back, Maddy says they might be neighbors here too

Suvi replies back that as long as she doesn’t have to assist him she doesn’t care where he is or whose neighbor he will be, Yuvi smiles impressed with Suvi, Maddy says but she has to agree that when he arrives

the bubbles in the soda appear, lights become brighter and smiles become wider, Yuvi comes and stands in front of Maddy face to face
Yuvi tells him people say those who talk about themselves so much often talk alone and he thinks they are right, Maddy gives him a look, Yuvi turns to his side as Suvi shakes her head tensed, Maddy smiles at Suvi who smiles back at him

Preeti is busy searching for a top to wear, she then thinks about Suvi’s words about not lying and sits in despair saying to herself Guggal was right she shouldn’t have lied as now she has lied so much that she is being crushed under its weight, she goes back to her top search and is confused what to wear

Finally Preeti is ready and she is out looking for the auto, she thinks she took so much time in getting ready now she doesn’t know what to say why didn’t she bring Raj and thinks of excuses, she finally sees a taxi coming and stops it and gets into it only to find Trisha getting on at the same time, they keep apologizing to each other, the driver tells the two to decide who will be going
Yuvi in the taxi with Suvi tells her that then her boyfriend will become the top model and then she might even have to take appointment, Suvi smiles, Yuvi says life will be set she will be a designer and he will be a model

Preeti mutters to Trisha she was in a hurry so she didn’t see her sitting and she will get off now, Trisha tells her she didn’t know someone stopped the taxi and she came from the wrong direction, Preeti says she must be in a hurry then, so she will get off the taxi, Trisha tells her to wait and asks her where does she need to go, Preeti says fortune hotel, Trisha says then its no problem as she is also going the same way and since she’s new to Mumbai she will go along with her, Preeti says ok happily(bechari Preeti has no idea what problem is she getting in)
Suvi is in deep thoughts looking outside, Yuvi asks her what is she thinking about, Suvi replies about him, Yuvi looks at her eagerly and exclaims really, he asks her what was she thinking, Suvi asks him if he really wants to be a model, Yuvi asks does she think he cant be a model and be a loser whole life, Suvi tells him she didn’t mean it like that but Yuvi says she is talking like that
Suvi then calmly says she knows he did a brilliant job when he participated in the modeling project in college but asks him if he really wants modeling as his career seriously, Yuvi aghast tells her he thought she would be happy that now he is concentrating on his career but instead she is doubting him, Suvi tells him she isn’t

Yuvi tells her she wasn’t even there to talk to him, whatever he did he did on his own, he decided on his own and she should be happy about it, he then asks her what according to her is the best suitable work to do and also to say what he should wear and where should he go and whom should he talk to, Suvi looks outside not saying a word
Preeti and Trisha keep talking about Mumbai, Preeti tells her if she stays for few days more then she will fall in love with Mumbai, Trisha asks her where was she going to in a hurry and asks is it a special date, Preeti asks how did she know, Trisha says she is looking so pretty and she was tensed on being late that’s how she guessed it, Preeti says she didn’t want to be but still she became late, Trisha tells her she is really looking beautiful, Preeti thanks her happily

The taxi reaches Suvi’s place, Suvi tells Yuvi they will go to office together tomorrow, Yuvi nods and she leaves and looks at the taxi leaving tensed(Gosh every week new problem bechare YuvReen)
Preeti asksTrisha does she have boyfriend, she says yeah and sometimes it feels like as if they have been together from a long time like from past life types, Preeti exclaims ‘how romantic’, Trisha asks Preeti if she has someone in her life, Preeti says she does love someone who works in the same office with her(Oh shit ye tou bhuri tarha se phassi), Trisha tells her she is really lucky that she has the person whom she loves close to her as she hardly gets to meet her boyfriend

