Suvreen Guggal 27th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 27th February 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 27th February 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with Yuvi asking Suvi to say and moves closer to her when she blushes and suddenly yanks out of his grip and says now they are not getting late and picks up her purse and leaves
Yuvi presents her to the car outside, Suvi asks him what happened to Laila, Yuvi says to sit he will tell everything later, Yuvi sits in the car and asks the driver to go to the airport, Suvi looks at him shocked and asks why airport, Yuvi replies because there is no beach here

Suvi is in hyper mode and says what does he mean going to airport and why is he doing this, Yuvi tells her she only said she saw lakes and mountains but not beaches so he is going to show her the beach today, Suvi asks what does he mean
Yuvi says they will go from here to Mumbai, Suvi is more shocked, Yuvi

asks her how was the surprise as Suvi is out of words still shocked

Back at the canteen Annie bursts the balloon Rathi was holding out to her, she tells him to get up and says they have left off all those things behind and now they are good friends and that is better, Rathi becomes depressed, Zorro slowly moves and tries to escape out when Annie pulls him by his shirt and tells him to stay here
Annie tells Rathi that she really liked what all he said, but then all that was there between them isn’t there anymore, she tells him she cant be with him, Rathi tries to say something but Annie pleads him not to, Rathi agrees and leaves, Zorro calls him from behind but he doesn’t listen, Annie says sorry to him as he leaves
Zorro gets Anie’s hands off from his shirt and ticks off at her for holding him like that, she on the other hand ticks off at him for trying to leave off like that when she didn’t ask him to, she goes on and on that its not necessary to celebrate valentine by having a valentine, she picks up her bag and says this time they will celebrate friendship wala love on valentines day and pulls him with her out of the canteen

Suvi on the other hand freaks out and asks Yuvi he is joking or he is gone mad, Yuvi tells her he is serious he wants to fulfill all her wishes
Suvi freaks out its good he wants to fulfill her wishes but how can he do this, how can they just go out of delhi, she tells him she told her Pappa that she was going with all her friends to Alisha’s place for movie and if her Pappa finds out she was out of Delhi she will definitely be murdered, she decides finally they wont go anywhere
Yuvi holds his head a bit annoyed, Suvi goes on there are so many other problems she never even travelled on a plane and says why cant they go somewhere in Delhi as there are many places in Delhi too

Yuvi tells the driver to stop the car seriously, Suvi notices him a bit pissed off, she tells him sorry and says she understands how much he is excited to do all this for her and even she is but she is worried that she will be late for home, Yuvi asks her if she trusts him, Suvi nods her head, he then assures her that she doesn’t need to take tension and she wont be late to reach home, they will go to Mumbai in 2 hrs and cuming back will take 2 hrs, and the rest of the time in between is all theirs

Yuvi tells her this day is important for both of them, and he hopes that starting this relationship he wants to fulfill her every wish, but then if she doesn’t want to go then her every word is his command
Alisha tries to call YuvReen but in vain, she becomes angry thinking where they might have gone and Yuvi promised to meet her for going shopping for Suvi but he didn’t even call or message her(hahaha i love Yuvi for this good he didnt tell Alisha about it all)

Choomantar Song sequence- YuvReen in Mumbai enjoying every moment roaming around

At RC’s place Vivaan is playing his game when there is a message beep from RC’s laptop, he peeks into his laptop to see someone’s message, RC cums and tells him to leave it as he deleted all games, Vivaan asks him if he had J-Lo poster, he asks what is he talking about, Vivaan says this is not him but someone on RC’s facebook asking him, RC looks surprised towards him
Suvi is enjoying a lot, she sits back putting her head inside the car finally, she excitedly talks about the places they have been to and asks the driver to go to Salman Khan’s bunglow, Yuvi tells her he lives in a flat, Suvi says ok we will go to his flat and maybe she might catch a glimpse of him doing push ups

She tells him she only saw Mumbai in films, she says Tultuli has been here 2 times and also uploaded an album on FB ‘Once upon 2 times in Mumbai’, Suvi exclaims even she will put an album
Suvi asks Yuvi now where they are heading to, Yuvi tells her they are going to Mud Island’s beautiful beach resort, Suvi exclaims Mud Island and says a lot of smuggling happens there as she saw in the movies, she asks him excitedly if all that happens till now there, Yuvi says sorry to disappoint her but now there are only film shootings that goes on
Yuvi tells her they are going to have their lunch there and…

Suvi thinks otherwise and pulls out her hand from his clutch, Yuvi looks at her aghast, Suvi says and what else, she asks him why are they going to a resort and tells him she wont go to any resort
Yuvi says is she gone mad, what is she thinking, Suvi reotrts him what is he thinking, Yuvi makes it clear to her he isn’t planning anything and does she thinkg he is that type of guy, Suvi says he isn’t but then why are they going to resort as people who go there, but Yuvi cuts her off and syas they have fought enough for today
He tells her that there are lot of activities for couples to do on Valentine’s day and also a beautiful sunset, it will be only her and him and the sunset and the beautiful cool breeze and plus no one will be there to know them

