Suvreen Guggal 29th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 29th May 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 29th May 2013 Written Update

At Ira’s blind date Ira goes on blabbering that why would anyone pack an intern’s bag especially when it’s the itern’s mistake and why would anyone call an intern home, the guy mumbles what to say and Ira goes on its a very wrong thing to do, she talks to herself saying RC never do this again
She then looks at the guy and realizes she’s the one going on talking and asks him which designer’s did he model for, the guy goes on telling a list of names when suddenly Ira asks if he has done for RC, the guy confused asks RC, Ira tells him RC is a great designer and all
Ira then tells him he is so silent-types he isn’t giving any answer to her questions, the guy says she isn’t letting him to answer and Ira cuts in to ask her something if he wants to, the guy sighing then

asks her favorite actor, Ira dreamily replies Amitabh Bachan as he’s RC’s favorite too
He then asks about her favorite cuisine, Ira replies Italian and its RC’s favorite, the guy says if its about sensual things then no one can beat Italian, Ira says excitedly that when she got out of college she wished to go to Europe especially Paris and she and RC decided to go there together and have lots of fun
The guy surprised asks ‘WHAT’, Ira looks at him bewildered, the guy asks him RC is another person, Ira says why, the guy tells her the way she was talking the whole time about RC he thought she herself was RC, like how some people address themselves as the third person, Ira thinks to herself that she didn’t talk about anything but RC
Back to YuvReen, Suvi says angrily mouth freshners so that means he already planned to kiss, Yuvi exclaims ‘Oh God’ and tries to remind Suvi this freshner is from that day when they went out when that person didn’t have change, Suvi angrily says oh so he planned from that time to kiss
Yuvi tells her its all her fault why didn’t she come on time and if she would have been on time this all wouldn’t have happened, Suvi shouts back so this is all her fault that she didn’t come on time to stop him from kissing some other girl, Yuvi replies back she isn’t some other girl but their friend Alisha
Suvi says really and asks how many friends wants to kiss him, she tells him swearing that all the problems for her at work are being created by Alisha but he would never believe her because she’s his friend, Yuvi says then what if he also says because of Maddy problems are arising between their relationship then would she agree, Suvi irritated doesn’t know what to answer and starts walking off
Yuvi follows saying this isn’t right, when he left shoot she came saying Samar was right and he agreed and when he says this was all a game and it wasn’t his fault then she wouldn’t want to listen, Suvi tells him that was a different matter, Yuvi says what was the difference that it was all in her office and it was her work, Yuvi tells her for her always work comes first before him, instead of going with him she stayed back with Samar and asks her what was that
Suvi tells him what she did was her responsibility but what he did was a choice, she calls for the auto and goes off
Ira arrives home to see RC and says it’s a pleasant surprise, RC admires her and say someone is looking hot tonight, Jolly comes singing ‘strangers in the night’ with drinks in his hand only to be surprised to see Ira back, he asks her why did she come back early and asks her what happened to her date, Ira tells him to shut up
Ira asks RC how come he is here without calling, RC says he thought she was busy and asks did he need to take permission to come here, Ira says no but RC jokes maybe today he needed to, Ira tells him to shut up
Jolly comments that more than her RC has more hopes from her ‘how touching’, Ira sighs irritated, Jolly asks RC how’s the drink, RC drinks it and says just like him barely tolerable, Ira says really and tries the drink, RC then asks how was it, Ira replies barely tolerable, Jolly asks what drink or date, Ira replies both
Ira asks Jolly does he want to get slapped by her again, Jolly asks but what happened, Ira syas frustrated he set her up with a dumb a*s model and asking what happened, she tells him even she has some standards, RC says absolutely she is so used to him and it has to match up with him, Ira says yeah right, Jolly says ‘wahe guru’ and gets up from there and asks RC if he needs anything else, RC replies no and Jolly leaves from there
Suvi comes back home to find Jatin and Soni talking, she calls out to Soni and Soni goes running to Suvi and introduces her to Jatin, Suvi says hi, Jatin replies haye and flirts with her about her looks while Suvi looks at Soni who signals her its alright, Suvi puts her hand forward but Jatin hugs her, Suvi feels uneasy
Jatin says he knows when a person meets you first time its weird to get hugged by them but he has heard about her so much form Soni that he didn’t feel as if he met her for the first time, Suvi smiles, she then asks Soni how was her shoot, Soni says they cancelled the shoot last minute, she says but its ok as she atleast started going to the sets and networking has also started, she met few people who might help out in the future
Soni then says best part was that Jatin came to drop her so whatever all happened was worth it, Jatin says he’s getting late but meeting Suvi was worth it, he hugs her again and leaves, Suvi a bit uneasy but still smiling says bye
After Soni comes back Suvi says he is so chipkoo, Soni says to leave that he is like that only, Suvi says he’s very weird, Soni was about to say something when she notices Suvi depressed, she asks her what happened, Suvi says she fought with Yuvi and tells her to sit and she tells her the whole story