Preeti tells to herself atleast she could meet her boyfriend and her boyfriend loves her but she cant even tell him she loves him and can never say maybe, they reach their destination, Trisha asks for the fare to the driver but Preeti tells her since she is a guest she will only pay the fare, Trisha thanks her and says it was nice meeting her, Preeti says the same and both get off the car
Soni is busy with the bills when she gets a call from her casting director who informs her about a good project and says she has to be a background dancer for some award function, Soni gets annoyed and informs him she is an actress and asks him not to call next time if he has such good projects, she gets back to her bills but has lost count and shuts the book irritated
Preeti walks in a hurry and clashes with a guy, they look at each other and he calls her ‘quack quack’, Preeti tells him not to call her that, the guy says to her she looks like an item he couldn’t recognize her, Preeti tells him irritated yes she is the same Preeti whom he playedthe practical joke on and till today people must be laughing at her

They talk about Preeti helping him become Mr. Popular and he tells her he owes her so asks her to say what can he do for her, Preeti exclaims really, Farhan tells her yes as he doesn’t keep any debts except for credit cards, Preeti asks him what is he doing in the evening, Farhan says he feels she is going to tell him what he’s going to do, she tells him he has to act as Raj, Farhan says done and Preeti jumps excitedly and drags him into the hotel

Suvi comes back home and sits down putting her head on the table, Soni asks her to check the diary, Suvi replies diary has dates and till now she hasn’t gone on any dates, Soni asks her to check the hisaab she did, Suvi annoyed says no, Soni persuades her to check, they dicuss about the bills and Suvi says she has only some money left and her next cheque is not going to come before 15 days, Soni says even her add shoot payment wasn’t enough and next cheque will come next month, Suvi tells her she has to search for a free lance as soon as possible
Preeti goes to Rohan and asks her if his girlfriend didn’t come, Rohan says she likes to make him wait and is coming soon, he asks about Raj and she tells him he met his friend outside so he will be coming a bit, Rohan then points out Trisha’s arrival, Preeti looks at Trisha and gets shocked, she tries to hide herself as Rohan introduces her and she exclaims ‘she’s so lucky’(hahaha Preeti is so adorably cute)

Rohan asks if they know each other, Trisha says yeah as they met in the taxi and came together, Preeti wears her glasses and Rohan asks why is she wearing them, Preeti quickly says ‘style’, she then looks around to see Farhan coming and says finally he is here, and introduces Farhan to Rohan as Raj, Farhan tells Rohan Preeti said a lot about him and looks at Trisha and says Preeti didn’t say Rohan had a beautiful girlfriend, Preeti hits Farhan on his foot and they start seating themselves

Rohan whispers to Preeti that her Raj is quite handsome and charming, Preeti thanks him, Trisha tells Raj that it must be fun for him as they both work in the same office, Preeti realizes what she said in the taxi and gets tensed, Rohan confused says he doesn’t work in Iris and asks her who said to her, Trisha tells him he does as Preeti said so, everyone looks at Preeti who is super-tensed
Soni tells Suvi not to worry as once her ad is a hit all their money problems will be solved but Suvi seemed still gloomy, Sonia sks if there is something else bothering her, Suvi tells her Yuvi took a decision to be a model, Soni exclaims its great but asks whats the problem, Suvi tells her she didn’t support his decision so he is angry and didn’t even give a proper goodbye
Soni teases Suvi and then says that she should support his decision as he came all the way to Mumbai for her and says that she should do something for Yuvi, Suvi is in thoughts
Yuvi on the other hand at home is in angry mode thinking about what Alisha said about Suvi and what Suvi told him in the taxi, he says to himself he thinks Suvi doesn’t have trust over him being able to be anything or do anything but he will prove her wrong and show her he can become successful in anything, more successful than RC and Maddy

Precap: Alisha takes out the diary entry of RC and puts it in an envelope(Looks like even the video uploader didnt like the precap as it was this much only…sorry guys dont know what she said aage but i’m sure it must be something worth missing)

Update Credit to: sweetshine

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