Suvreen Guggal 28th October 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 28th October 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 28th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Alisha and Yuvraj sitting on the car. Alisha asks what happened Yuvi? Don’t take Samar’s talks soo serious. Forget what he said. I think Samar doesn’t like you.. so there is nothing to think about it. Yuvraj imagines what Samar said. Yuvraj says that he is worried about Suvreen. He takes his phone and wants to call Suvreen but Alisha stops him by saying that he doesn’t wanted to do the same mistake. Today you said na that you won’t do the same mistake again. So don’t do that na?? She is happy without you.! They arrived at home. Yuvraj says thanks Alisha for helping me. He goes out of the car. Puppa Guggal sees him.

Mumma Guggal is worried about Suvreen. She cries and asks where could my daughter goo ?? Geeti says Vikram and Samar went to find

her. Everybody says to not worry. She will come back soon. Mumma asks soni to tell the truth. What happened??

Puppa says to Yuvraj How dare you to say something to my daughter? Alisha watches them. He says that Suvreen is missing.! Nobody knows anything about her! And everything is just because of you!! Alisha and Yuvraj are shocked when he said that Suvreen is gayab. Yuvraj imagines again what Samar said. Puppa says I knew it that my daughter won’t be happy with you. Alisha smiles! Puppa says what should I do now?? Where should I go to search at her?? Tell me!! He says that he wants his daughter back! And he has to find her coz it’s his fault that she left.

Mumma calls Puppa but his phone is switched off. Vikram goes to Pritty. He says that he didn’t understand what she said to him but know he understood everything. He will go to his girlfriend. He says thank you.

Vikram and Samar are searching for Suvreen everywhere!! But they can’t find her. Samar says this is not working.. we have tried everything. Now we should go to police.

Yuvraj says that he understands. He can’t tell him how he worries about Suvreen but he can say that he tried to save her from everything. He was telling her to stop fighting for Iris. But she didn’t stop that. That’s why we had fight! Puppa says that he believes that. It’s not only his fault. Puppa says that he failed in his eyes.! And then his phone rings.. and then he goes. Alisha goes to Yuvraj. Yuvraj says that he wants to be alone and then he goes. Alisha calls Manani and tells that her plan worked.

Samar’s phone rings. He goes back home. Suvreen is back! Mumma asks her where were you daughter?? Everybody asks the same and tells that they were worried about her. Suvreen doesn’t talk.. she does only look at them. And then she goes in her house and closes the door. Everybody is worried and can’t go in coz they don’t have the keys.

Alisha tells that Suvreen is missing. Alisha says it’s soo cool. Manani gets happy. She says that Yuvraj is now their! They will make Yuvraj against Suvreen. And then Manani says that she should call Pepper she wants to meet her. And then they hang up.

Now Samar and Vikram arrived. They ask what happened? Geeti says that suvreen locked herself. Samar is worried. Suddenly Soni’s phone rings. She goes to talk. And then Soni comes and tells that it was Alisha and she said that Manani wants to meet Pepper now. They are worried. They go to Samar’s house. Soni says how can I go there? Vikram says that she has to go there. Soni asks them how she can handle it without Suvreen?. Soni says ok. And then they go to Mumma, Puppa and Samar. Suvreen still didn’t open the door. Everybody says to open the door. And then Soni wants to go but Puppa asks her where do you want to go??? Maybe Suvreen wants to talk to you. Soni says that she really has to go. Everybody lies to Mumma and Puppa. Samar goes to find the keys. Samar comes with a man. The man opens the door. Everybody runs. Samar wants to talk to Suvreen but Suvreen is lying on the couch. She is unconscious. Samar calls the doctor.

Yuvraj is lying on the bed. He imagines what happened. The fight with Suvreen. He opens and closes the light. And then Rathi comes and asks him are you at home?? I thought you are working. And then he sees how Yuvraj is crying.

The doctor is there. He asks what happened?? Samar says that nobody knows that. When they came they saw how she is lying unconscious. Now can you tell how she is ? when will she be fine? The doctor says that she is in shock.! I think she is in tension. And then he goes.

Rathi says you again did something wrong right? Yuvraj is crying badly. Yuvraj says I know I made a big mistake and she too.

Manani throws the designs to the table. She asks are you joking?? Soni is confused and asks jokes?? Suvreen is listening to them on the phone. She is shocked and thinks if she gave wrong designs to Manani?? Manani says that should go and do sketches for her. Suvreen and Soni are shocked!

Update Credit to: Naz_YuvReen

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