Suvi talks about her staying back for work and Soni says why does she keep on thinking about only work, she advices Suvi that she needs to spare some time for her relationship especially in which where the guy has come for her all the way to Mumbai just for her, Suvi thinks about it
Morning at office Suvi is working and glancing to the door again and again, Samar comes in and tells her to come to his office as he needs to set the background and props for today’s shoot, Suvi sees Yuvi just entering and tells Samar she will be there in a minute
Suvi runs to Yuvi and apologizes him and tells him she knows problem is at her end and she will try sorting it out, she tells him she will try to take out time for themselves, Yuvi doesn’t say anything, Suvi asks if she makes a sad puppy face then also he wont spit out his anger, Suvi makes a sad puppy face, Yuvi looks at her and spits on the ground, Suvi moves away asking with a disgusted face what was that
Yuvi says she only told to spit out the anger so he did, she smiles at him, Yuvi says anyways he cant stay angry with her for long, he kissed her forehead and hugs her
Samar comes out of his office to see the two and gets an idea in his head
Alisha comes in to see them hugging, Suvi wishes her good morning chirpily, she ignores Suvi and says hi to Yuvi, Suvi tells them both they should get ready as shoot is going to start, Samar from the other end shouts out to Suvi and she runs to him
Samar comes to the interns and announces that Ira RC and Jolly have gone for some important missing so they will be doing the work of RC, he tells them that they will be styling and get them ready in true RC style, Vikram asks they will strive for perfection, Samar says no they will achieve perfection
He tells them they have two options either they back out or they take it as an oppurtunity, he tells them that they will need each other today, he calls out to Preeti and asks her to join in and to assist Rohan, she mumbles ‘mai’, Samar says yes, Suvi smiles, Preeti walks to Rohan but drops the file from her hand, she says sorry, Samar tells her to pick it up and leaves saying good
Rohan and Vikram get busy helping Yuvi dress up while Geeti and Preeti help out Alisha
Everyone is set for the shoot, both Alisha and Yuvi are in DDLJ attire, Samar tells the two to take their position, he then tells Alisha to dab her forehead and upperlip as she is sweating, Alisha demands Suvi to get her make-up kit, Suvi looks up angrily, Yuvi looks at Alisha, Samar looks at her angrily too and tells her Suvi is his assistant not hers
Alisha’s smile fades, Suvi smiles at her, Samar tells Alisha to stop ordering Suvi, Suvi says she will do it, she takes the cotton pad and mirror, Alisha wants to do it but Suvi does it for her, she dabs on Alisha’s face forcefully and tells her her toes are very happy today, Alisha confused says what, Suvi says because she didn’t step on it (as the phrase goes stepping on someone’s toes), Alisha looks at her angrily, Suvi says but she wouldn’t know as she was busy in school trying to steal friend’s boyfriends, Samar watches the two and laughs
Samar then tells Preeti to increase the ac as its getting too hot, Preeti asks if she should increase as in lower the temp or increase it, Samar replies 18 degrees, Preeti runs off
Alisha takes the mirror to check herself but Suvi takes it away from her saying she’s done, and informs Samar its done and she’s ready
The shoot begins and Samar tells Alisha to hug Yuvi from behind, he keeps telling them to get more closer while Suvi watches them and Samar angrily, Alisha smirks back at Suvi, Suvi mutters to herself ‘aur paas, aur paas, ghodi mei bhet jaa’ while Samar is just right behind her with the camera shooting Alisha and Yuvi
Suvi turns suddenly, Samar goes back to his tripod stand and tells Alisha to sit on Yuvi’s lap, Suvi looks at him shocked and bewildered, Alisha jumps on the offer and say yes, she goes to get on Yuvi while Suvi prays to gannuji to stop them
Just when Alisha tries, Samar stops her and tells her to forget it as she looks fine just like that, Alisha looks like a kid who’s chocolate has been snatched away while Suvi looks at Samar and sighs thanking gannuji
Samar smiles and tells them to take the next position, Suvi takes the fan and fans them, Samar tells them to take another position while Suvi points the fan at his back and then turns back front when Samar turns to her, Vikram Geeti and Preeti start giggling
Suvi notices Yuvi’s collars and tells him to fix it, she moves forward to fix it but Alisha holds it first and fixes it upwards, Yuvi looks at Suvi and gives her a look to calm down, Samar comments to Alisha she has a better taste and she knows better what suits on Yuvi
Suvi gives him dagger looks, and goes back to her fan, Yuvi winces in pain and Alisha apologizes saying did she just step on his toes, directing it to Suvi, Suvi right then starts the fan and Alisha’s bangs fly off, Suvi apologizes and Samar asks if he can have the pose
After a few shots Samar informs next change, Suvi goes to Samar and he asks if she has something important to say, Suvi says yes its important for her, she asks him why is he trying to deliberately get Yuvi and Alisha closer, she asks is it just to spite her, she tells him he knows very well what type of a girl Alisha is
She tells him this all is affecting her and Yuvraj’s relation, Samar exclaims ‘oh’ and asks her her relation is so fragile that with all these small things it will break, Suvi looks at him

Precap: Alisha and Yuvi are in Rockstar attire, Suvi cheers for Yuvi, after the shoot Samar announces it’s a wrap and Suvi tells Yuvi to lets go and is about to take him away when Alisha asks Samar what is the style for tomorrow’s shoot as she needs to prepare for it, Samar tells her she is an intern but not a smart one, he asks Suvi ‘Are We’, Suvi replies yes we are done and both Suvi and Alisha stare at each other

Update Credit to: sweetshine

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