Suvreen Guggal 2nd May 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 2nd May 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 2nd May 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with suvreen coming back disappointed, talking to herself wondering, “RC sir also dint like my designs …but why?., it’s for the common youth. Why can’t we design for them…I just don’t get it.” she goes into flashback recollecting what rc tells him abt his target market being different. Then she thinks it’s not imp that sir shall like all my ideas, and she also feels irritated tht she manage to upset ira ma’am again. Suvreen gets upset that why is she feeling so bad and she is disappointing everyone. Then she says she can’t do it anymore. She reaches for her phone and calls her mom. Without listening to the other side she starts talking. The phone was picked up by Pappa guggal, who silently hears suvreen cringing about how it’s very tough for her in Mumbai and

she can’t do it anymore. She says she is missing her family and she is abt to say she is missing her pa and she stops. Then she says she wants to hear her mothers voice. PG, with misty eyes, says suvreen, and SG is shocked to hear her father, and she disconnects the phone while crying.

Next scene shows suvis roommate goin on some set and she asks a man there tht she has come to meet Jatin..the man asks her to wait, while she is waiting she gets a text MSG from Jatin, asking her to MSG her address so tht he can meet her at her home. She texts her address.

Next scene: preeti hands over some magazines to geeti. Geeti thanks her, and says tht she was thinking of buying the MAgzine while going home. Preeti tells her there is no need as the magazines are subscribed by the company. Then they talk abt the braclet, while Alisha is laughing in the background. When geeti gets back to her bf, Alisha teases her tht she is leaving vikram and befriending preeti. Geeti says her funda is tht, if someone requires help she gives a a helping hand. On which all of them joke of giving preeti a make over or many cosmetic surgeries
Next scene: maddy gets back to his apartment and finds the note SG has stuck to his door, smiles and gets a poster of ice princess with markings of welcome neighbour on it. He is sticking it on suvis door when suvis room mate opens the door and mistakes maddy for Jatin.
Suvis parents are having dinner and mumma is lost in her thoughts. Pappa informs her tht he is going to mumbai for some work and if mamia wants she can join her too and meet suvi. Mamma gets excited and says she will call suvi, on whoch Pg says they will not stay with suvi, she left the home and if someone has to come back then its suvi and not him. Maddy also doesn’t correct her hand enjoys himself while she gives him auditionsjby portraying different actresses. Maddy asks if she gets an item number..? So she starts performing on kajrare kajrare song. Suvi gets back to her apartment and find a lot of kids staring at the poster. The kids ask suvi what does ice princess means and suvi says it means someone who is cold and doesn’t have emotions and doesn’t enjoy herself. The kids say that aunts you should enjoy yourself. Then suvi sees the poster and understands what the kids a re talking abt. She gets angry and says she is enjoying herself to which the kids say she really doesnt have emotions. Suvi enters the apartment, and is shocked to c maddy enjoying to the dance number. She marches in and stops the music.and argues with her roommate and tells her tht this is maddy and not Jatin sir

Next morning suvi is surprised tht her roommate have given her address to a stranger…and she needs to be careful. Her room mate leaves. Suvi sees that there is only 500 rupees left with her, she prays tht she better get her salary on time and the maid comes in, suvi asks why she is late. The maid says there was lot of work at maddy’s place, and also informs tht there is a party tonight. Suvi says whatever but don’t let maddy in and dont give him ice. The phone rings and it’s yuvraaj’s call. Suvi excitedly picks yup and hays hello. Yuvi’s asks is ur neighbour alright or he is drunk and troubling u ? Suvi says everyone is worried abt her neighbour. No hi hello, are you my bf or tht pp’s? Yuvi’s replys tht he is worried abt her… But if some Godzilla enters her life then he will obviously be worried. He asks again…to which suvi says she finds it irritating to talk abt pp, he is very selfcentered and he thinks he alone exists in the world …yuvi’s I turrets and says when u talk like this I feel u want to change tht person, I know u can and u already have done it earlier( referring to himself). But don’t do it now. U hav a new job, a home, u leave this guy for me, when I will come then I will take care of him. Suvi gets angry and asks yuvi did I ask u to come here?, did I ask u for help?, then y do u think I can’t do anything without ur protection. Yuvi says he dint say tht. Suvi says but u meant tht. And what do u mean by I will do thisu, I will do tht, and why are u getting hyper. Yuvraaj say take care suvi…suvi says u too. Then disconnect. Yuvraaj feels very bad. Suvi thinks I was a bit too harsh with yuvraaj, and says I miss u. Then she wonders should I call yuvraaj?.

Precap: suvi calls police satation, goes to maddy’s house and stops music. Police comes and stops the party.

Update Credit to: ShalMaZ

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