Suvreen Guggal 30th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 30th July 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 30th July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts off with Suvreen seeing Papa Guggal out of jail… Mama Guggal tells her RC bailed Papa Guggal out and paid the fees… Papa Guggal thanks RC for taking him out of jail… RC tells Papa Guggal there is no need of thanks not to embrass him.
Vikram tells Jolly he needs to speak to him.. Jolly says about what gossip… Vikram says no sir one of the interns are copying designs from the internet… Jolly is angry he says I will punish this cheater… Vikram says to him not to say his name.. Jolly says he won’t.

RC is in Suvreen house… Mama Guggal and Papa Guggal both thank him… RC leaves… its raining outside both RC and Suvi are outside… Soni tells Yuvraj Suvi hasn’t called her it’s been all day.. Yuvraj says she hasn’t called him as well he says

she must be busy with work… Soni says to herself I hope Suvreen isn’t upset because of RC.

Back to RC and Suvreen.. RC says he has come here before there is big tree here… he then says when he was little his uncle use to live here.. They find the tree… RC tells Suvi story about the tree how a witch lives there he then says when he was younger he never went past that tree. Suvreen says when we were kids we use to believe everything anyone says Suvreen then says lets go past the tree… RC says no he needs to go he needs to find a cab.. Suvreen says you came here after ages its destiny you need to go past it…RC says it’s not destiny it’s a co-incidence.. Suvreen says lets go Sir please… RC says no he needs to get cab.. Suvreen goes past the tree RC tells her to come back and not to look up… Song from lootera is playing in the background… Suvreen says the rain is really nice from the tree and tells RC not to be scared of the witch and come… RC comes slowly he is scared…Suvreen says see there is no witch your uncle use to tell you this story because he wanted you to come home early.. Both RC and Suvi walk past the tree… RC says you are right there is nothing here… Both RC and Suvi laugh… Suvi says Sir I never knew you would be scared of something… RC says why I’m not human he goes everyone is scared of something.

Back to Yuvraj and Soni… the doorbell rings Samar has come… Yuvi says what joke is this? Soni says what joke is this Maddy Baba you came to meet me or get ice.. Saamr says he can multi task he takes out an apple and eat it… he says now tell me what is it? Soni says you both tried to teach Khurana a lesson both of you failed you couldn’t do it alone.. so now you both have to make an team against Khurana.. Samar says hell no.. Yuvraj says no never… Soni says i knew you guys would say this that’s why I said it an surprise… you guys don’t even like standing in one room together.. Yuvraj and Samar both say at the same time kyunki hum ghadhe hai.

Yuvraj says who are calling ghadha… Samar say I called you it and you also called me it.. Yuvraj says because you are one… Samar says I was being polite there is a girl here or else I would of told you what you are.. Yuvraj says now your showing your true colours.. Soni says enough guys she says I agree with you both you are ghadhe that to big ones… she says you guys are not understanding the problem isn’t about you it’s about me and Suvreen… she then says if Suvreen was here I would never ask both of you ghadehs help. Yuvraj says Soni I’m helping… Soni says you can’t help alone nor can Samar… she says the the problem isn’t you guys don’t want to help the problem is you guys are not understanding because you are.. both Yuvraj and Samar say Ghadeh… Soni says no because you both are boys… Yuvraj says you’re saying it like it’s a swear to be a boy…Samar says he is always sensitive for girls.. Yuvraj says Samar has tissues in his pockets to woo girls… he then says Soni I understand the whole problem Topper is my girlfriend so obviously I understand.. Samar says you sit with girls so you’re a girl.. Yuvraj says you’re a girl… Samar says Model 2 minutes listen quietly what Soni is trying to say is that we aren’t in the same situation so we can’t understand she isn’t saying we can’t understand girls… Soni says exactly she then says single girls problem only you both can understand.

Back to RC and Suvi… RC says you want to say something Suvreen… Suvi says actually Sir I don’t understand how to say you’re my teacher, mentor, infact you’re a superhero for me… when I found out you like me I got awkward I still am… RC says have I ever tried to make you feel uncomfortable or impose my feelings on you… Suvi says I read what you wrote.. RC says everything was in the past there is nothing now RC then says Suvreen you are perfect everyone would want to make you a part of their life… RC says he is no superhero I’m normal person… he says I fell for you it’s very easy to love you he says everything has changed now all his feelings circumstances everything has changed… Suvreen says Sir I want to ask you something please answers honestly… RC says I can’t be any more honest then tell me… Suvreen says Sir I am a good designer are you biased towards me? RC says no he isn’t biased towards anyone work is worship for him he won’t ever compromise with it.. he says you have potential and stupidity don’t doubt your talent… he then says Madhura liked your designs and who impressed Manani Suvreen Guggal did. RC then says Suvreen you are adult you have to give equal importance to everything… we can’t always live in the past life is very long… Suvi says Thank you sir for making me understand otherwise god knows what I would think… RC says it’s his job to make her understand not because he is her teacher because he is her friend… Suvi says Thank you sir you solved my both problems… RC says you are a part of my family you don’t need to thank me… Suvi then asks RC how did he know Papa Guggal was in jail.. RC says he asked neighbours they told him then he went… Suvi says can she take another day off to spend time with her family.. RC says yh of course she can he then says she needs to stop calling him Sir… Suvi says Ok Sir both laugh.

Now they show Suvreen point of you she says whenever she comes to Delhi her problem multiply but also the solutions of rains come… she says I never knew my Papa could be so helpless and RC Sir scared of thewitch I thought they can never mistakes or be scared I though they will look after me not me looking after them… she then says they are humans not superhumans with magic powers… they have their own insecurities and fears which they try and overcome that what makes them superhuman and special.. She then says they awesome people.

Precap- Samar and Yuvi both dressed as girls go to ask Khurana for a flat and Khurana says to them not to worry they will get flat once Soni and Guggleen leave.. Yuvraj gets angry and says abey Suvreen… Papa Guggal , Mama Guggal and Suvi spend time together Papa Guggal says I didn’t support you because I thought you will get spoilt in the fashion industry

Update Credit to: Anam_Ali

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