Suvreen Guggal 29th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Suvreen Guggal 29th October 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 29th October 2013 Written Update

Soni goes to meet Manani she is nervous she rings Geeti.. Geeti tells her to relax not to worry she is no less than Manani and to be strong… Soni says she will do her best… Manani and Alisha are talking in coffee shop.. Manani says she is happy she has foudn VC account now they will make a lot of profit through VC their brand will be more recongnised… Pepper comes to meet Manani… Manani tells Pepper she wants stake in forever 16 she wants to promote their designers also.. she asks Pepper to talk about designs.

Mama and Papa Guggal are taking care of Suvreen.. Mama Guggal says Suvi has 101 degree fever.. Papa Guggal says they have pressurised Suvreen so much… he says they shouldnt of pressurised Suvreen so much she would never ever come to Delhi or Mumbai he says life

was easy in Kathkodam.. Mama Guggal tells Papa Guggal not to worry.. Papa Guggal prays that Suvreen gets better.
Pepper is nervous Manani is asking about pitching designs Soni has no anwser… she is talking to Geeti through headset… Pepper tells Manani she always impresses her clients by her designs.. Manani says what colours and designs should they have… Pepper has no anwser.. Alisha says to her why is she so nervous… Pepper says she is not well… Manani says to her to go home and rest bring the pitch styff tomorrow.. Pepper leaves… Soni tells Geeti she cant do all this alone.. Geeti tells her they will come up with a solution Soni says you guys do the designs.. Geeti says we cant copy Suvreen designing style we will get caught badly.. Geeti tells Soni we will think about ideas you relax and go home.

Suvreen is lying down and ill… Soni says to Suvreen to get up..Suvreen tries to get up.. she is ill Soni tells her not to get up and tells her to relax and rest… Soni says just tell me what to do.

Soni goes to office alone… Preeti tells her she has some old sketches of Suvreen she will get them but they have to ask Suvreen about which one is best.. Geeti says she will ring Suvreen..Soni is talking to Suvreen.. Suvreen is unable to talk properly Mama Guggal doesn’t let her talk and gives her juice and disconnects the phone. Suvreen says what Gannuji we were about to win why did this all happen.

Rohan says they have selected the designs for her not to worry…Preeti greets Manani and Alisha happily… Manani asks Pepper for presentation…Manani asks about Suvreen Geeti says she is not well wont be in office for 3-4 days.. Manani says ok… Suvreen tries to get her phone when Mama Guggal is in kitchen… Suvreen rings Soni.. Manani says to Pepper what are these designs? Manani shouts at Pepper she says these designs are not for forever 16 they dont match the age group.. she says the client is coming in 15 minutes makes the sketches again…Pepper is annoyed…Suvreen is worried.

Pepper starts to drawer.. Alisha is looking at her suspiciously.. Manani tells Pepper designs are for young people so copy designs of other designers out of india quickly then ocne the designs are approved you can show your originality.. Soni is worried and so is Suvreen she says Pepper chopsi will happen she says she needs to go office Suvreen tries to get up.. Soni says I cant do this anymore this kamini will find out about Pepper and this drama will finish. Someone comes there.

Precap- Suvreen tells Papa Guggal you said dity always comes first… she needs to go office her friends need her.. Alisha tells Manani did you observe Pepper while she was sketching she was very nervous.

Update Credit to: Anam

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