Suvreen Guggal 29th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 29th July 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 29th July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Suvreen putting her hand on her dad and mum’s hands. They are crying very badly. They imagine that time where Suvreen was in police station and her dad came to save her from there. And then they hug for a while. Suvreen says you will win.. and then the police comes and says go out to Mummaa and Suvreen. And then they go.
Khurana makes again meeting and talks about Soni and Suvreen. Maddy and Soni watches them outside of that room. Soni says : ohh that’s maddy’s plan??
Suvreen and Mumma are sleeping outside of the police station on the bank.

Rehan calls Suvreen but she switched out. Rehan calls the hotel and asks did Suvreen come to the hotel?? The woman says no. Rehan gets worried about her. He says that there is a big problem if not then she

would contact me.

In the morning. The police comes. Suvreen and Mumma follows him.
Ira imagines of that day where she got to know about Rehan’s truth and where she shouted at Suvi. She says : what did I do?? What everything happened it’s not Suvreen’s fault. She says that she have to go somewhere for few days.. but first I’ve to do something for Suvreen and brownie (Rehan).

Alisha is drinking coffee in the office and then she looks at the clock and asks herself Yuvi is still not there.. and then she goes to Pritty. Alisha asks where are the models?? Pritty asks Models?? Ohh.. you are asking about Yuvi right? Alisha says fine, if you don’t want to tell me then it’s ok.. she wanted to go but Pritty stops her with saying that it’s a secret. She says that Ira gave them something (sorry I didn’t get).. and then Alisha says that means that they won’t come to office for few days? Pritty says finally you got it Alisha and she claps.. and then Alisha goes. Pritty laughs.. Jolly comes with singing Amor Amor’ Pritty stands up and says good night sir and then she corrects herself and says good morning sir. Jolly says good morning muffin
Two men comes to Mumma and Suvreen. They say that the money is there but It’s takes time. Suvreen and mumma gets worried. The men are going to the police they want to talk with him. Mumma says that there is money in Puppa’s bank she wanted to go and bring the money but Suvreen stops her and says that she will take some money by herself. Suvreen goes.

Soni goes to Maddy’s house. He opens the door. She gives a gift to say goodbye. They sit on the couch. Soni says I’ve to find a new house and Yuvraj is busy with his work.. Maddy says I’m here! Soni says yes you are here but you are useless..! Maddy says God makes faults too.. she says yes.. first god made khurana and you that was a big fault! and then they laugh.. and then they go.
Jolly asks questions to the interns. Rohan and Alisha wins 2 points. Rohan has 8 pooints and Alisha 4 points. And then Ira comes. She gives 10 points for Suvreen. Alisha gets shocked. Jolly asks what is this? Ira says while the interns here answering questions Suvreen is working in Dehli. She deserves her marks! Jolly says ok. And then Jolly and Ira goes. Alisha thinks what happened to Ira? Rohan aks Geeti why she didn’t answer everything and said all the anseres to me ? Geeti says that the points and everything is not important for her. Rohan says that she has to think about it again.. and then they go for drinking coffee. Vikram gets jealous.

It’s raining and Suvreen says that she has so many money that it wont help them. (I dunno what she said how many money she has) She wants to go to the police station but then she sees Puppa and Mumma and then she thinks: I didn’t give the money.. so how can my dad go out??

Mumma, Puppa and Suvreen are sitting on bed in the hotel. Puppa says to Suvreen I’m sorry that I didn’t support you. I’m really proud of you are my daughter!!

Update Credit to: Naz_YuvReen

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