Suvreen Guggal 28th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Suvreen Guggal 28th May 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 28th May 2013 Written Update

The episode starts off with Yuvi telling Samar he doesn’t want to do the baqwaas shoot he is going… Yuvraj leaves… Suvi runs after Yuvi.. she tell him where is he going… Yuvi tells her did you see the way Samar was talking to me… Suvi tells she saw the photographer was giving model instruction.. Yuvi goes I have no problems with instruction the way he was giving instruction I have problem with that…Suvi tells him he’s not in college no more not to fight… Yuvi goes Samar started he was just answering him back… Suvi tells him you came here to do modelling or answer back… Yuvi tells her to go and take Samar side… Suvi tells him she’s not taking no one side she tell Yuvi to relax she tells huim to ignore Samar and do his work.. she goes modelling has 3 requirements good

looks, screen presence and handling criticism… she goes ignore what others say… she tells him please to go back to shoot.. he goes no…she goes please for me.. just then RC and Ira come both compliment Yuvraj.

Yuvi tell Suvi its very odd being close with Alisha she is my friend.. he goes it affects you.. Suvi goes no it don’t affect her its make belief she tells him she isn’t immature… she goes lets go now… Yuvi goes ok sirf tere liye… Suvi is happy she goes mere liye.. both go back to the shoot.

Alisha tells Ira about Suvi not being ill on the day she took sick leave she shows Ira a video… Alisha tells Ira she is very worried about Suvreen she might be in a problem… so she tells Ira to talk to her..Ira tells Alisha to send the pictures to her.. Ira talk to Suvreen about the issue… Ira says you went shopping and pretended to be sick.. Suvreen says this Maddy can’t keep anything a secret… Jolly says to Suvi you bunked office like you bunk college.. RC says Suvreen never bunked college he tell Suvreen to tell the truth… Suvreen says to herself I wish I had told RC sir the truth… Ira says I hate liers.. if you wanted holiday you should of asked why did you lie? RC tells Suvi to answer.. Samar says once he also lied to his photographer chatterjee he had went to watch a movie instead of coming to work.. he had got caught he goes it was doubly sad he had caught and the movie was mangal pandey.. RC says he also made so many lies up not to go to work… RC goes next time you go I will also join you.. Jolly goes me 2… All the guys laug.. Ira is angry… RC tells Suvi to relax its ok.. Suvi says to herself why is this pagal padosi saving me he didn’t tell Ira I’m sure it was Alisha.

Jolly tells Ira she is obsessed with RC.. she needs to go on a blind date… Ira tells him RC is only her business partner and friend.. Jolly goes thats fine now you will go on this blind date.
Back to the Photoshoot everyone claps RC is very happy with the photoshoot…Yuvraj asks Suvreen how was the phootshoot.. Suvreen tells him it was really good…Yuvreen are both talking its muted… Samar is looking at them (now I’m convinced Samar also likes Suvi) Vikram invites Yuvraj to come to the party… Samar tells Suvreen to come to his office.. Suvi tells Yuvi she will join him after she’s completed her work.. Yuvi nods his head.. Samar and Yuvraj look at each other with angrily… Samar is very happy he smiles evilly. (he purposely told Suvi to stay behind he didn’t want her to go with Yuvi )

Alisha the witch was about to fall and Yuvi saved her (why Yuvi should of let her fall) Yuvi SAYS Suvreen still hasn’t come yet.. Alisha says Samar must of kept her busy.. Yuvi isn’t very happy.. Alisa tells Yuvi to come to her friend’s house party.. Yuvi says no its getting late.. Alisha tells him to call Suvreen there also then they can go together…Yuvi agrees (dumb idiot) Yuvi goes to Alisha friends house she offers Yuvi a drink he says he doesn’t drink she tells him its apple juice.. he takes it… Alisha friend says let splay something daring kiss and dare spin the bottle… the bottle lands on Yuvi… Yuvraj and Alisha kiss.

Precap- Yuvraj tell Suvreen she has no time for him she is always with Samar… Suvreen tells him she had to coz of her work but what he was doing was out of choice.. Suvreen is very hurt and leaves in auto she is crying. (how can Yuvi do this disgusting and disgrace I hate Yuvi and CVs )

Update Credit to: Anam

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