They reach the resort finally only to find it closed and sealed, Suvi looks at Yuvi who says this was the address only, he then asks a passing by guy about the resort being closed, the guy says its been closed as there was a police raid, Yuvi asks why, the guy says coz they used to do bad business here, both Yuvi and Suvi become shocked
Naro is blushing as Annie compliments her and tells her this valentine is going to be the best one, Naro tells her she never thought she would ever go again for valentine date after what all happened with Gogoi, Annie tells her he is gone and not to think about him but to think about her date, she assures her that Mannu will take care of her and he’s the most sweetest guy (YAYYY finally MaRo are dating)

Naro tells her she feels bad and asks about her and Rathi, Annie tells her not to bring that topic and forget it and tells her to go for her date before she gets late
Naro leaves and Annie is in thoughts, she gets a message saying if she’s ready then ok and if she’s not then she better get ready in one hr, Annie thinks what is Zorro upto now
YuvReen walking on the empty road, Yuvi is angry and says if he gets the resort wala he would break his legs and hands, how could he fool him like that, Suvi says because he was ready to become a fool that’s why, Yuvi asks her why is she getting angry at him, he didn’t know that what they were showing online was fake

Suvi tells him he didn’t know but he could find out, Yuvi says he did go online to find out as he couldn’t come here and check, Suvi ticks off why did he even think of a new place, whenever he is taking a girl out he should know about the place before hand, its not like guys road trip you can go anywhere you want
She says its good that place is shut down because of the raid otherwise…Yuvi looks apologetic and says she is just getting tensed and they will figure out something soon, Suvi blasts him what willt hey figure out they cant even see a fly anywhere nearby and he is laughing, Suvi is shocked seeing Yuvi laugh and asks him seriously why is he laughing
Yuvi says if she looks at the sky and looks for a fly he will laugh, Suvi becomes mad at him and blasts him off everything is not a joke and leaves off angrily
RC asks surprised to Vivaan even in their school they celebrate valentine’s, Vivaan says a lot has changed, he tells him seriously that one girl even said that he dances like Varun Dhawan but he is confused whom to choose out of the three girls

RC says he is confused and asks if he will help, Vivaan says yes excited, RC pulls him and holds him and holds him down and says he is just 10, Vivaan asks him to leave, he then says its should be decided today, RC asks what, Vivaan says that how many girls did he date, in school and college, RC says he never dated anyone he was a good boy
Vivaan asks him to say about college atleast, RC says he never dated anyone, his mind was always busy with work and studies and even he should do that same, Vivaan then asks about the message on FB, RC says its no one, Vivaan teases him about the J-Lo poster

YuvReen are walking, Suvi thinks she said too much again, if the photos were there on net then it isn’t Yuvi’s fault, she goes to him and clears her throat for him to say something, Yuvi ignores and keeps walking, Suvi comes in front of him and says if he hasn’t noticed she will make him notice that she isn’t talking to him
Yuvi replies back that she hasn’t noticed that even he is not talking to her and tries to walk away when she stops him and says but she is talking, Yuvi says even he is, Suvi says he is just saying he is not talking, Yuvi asks what will he talk, Suvi says anything, Yuvi says whatever had to be said she said it from both of their sides and finished it, there isn’t anything left to say
Suvi starts laughing and Yuvi asks her why is she laughing, Suvi tells him she just remembered a scene from dil chahta hai of saif ali khan when he tries to talk to his girlfriend and cannot say anything

Yuvi teases her she watched the movie, Suvi nods, he then says she must have seen then his girlfriend was chudail types, Suvi says haw he called her a chudail, Yuvi says when did he say its her only saying it, Suvi says when did she say, Yuvi asks irritated what is she saying, Suvi thinks and says ‘Mai…Mai’ and Yuvi says mai wat bakri, Suvi says I’m sorry
She apologizes for being like that as she never came out with any guy before and everything that happened just made her nervous, Yuvi says sarcastically yeah he comes here every week and leaves, Suvi calls out saying she said sorry what else should she do

She goes ahead of him and kicks a bottle that Yuvi was about to kick, she keeps doing that and they both run around trying to kick the bottle, Suvi becomes lost everytime he holds her close to him, Yuvi says to leave it now, Suvi tells him to first say he isn’t angry, Yuvi says she was the one who got angry first, they both get into an argument again running around playing foot-bottle
Suddenly Suvi notices the beach and shows it to Yuvi and says its so beautiful, she then says to lets race and see who reaches first and runs off to the beach, Yuvi runs behind her calling her out

Precap: Main Vari Jawan Song Sequence, YuvReen dancing on the beach(AAAHHH damn can these two get any cuter, shit i’m scared for tmrw’s epi but cant wait to watch the song seq, gosh they luk soo cuteee), Pappa G is talking to Alisha and says he cant reach Suvi and asks to speak to her, Alisha says she isn’t there, Pappa G asks confused Suvi told him that they were meeting there, Alisha says even she is worried as Suvi hasn’t reached there yet and says its valentine’s day also but Pappa G. cuts the call angrily

Update Credit to: sweetshine

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