Suvreen Guggal 26th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 26th July 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 26th July 2013 Written Update

Part 1

The episode begins with Suvi finding her father being taken away by the policemen and her mother is crying hard. Suvi is shocked to see her father in that condition.

At the office, Farhaan aka Raj has arrived to meet Preeti who comes to surprise her.

At the police station Mr. Baldev Guggal is behind the bars and the two are sitting aside. Suvi’s mother is sobbing hard when Suvi tells the policeman that there is surely some mistake and her father can never do anything wrong. The policeman tells her to first find the truth and then apologize to them.

At the hotel, RC is worried for Suvi and thinks that has she ran to avoid him and jumps to a conclusion that surely something major has happened and tries contacting Suvi but in vain. Ira calls RC but he cuts

her call.

At the station, Lovely tells Suvi about the whole situation and Suvi consoles her.

At Iris, Jolly has asked everyone to get ready for the quiz and all get nervous. Watching this he changes his plan and tells them that he would now test their basics. He tells everyone to immitate whatever he does and how he does.

At home, Maddy is making plans for Soni.

Back in Iris, Jolly is screwed with everyone’s choices and clearly tells out whatever is going on in their mind. He tells Alisha to not think about her breakup with her bf, asks Geeti to not give up on herself so easily, exclaims Vikram to be so firm and not jealous while announces Rohan as the winner for that round for thinking brighter. Jolly had asked everyone to choose their colour for the cloth and watching their choices he gave them the comments. All are surprised.

Maddy calls up secretary Khurana and immitates to be a don. He scares Khurana to become the boss of the society and tells him to be in limits. Khurana is scared. Maddy is confident his plan will be successful this time.

Part 2

Suvi is trying to make the policeman understand about the correct situation but he doesn’t understand and tells Suvi that he may release her father only if the House owner takes his complaint back.

Preeti and Farhaan are out and she tells him the whole story behind Rohan’s confusion.

Khurana finds out that his water, electric and other supplies have been disconnected. He gets a threatening note saying wait and watch what happens next. Khurana is very scared.
Maddy is all set with his next step.

Lovely gets a call by her relative saying that they couldn’t manage Mr. Baldev’s release papers and thus he will have to stay in the locker whole night. Suvi is shocked to know this while Lovely can’t stop sobbing.

Part 3

Mr. Baldev is trashed and Suvi finds him speaking that he always did his work with truth and dignity but he shouldn’t have done so because Truth never wins. He is crying with Lovely and tells that he shouldn’t have taught his kids to do the same.

Suvi wipes her tears and tells her father that he never did anything wrong and like always even this time Truth will win!

Will Suvi be able to prove her father’s truth and fight for his dignity? To find more keep watching Suvreen Guggal.

Update Credit to: Jyo_Ksg

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