Suvreen Guggal 27th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Suvreen Guggal 27th May 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 27th May 2013 Written Update

The episode starts in the office. Pritty is in the office and thinks to eat something but then she decided to eat it later. And then she sees Rohan coming in the office.. She says good morning and then he says something (dunno what he says..) Pritty gets confused.. he says is Rehan in the office? She says that he is not in the office. After a while Rohan’s phone rings.. He goes.. Pritty wants to know with whom he is talking. She follows him to the dressing room.

Soni is in her room and talks on the phone with Suvi. She practices while Suvi runs to the office.. Soni says the lines are really beautiful but I don’t feel anything. She wants Suvi to come home and practice with her. Suvi says that she can’t.. Soni says that it’s the first day of her shoot. and then she tells her about

yesterday what Maddy said to her, that he knows she is not sick.. Soni says that she should be relax, it can be tha maddy doesn’t know anything.? Just talk to him and get out if he knows or not.! Suvi says that she will tell everything to Rehan first. And then she hangs up. She turns around and sees Alisha was behind her.

Back to Pritty. Rohan is talking on the phone with someone. Pritty followed him. And then he sees Pritty. He hangs up and asks what she is doing here. He laughs..
Back to Suvi. Alisha asks: Guggal are you ok?? You look stressed. Suvi says: I had fever that’s why I look stressed. Suvi wants to go but she asks to which doctor did u go? Suvi says it’s near my house. Alisha says: I know but which?? Suvi says: There comes patients and the doctors gives medz.. Alisha says: If u need something then let me, take care.! Suvi thinks: did she wanted to know something about yesterday?? Strange..

Back to Pritty. (she says something.. didn’t get what??) She lies.. Rohan laughs again.. Pritty says that she likes to live with the clothes.. and then she goes.. Rohan laughs’
Maddy comes to his room in the office. He puts his bag on the table and stretches his arms’ with closed eyes.. and says AHHH’ he opens his one eye with his hand and looks at the clock.. and then he looks at his left site. Suvi is behind him with the caffe and newspaper on her hand. He takes them, says thank you and sits on the couch. Suvreen watches him a while and thinks what Soni said, that she should talk with him and get out if he knows everything or not. He says perfect.. Suvi asks: Perfect coffee??? He says : No.. perfect morning! He stretches his arms again.. he says that he woke up before the alarm’ he perfect!!! (hoe cute he is yaar’) and then he asks: what about you? She says same.. he says your day is always like this right?? But yesterday?????? Suvi says I was really sick.. Suvi thinks: Why he doesn’t say that he knows ?? tell na..!! say it! He says: lets go? Rc could be there..

In Delhi. While Mumma Guggal takes the platter tell to him that he is late to go to work. He says : is there any rules when to go to work? Mumma says that she wants to watch movie with him.. but he says that he doesn’t want to watch any movie. She asks should I do tea for you? He says can u leave me for sometime?? She asks him are you ok?? He says I’ll be well soon. And then she goes. He talks to himself: How can I tell you that I lost my job?? I dunno how to tell you??

Back to Suvi. While Suvi walks down the stairs Maddy drives the motorbike in the office..he signales to Suvi to sit on the motorbike. Alisha and the girl watchs them. Suvi sits on the motorbike. She has her right hand on his shoulder’ Maddy’s face is too funny.. Maddy says Rc is late today right? He leaves the motorbike without stopping it and goes to his camera… Suvreen and Rohan are trying to stop it.. while they are trying Suvi distributes the coffee what is Rohan’s.. he says that he will change his clothes and then he goes. Suvi says sorry. Maddy asks is RC there?? The girl says no, he is still not there. Suvi gets angry and takes a gun of the table and goes to maddy.. Maddy kneels and has his hands on top. Suvi says if you tell it to RC I shoot you! Maddy is almost crying and says that he won’t tell it anyone..! I swear I won’t say anything..!! Suvi says: Now, I won’t let you go!! IT WAS SUVIS DAYDREAM!! Maddy says wake up!! Suvi thinks: Oh god, why you don’t make dreams come true?? Maddy asks to Suvreen where is your hero?? Suvreen wanted to say something but Alisha says : My hero comes.! Yuvraj comes with a pink blue shirt .. 😛 and a sunglasses..!! Suvi watches him. Maddy says: You are coming really like a hero.. Yuvraj says I know! Maddy says you are late! Yuvraj turns around and takes his sunglasses out. Yuvraj goes near Alisha. Suvreen smiles. Alisha comes closer to Yuvraj.. Suvreen gets jealous. Suvreen gets shocked and goes. Yuvraj says Vikram, he gives mirror to Yuvraj.. Yuvraj looks at his hair.. Maddy says to Yuvraj that he should go to the right site. But Yuvraj doesn’t hear what Maddy says.. he is still making his hair. Maddy gets angry and shouts: Yuvraj, I’m talking with you!! You should listen to me what I say. Yuvraj gets angry.. Alisha says he is right here with me. And then Suvreen comes and gives a necklace to Alisha and says: you forgot that! Alisha asks Yuvraj to do the necklace for her. Yuvi says ok . Maddy says to Yuvraj to go left .. but Yuvraj doesn’t care.. Maddy gets angry and shouts: YUVRAJ!! And I talking Chinese, because you don’t understand?? I said before that you should not move..! Yuvraj gets angry and wanted to go to Maddy but Suvreen says Yuvraj.! He looks at her.. suvi signals that he should not fight with Maddy. Alisha looks at them. Maddy asks can we have the pose?? And then Alisha and Yuvraj come closer.. Suvi gets jealous.! Suvi takes the machine where she can make the wind. Maddy takes photos. Maddy says closer , more closer!! Suvi gets jealous again.. and then they make poses with the motorbike. Alisha sits behind Yuvraj on the motorbike. Maddy is taking photos and suvi is making wind. Maddy says that Yuvraj should sit behind Alisha. Maddy says that he should hug Alisha. Suvi gets jealous. Maddy says come more closer!! Alisha looks at Suvreen, she wants to make her jealous. Maddy says change your positions. And then Alisha takes Yuvraj hands to her stomach. And then Maddy says to Yuvraj, kiss her shoulder. Yuvraj doesn’t want to do that. Alisha says c’mon.. it’s ok.. Maddy looks to Suvreen and laughs’ coz she is jealous. Maddy taks photos.. Yuvraj says the pose before was better, it doesn’t make fun.. Maddy says we are not here to make you fun. And do that what I’m saying.! Yuvraj says : If not? Maddy says: if not , then why are you a model?? You could be a photographer, right?? They both get very angry.. Yuvraj takes his sunglasses out and throw it to Vikram. He comes near to Maddy. Maddy looks sleepy again.. Yuvraj touches Maddy’s shoulder.. Alisha smiles.! Maddy looks at his shoulder.. (both came really close yaar,, I thought they want to kiss each other.. ) They look each other..

Episode ends.!

Yuvraj says that he doesn’t want to shoot with him. And then he goes. Alisha shows a picture of Suvreen to Ira.. she says it’s a picture of the day where Suvreen was sick. Ira gets shocked and says that she wants to see all the pics.. and then she goes with angry face.

Update Credit to: nazomel

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