Suvreen Guggal 2nd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 2nd July 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 2nd July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts of Yuvraj telling Alisha she dropped her scarf… he tells Suvreen also has same scarf.. Alisha says the scarf is Suvreens she left it in RC car last night I just came to return it.. both Yuvraj and Ira are upset and shocked.
Yuvraj thanks Ira for giving him an opportunity to work in Iris… Ira tells Yuvraj that he should do his research on modelling so that he can make a firm decision; she also tells him from now on he will have to do a lot of hard work… Yuvraj is remembering Alisha the witch words she says these days Suvreen is hanging around with a lot of big people like RC Sir and Maddy. Yuvraj tells Ira he will do anything to become a successful model… Ira tells Yuvraj she will make his contract and welcomes him to Iris.
Yuvraj says to himself now Topper’s

boyfriend won’t be free all the time I will become the India top model, my name will be more than RC and Maddy.
Rohan is finding Preeti… Trisha is talking to Vikram and praising RC… Rohan thinks Preeti is hiding from him he rings her but no one answers… Rohan goes to talk to Trisha he tells her he wants her to meet someone but he can’t find her… Trisha tells him she will meet the person after…Rohan tells her he will drop her home and they leave.
Yuvraj is very happy he says I will tell topper first that I have taken the modelling career very seriously now I will be working in her office she will be so happy… Yuvraj was going towards Suvreen on the bumps into Maddy he isn’t very happy… Maddy says Loverboy.. people says love is very strong but I don’t think your love is solid… Yuvraj says my love is very strong you come outside then I will show how much strength my love has… Maddy says you run after your girlfriend all the time no wonder you made your body… Yuvraj says he is very proud to be a 1 woman man… Maddy says such a nice person like you should get respect.
Yuvraj says to himself he must off come to get his cheque he goes good he should get his cheque and then never show his face again. On the side Maddy says to himself Suvreen and Yuvraj both suit each other… Yuvaj comes to office everyday to see his girlfriend Loser.
Yuvraj can’t find Suvreen anywhere… Vikram shows his designs to Geeti says his designs are horrible nor they are modern or traditional… Vikram says its fusion of modern and traditional mixed… Geeti shows her designs to Rohan.
Yuvraj finally finds Suvreen he is just about to tell her that he got the job at Iris but her phone rings (dumb paalash phoned on wrong time) Suvreen says 2 minutes and answers the phone… Suvreen is talking to Palaash and RC comes Suvreen runs from there.
RC greets Yuvraj… Samar comes the RC and Samar start talking about some function and RC ignores Yuvraj. Yuvraj Says Samar took RC away from Suvreen now he should take himself away as well… he goes to find Suvreen.
Palash tells Suvreen Vivel has approved her designs she can collect her cheque in 2 hours… Suvreen is very happy she wants to tell Yuvraj… she bumps into Preeti she asks her why is she hiding… Preeti says she is hiding from Rohan and his perfect girlfriend I will not go on that double date no Raj… Suvreen says you go alone and say Raj is busy… Preeti says Trisha will find out that I’m bluffing.. in actual I’m in love with her boyfriend… Trisha will see in my eyes Rohan Rohan… Suvreen tells her to wear dark glasses then says they will think of something.. just the Rohan comes and tells Preeti he has been finding her everywhere… he tells her to meet in evening double date… Suvreen tells her to go alone whatever happen hey will see… Preeti says Trisha is so perfect pretty etc… Suvreen tells her whatever she is she isn’t pretty as Preeti there is no one cute as you… Preeti is very happy.
Yuvraj is looking for Suvreen… Alisha the witch comes there and asks him what happened at the meeting? Yuvraj says he got the job.. Alisha congratulates him and the witch hugs Yuvraj… she says to herself now you will see what your girlfriend is about she didn’t even leave RC Sir… Suvreen sees all this she isn’t very happy… Preeti comes and says Hi to Yuvraj he says Hi back and goes to Suvreen and tell her he was waiting for her for ages where was she… just then Ira comes there and calls Yuvraj.. Yuvraj leaves… Alisha the witch gives evil smirk to Suvreen … Suvreen give her angry look (she should slap her one)
Ira tells everyone that she has some special news about the talent management break… she says she has recruited Yuvraj… she also thanks Alisha the witch for this… everyone congratulates Yuvraj… Alisha says to herself Guggal is shocked she isn’t happy about Yuvraj’s success… she then says why would she be happy she has RC here…now both RC and Yuvraj will be here how will she manage.
Yuvraj tells Suvreen that he wanted to tell her about his job… he says now he won’t have to wait for her.. they will be together all the time… now no one can come between not even PP.
Just then RC announces that Samar has been recruited as the photographer consultant… RC welcomes Samar… Alisha the witch says the universe is with her to separate Yuvraj and Suvreen now the golden opportunity has become platinum… RC and Suvreen love story scandal got another audience can’t wait for the day all this comes out.
Yuvraj gives angry look to Samar.. Suvreen says to herself Alisha got Yuvraj the job here some problem will surely happen… Yuvraj says to himself this Maddy is very famous why did he get job in a small fashion house some problem will surely happen.
Yuvraj and Suvreen were talking Samar interrupts them it ends on Samar, Suvreen and Yuvraj face.

Precap- Yuvraj is very angry…Suvreen tells Soni that Yuvraj has made a decision to be a model and she didn’t support him… Yuvraj says Suvreen doesn’t think he can do anything but he will be more successful than RC and Maddy.

Update Credit to: Anam_ali

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