Suvreen Guggal 2nd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Suvreen Guggal 2nd October 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 2nd October 2013 Written Update

Ira accuses Suvreen of being a mole.shouts at her and asks her to get out of the ofice.Suvreen tells RCshe not the one who cheated them.Yet ira continues her accusation and tells her what manini said.Flashback they shown manini phone rc and tells them that Suvreen cheated them sothat she could prove her innonence by double crossing her and giving back the contract to them.Hearing this rc is shocked.Now present suvreen is surprised by this and leaves.As she going all interns ask what happened she ignores,then alisha who is talking on the phone smiling cuts the phone and tells her I know u are innocent.
As suvreen is leaving she recollects what ira said and then intern and after that she was surprised why alisha was smiling.Suvreen doubts her ,she sees her car and hides waiting for

alisha to come out.As soon as alisha comes she knowingly bumps on her and says sorry .No one is trusting me so I didn’t see u.Alisha says its okay and they sit in her car.Suvreen tells her manini phoned Rc and told that I cheated them .Do u think I can do that.Hearing this Alisha is surprised and says she believes her.Suvreen says now RC will counter sue Manini and asked her to be the witness.She is worried.Alisha says everything will be okay.suvreen leaves.Alisha messaged manini and they decide to meet.

Suvreen calls Yuvraj.Yuvraj is lying in the bed but he cuts the phone.Then rathi enters and aks why u have made such face.Yuvraj tells him Suvreen again joined iris.Rathi is surprised asks why.Yuvraj says I don’t know.He asks him why she is so hell bent on working with rc and which rathi says suvreen wants to be successful so shw works with successful people like Rc and ira.To which yuvraj says that means i am not successful.Rathi says he didn’t mean that.
They show manini and alisha talking and manini tells don;t worry my lawyer will take care of the matter and they sit in the car and go.All this is watched by suvreen and RC.

Rc opologises to suvreen says sorry on behalf of ira.suvreen says its okay.He says even I didn’t trust u.Suvreen says when your company which u build with your own sweat is being taken away then u don;t whom to trust,She understands.Rc asks her to join iris.Suvreen tells what about ira.He says he will manage.

At yuvraj house rathi is drinking,yuvraj tells give me also.Rathi says no.Yuvraj pours the alcohol and drinks.Rathi says why are u behaving like a gadha.To which he says I am theh one.I came for her to mumbai ,became a model for her.But she is very busy in Iris.To which rathi says she loves him.yuvraj says even i love her.But now beside her I will also be busy and my life will not centre around her.He leaving the house when Rathi asks where are u going ,he says to make it big on my own.

At iris rc enters with suvreen ira is angry asks him what is she doing here.he tells her she is not the mole.To which Ira says i don;t care whether she says a mole or not she will not work here.

Precap; Rc tells Ira suvreen will work here whether u like or not.Does anybody have to say anything.At that time Yuvraj enters and says he wants to say that he quits Iris.

Update Credit to: Sujairohit

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