Suvreen Guggal 30th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Suvreen Guggal 30th January 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 30th January 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with Suvi telling her dad he is not weak he is very strong, his morals teachings and principles has been always strong and that is why today she is strong becoz of him, she tells him he is their super hero he has always given them hopes and confidence

Pappa G. sighs and sits telling her he is no super dad, Suvi explains him that she knows he is scared for them and even they are but they cant move back becoz of the fear, if they themselves don’t fight no one will fight for them, she explains him that night Yuvi fought alone and if he wouldn’t have what would have happened of Baby, she tells him Yuvi fought alone with all those people and they also have to fight alone, but she cant fight without her dad

She pleads her dad to help her, Mamma G. tells Pappa that Suvi is right, she understands that as parents they don’t want their daughters to fall into all of this mess but as a woman she cannot bear to watch those goons escape even after being caught by the police

Baby is pist that Mamma also agrees with Suvi, Pappa G. tells them their anger is right but he cannot allow them to do something which will affect their tomorrow much worse
The goons relative comes with the lawyer in the police station to get them all free

Suvi tells her dad and baby that if they don’t do anything today then they will regret for the rest of their lives that they never had the courage to do anything
RC in the classroom is worried thinking about Suvi, he thinks about how she leaves the classroom, he tells himself whatever she is doing is right and its all disturbing her a lot but reacting like this is not right either

Pappa G. takes Baby out and Suvi also follows and Mamma tells her to take care, Suvi calls RC and apologises for behaving like that in class, she asks him for a favor to come at the police station right now, RC asks why but she tells him she will let him know once he is there and keeps the phone in hurry before RC could say anything

RC thinks what trouble did she make now and is about to leave when he meets Annie Naro and Zorro and tells them Suvi called him to the police station immediately and asks if they know anything about it, Annie wonders and asks if Suvi also got a threat note, RC gets worried and all run out

Mannu comes to Yuvi and Rathi informing them that Naro told him about Suvi going to police station, Yuvi asks for what, Mannu says even Naro doesn’t know they just came to know from RC she is heading to the police station

Yuvi gets pist and makes a call, in the police station Inspector tells the lawyer all the formalities are done they just need to sign the papers, Suvi comes and tells them stop and enters with her dad and Baby, Suvi informs them that they needed a witness and here she is, she tells the inspector Baby was there that night and she will tell the whole story what happened
The guy gets angry at the inspector and tells him how could he let this happen and tells him the formalities are almost done and whatever this girl says its not going to affect and tells him to throw the girl out

Pappa G. gets angry and tells the man that its not his house but a police station, he then tells the inspector to write the statement as his daughter will tell what happened, Inspector agrees and the other guy gets angry at him and warns the inspector to think and do whatever he does

RC comes in telling the guy he likes to threaten a lot, lawyer and Annie Naro and Zorro also enter with RC
The guy asks RC who is he and RC tells him that’s not important and tells him that he ahs got his lawyer also and if he interferes in btw then it will not take two minutes for him to report against him, RC tells the lawyer to start the formalities

Inspector tells Suvi and Baby to come with him, the inspector takes her into the cell and shows the guys to recognize which ones were there that night, Baby is frightened but Suvi gives her confidence and supports her to just tell the truth, she doesn’t recognize the first guy and then moves to the second guy whom she remembers from that night and nods at the inspector, Inspector pushes him behind, he asks about 3rd guy and she doesn’t recognize him, she recognizes the 4th guy and inspector pushes him back

Baby sees the next guy who actually hit Yuvi with the knife and starts crying, Inspector tells her not to be scared and asks if he was there, Baby nods and Inspector pushes him behind
Inspector asks about the last guy and Baby starts crying, the Inspector tells the other policeman to tie these guys up and shows Suvi and baby out of the cell
Pappa G. consoles Baby not to cry as what she did was bravery and she doesn’t need to worry as all of them are with her
Inspector asks her for her statement and Baby tells him everything that happened that night in detail

Inspector tells the other guy and his lawyer that they have got a witness and she ahs also recognized the guys that night so their bail order wont work, the man watches Suvi and RC in anger and leaves from there
Mannu Rathi enter holding Yuvi, Suvi sees Yuvi and runs to him, she tells him Baby gave her statement and the goons aren’t getting bailed they will be in jail, Yuvi is happy to hear the news and tells Suvi she can do anything

Suvi hugs him and everyone is super happy seeing the two, Annie then suddenly looks towards Suvi’s dad who was facing the other way, as soon as Pappa G. and Rc’s head turns all of them rush to YuvReen and have a group hug, Pappa G. smiles watching them
Pappa G. thanks RC for coming on time with his lawyer otherwise this all wouldn’t have been possible, YuvReen comes back to reality and everyone breaks apart, RC tells Pappa he didn’t do anything all was done by his two strong daughters

Yuvi greets Pappa G. who asks him about his health, Pappa G. then tells him he doesn’t know how to thank him for what he did, he tells him he is elder to him but now whenever he comes in front of him he will come bowing down his head, Yuvi tells him what is he saying he did whatever he felt was right and tells him he is elder to them and will always be the eldest one, Pappa G. is impressed
Pappa and RC tells Suvi they are very proud of her and she tells them she didn’t do much and tells RC it was possible as he was there with her in every step, Yuvi tells himself he forgot that with Suvi’s problems it wasn’t him standing beside her, now she has someone else
Baby asks her dad to lets leave, they all start leaving and Suvi tells Baby she is proud of what she did today and hugs her saying I love you but Baby pushes her away saying she did whatever she wanted so she doesn’t need to this all drama as she doesn’t care about her own feelings

Baby tells her if something happens to her she wont forgive Suvi, Suvi is shocked and Baby tells her she thinks she won this but its not as easy as it seems and leaves from there leaving Suvi shocked
The police takes all the goons out and while heading out the chote bhai warns Suvi he will come out especially for her

Precap: Suvi walks through a path way of rose petals in the college and meets RC holding out a boquet of roses, RC confesses his love to Suvi in the atrium, Yuvi watches with tears in his eyes

Update Credit to: sweetshine

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