Suvreen Guggal 30th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Suvreen Guggal 30th October 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 30th October 2013 Written Update

As soon as Soni is about to tell the truth a guy enters ans says Hi.Everybody looks at him.Yuvraj enters office and says hi to prety she doesn’t respond.He again tries to speak she ignores.Then he greets other interns none respond and give him angry look.Yuvraj says you all are my friends also and its not only my mistake alone.To which rohan says its only your mistake you know Suvreen was unconscious .He feels bad about to go then Prety tells no need to see her.Her parents and we her friends are there to help her.Yuvraj feels bad and leaves.
Here the guy says I am Mo and manini says u came early ,he says he doesnot want to be late.He happens to the guy fron sweet 16 brand.
Here suvreen gets ready to go to office,but her father diapproves.She says even though she is not

feeling that well she will be stressed thinking about office work.Her father’s says if something happens to u what will we do.So she decides to stay at home.
Here the man likes the design of pepper and says he will do the deal with manini.Manini and alisha are surprised.Alisha suspects pepper seeing her behavior.
She come down to give the news to all other intrns and also calls Suvreen.Here Alisha tells manini she doubts pepper but manini ignores.
Alisha notices change in pepper behavior and thinks of following her.Here suvreen keeps the phone and samar enters with fruit basket and says so u are talking.She says usually u always come take something but today u brought something.He jokes with her and suvreen start laughing and then tears roll down her cheeks.Samar comforts her and she says everything is gone wrong.He says don’t make any foolish mistake.

Alisha sees soni entering yuvraj is trying to contacting suvreen but she doesnot picks the phone.So he decides to call from pco.Suvreen;s mom picks the phone he doesn’t answer.She tells Yuvraj ,he says Yes.Her mother says she still unwell and not able to speak much.U call after 3 days and keeps the phone.

Next there is a big blooper they soni feeding Suvreen like a child.Suvreen ssays she can take care of herself.

Here manini and yuvraj are waiting for somebody at the cafe.She tells I want u to meet somebody.Soon vc comes she introduces him to yuvraj,Seeing him yuvrraj gets angry.He thinks so he is the man for whom suvreen took such a big risk how i wish I break his nose.But he controls.manini tells them that both will model together for the new brand.Yuvraj is surprised.

Here alisha sees soni enter samar’s flat.and then she come out as real soni and goes inside suvreen house.Seeing this alisha is confused and samar watches all this from behind.Alisha decides to ring the bell of suvreen ;s f;lat and samar wants to warn suvreen but he has forgotten his phone in flat.He hides his face and tries to open the door of his flat and when alisha hears the sound and turns and asks excuse me.

precap –alisha calls suvreen’s father and tells manini wants to speak to her.Preety warns suvreen about this.Here alisha asks suvreen’s father whether he knows pepper.and soni is standing in front of him who is indicating him not to reveal the truth.

Update Credit to: Sujairohit

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