Suvreen Guggal 26th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 26th February 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 26th February 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Alisha and Suvreen talking about the valentines day. Alisha says that she would let him do the first step. Annie agrees her.. Suvreen asks them what happened to them..?? Alisha thinks that Suvreen would believe to her best friend “Annie”.
In the next scene Alisha and Yuvraj are sitting on the bank and eating ice cream. Alisha asks him: What did you think to do in the valentines day? Yuvraj says that he decited what he gives to Suvi. He says that she is a simple girl. Alisha gets jealous. He says that he will go on a trip with her. (mumbai trip) ONLY SHE & ME! Alisha thinks that she won’t let it happen. She says that the idea is good but not for a valentines day. Yuvi says that Suvreen is his friend. Alisha corrects him : GIRLFRIEND! She says:

You should give her something what she doesn’t expect it.
In the next scene Mannu shirtless.. Rathi says that he is jealous of Suvi.. He is missing Yuvi.. Mannu thinks of the DOSTANA thing Rathi says: I’m…
Mannu screams and says that he doesn’t want to hear it. And then Rathi says : I’m jealous of him.! Then Mannu relieves.. Rathi says : If Annie was with me then Yuvi and I will go on dopple date. Mannu says that he wants to propose to Naro.
In the next scene Suvreen is sitting on her bed and thinking about the valentines day.. (What Alisha said to her) After a while Yuvraj is calling Suvi for a video chat. She accepts it. Suvi says hi to him but he says nothing. And then Yuvraj takes a letter and opens it. “CHEETAH AUR TOPPER KI LOVE STORY!”
And then he opens it again: (I can’t read it) She asks : For what? and then he opens the letter again: “WILL YOU COME ON A VALENTINES DATE WITH ME?” She gets surprised and goes. Yuvraj gets shocked and asks: what happened to topper? And then she comes. She has a letter in her hand. She opens it. “HAAN!!!” – “YESSS!!”… Yuvraj gets happy and stands up.. And dances like the cheetah … She begins to laugh.. And then her dad comes.. She gets shocked. He says: You can’t be happy if you are always in your room and laugh.. you will be crazy She says that she was watching movie. He asks why she doesn’t say it to him. And then he goes. She opens her laptop again. Yuvraj was waiting for her.. She asks: Where will we go? He says that it is a surprise. She should take permission from her dad coz she will not be at home at late night. He will not hear anything more.. He says: HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! And then he goes.. Suvi closes her laptop and says: HAPPY VALENTINES TO YOU TOO! In the next scene Alisha’s phone rings. It is Suvreen. She says (to herself) that she knew that she will call her. She gets stuck it. Suvreen asks: Annie?? how did your voice change?? Alisha says that it is she. Suvreen says that she was really surprised and called her by mistake coz Alisha’s and Annie’s names started with A.. Alisha asks : Where will yuvraj go with you?? Suvi says that she doesn’t know it. After a while they hang up.
In the next scene Suvreen takes permission from her dad .. she says that she will go to Alisha and she says that she will come late tomorrow. He says ok.. She can go there.
In the morning Rathi and Mannu are sleeping.. Yuvraj goes quitly away.. And then his phone rings. Suvreen calls him. She says: HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!.. but she is still in bed.. Yuvraj asks: Who will wish in Valentines day first?? Suvreen says: You are really happy.. He answeres: Yes, ofcourse.. It is his first girlfriend and first valentines.. so he has to be happy. They are fighting again.. Suvreen says: Tum, tum tum,… He asks: Me what??? I’ll tell you when we will meet. He says that he is coming in 10 minutes.. Suvreen asks: 10 minutes????? He hangs up.
In the next scene Annie, Naro and Zorro and sitting and eating a cake. And then Rathi and Mannu comes. Mannu has flowers in the hand and proposes to Naro Naro comes closer and says yes. He got shocked and fell.. And then he is jumping and hugging all.. Then Mannu and Naro are hugging and then they go.. Rathi says sorry to Annie …
In the next scene Suvi gets angry with Yuvraj coz he is coming in 10 minutes. After a while Yuvraj comes to her room.. She gets shocked and says that he has to go now coz her dad is there. He says that he saw her dad going.. And then they come closer! He says: Tell me. Me what?? THEIR BACKGROUNG TUNE IS PLAYING..

PRECAP: Yuvi and Suvi are sitting in the car.. Yuvi says that he will go with her to mumbai trip. She gets shocked.. and says: How can I leabe delhi?? my dad will know it that I’m not at Alisha’s home and watching movie.

Update Credit to: nazomel

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