Suvreen Guggal 31st October 2013 Written Episode Update


Suvreen Guggal 31st October 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 31st October 2013 Written Update

Alisha says excuse me Samar does not respond .He bends down avoiding Alisha she saks who stays here.He talks to her in different tone saying he doesn’t know and leaves.Alisha is still standing near the door.Suddenly Samar enters his house.Soni is about to come out when samar phones and tells them about Alisha.She closes the door.Alisha is surprised.She decides to wait till somebody come out.
Here manini says both of u will model together.Vc says yuvraj is a kid he will not be noticed.Yuvraj gets angry.Manini says that the reason I have selected him.He is young ,just look at his innocent eyes he looks perfect.Vc says he wants only samar whereas yuvraj says he will work only is samar does not shoot.But then manini convinces yuvraj and he agrees.
HERE alisha is waiting ,suvreen

calls somebody ,little later a policewoman comes along with watchman and takes her away.Manini helps alisha from police lockup and shouts at her about being suspicious about pepper.
Next day alisha is busy waiting fo pepper outside suvreen’s house.Suddenly her phone rings and manini asks her why is not in the office.She tells everyone has already reached like samar.yuvraj pepper and vc.Alisha is surprised and leaves.They show suvreen watching this from her window.She thinks I knew u will wait so I send soni early.Here her parents leave for the market and tells stay at home.She tells as it is naro is coming to meet me I will stay at home.
Alisha reaches the office,the meeting is almost over.Manini again shouts at her.She thinks she has prove that pepper is fraud.
Here naro comes to meet Suvreen,she tells her everything that happened between her and yuvraj.She says I can;t believe we broke up.Naro comforts her.Suvreen tells whatever happened atleast he should have come to see me or atleast msg since I am unwell.
At office alisha calls Suvreen’s father and tells manini wants to talk to u.Preity hears this and calls suvreen .Suvreen tries to call her father but he does n’t pick the phone.

Suvreen ‘ father enters office and bumps into soni.He is surprised,suddenly Alisha asks uncle do u know her.Soni indicates please don’t tell the truth.Then manini comes she is surprised to see suvreen’s father ,he tells alisha called.Alisha tells her he will tell the truth about pepper.Manini is again angry.

Precap–Suvreen tells alisha that pepper is actually her roommate soni.and she is real pepper.Do whatever u want I will take iris back from manini.

Update Credit to: Sujairohit

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