Suvreen Guggal 25th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Suvreen Guggal 25th October 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 25th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Yuvraj asking Suvreen what did you do to impress VC? [:O] Suvreen gets angry and goes. Yuvraj is angry too.
Soni comes and Suvreen asks her what happened? Soni tells that VC is playing. Suvreen says we will play too.. I won’T let him win. I’ll win! Yuvraj comes and says whatever happens you won’t win. Suvreen says if you are in his team so then go. Yuvraj says I’ll talk professionally so please don’t talk like that. Suvreen says I’m not talking professionally? I saw how you behaved to me. Everybody watches them. Manani watches them too. She says how dare you Suvreen? Yuvraj is my model. Do learn how to talk to him. Alisha watches them too and smiles. Manani says Say sorry to him now! She shouts NOW!. Suvreen says I don’t

say sorry coz I’m not wrong. Manani gets shocked. Yuvraj says right or wrong, I was thinking that everything will be right. We will be again together. But I was wrong. He says it’s over now! I don’t want to see your face anymore! Suvreen gets shocked. Soni watches them and gets sad. Suvreen is almost crying and goes. Manani says to Alisha.. did you see it?? Your plan is almost done! Alisha smiles!
Alisha goes to Yuvraj. He is sitting on the couch. She sits near to him. She says oh no Yuvraj. I know suvreen shouted at you in front of everyone. What happened to her? What happened to your relationship? Yuvraj says don’t ask that! Alisha says that she is here for him. Alisha says that this Suvreen is not the one he loved. Yuvraj gets shocked and looks at him.
Soni calls Maddy and asks him did you see Suvreen? Samar asks her wasn’t she there with you? She says if she were here why would I ask you? She went out from the office. Samar asks her what did you do? She tells him that Suvreen left because she had fight with Yuvraj. Soni says I don’t know where she did go?? Samar says that he will search for her. And then they hang up.
Manani, Alisha and Yuvraj are sitting. Suddenly Yuvraj’s phone rings. He goes out to talk. Manani says to Alisha that Yuvraj needs now emotional support. He is alone. He is hurting. When he gets angry or anything like that then talk to him just normal and go with him out. How much he comes close to Alisha so much he goes far from Suvreen. Alisha says wwoooww.. thank you. I’ll do that. But why are you telling this to me? Manani says I hate Suvreen Guggal. And then Yuvraj comes in. He asks Manani if he can go home, coz he is not feeling well. Manani says ok. And then she says Alisha. Alisha stands up and goes out of the room with Yuvraj.
Samar tries to call Suvreen but her phone is switched off. And then Mumma guggal comes. Mumma says that he wanted to talk to him. She says that they will find a new house. That’s why I wanted to ask you do you know any house? Samar is confused and asks her why do you want to change house? Did Suvreen say something? Mumma says no no.. she didn’t say anything but we were thinking that Suvreen is in tension just because of them, so they will go in another house. Samar thinks: Again a new drama! But Suvreen will clear this drama. But first I have to find her. Samar says that she is right they have to shift. He will find a nice house for them. When I found one I’ll let you know. Mumma gets happy and says thank you. Samar says that he has to go somewhere for an important work. Mumma says ok.. you do your work I’ll go. She goes. Samar thinks where did Goodgirl go yaar?? And then he goes too.
Alisha and Yuvraj are going. Everybody watches them. Geeti tells to Pritty whatever happened I’m sure it’s Alisha’s plan. Pritty says if it’s happens then I won’t be surprised. Geeti gets confused and asks what does it mean? Pritty says that Suvreen told her that Alisha is not a good girl. She is devil.! She wanted YuvReen to break up. Geeti gets shocked.
Samar and Soni are on the car. Soni says that she never seen Suvreen like that before. She went out of the office. Samar says did you talk to the model? (Yuvraj) Did you tell him that Suvreen is missing? Soni says no, how can I talk to Yuvraj?? Samar says I’m worried about goodgirl. Where could she go?? Soni says beach?? Or the cafeshop?? Or mall?? Samar says ok I’ll check out you can go to the office. Soni says ok and goes.
Pritty is worried about Suvreen. And then Rohan comes and asks her something about the work. Pritty gets angry.. Rohan says don’t worry.. she will be fine. She just needs time. Pritty says you don’t know how a girl feels when something like this happens?? Pritty says what if she does something to herself?? She is worried. Rohan says we are talking about Suvreen! She won’T do like this. Pritty says we should have been with Suvreen. And then Rohan goes.
Yuvraj and Alisha are in the caf. Alisha brings caf to Yuvraj. Yuvraj imagines what happened. Alisha says drink the caf.. you will feel better.
Samar is in the caf. Samar talks to Soni and says that she is not there and then they hang up. Samar sees Yuvraj sitting with Alisha and gets angry. He tells what are you doing?? How can you sit with Alisha? Alisha gets up and asks Samar what is wrong with you? Samar says to Yuvraj Don’t you worry about Suvreen? Do you know where Suvreen is?? How she is?? You idiot!!! And then he goes!
Puppa comes home. Mumma is worried. Puppa asks her what happened lovelyji? She says that suvreen didn’t come home yet. And she looked very depressed. What if it’s just because of us? Puppa says no lovelyji. She is a really understanding girl. She could be sill working. Did you ask Soni? Mumma says that she too didn’t come. Mumma asks him to call her. He says that she will be working. We will call her later, maybe she calls us.
Geeti, Vikram, Rohan, Pritty are saying that they can’t find Suvreen. Samar says that her phone is switched off. Where should I go for search her?? Soni says that she never seen her like that before. Samar says that goodgirl is fine and will come back soon. He tells to Soni to go home. Samar says that if they can’t find her they will go to police station and report it.
Puppa is trying to call Suvreen but her phone is switched off. And then Soni comes. Mumma asks where is Suvreen? Soni says that Suvi would be at office. Mumma says that she doesn’t say the true. Soni opens the door. Puppa asks her what happened? Soni says to come with her.
Rohan says that they have to check again. And then Soni, Mumma and Puppa come. Samar says shocked. Puppa asks them is suvreen there? Mumma and Puppa gets worried. Puppa says that he is trying to call Suvreen but her phone is switched off. Tell me the true where suvreen is. I’m her dad. I’m worried about her. Soni tells everything about Yuvreen’s fight and how she left office. We are trying to contact her but we can’t find her. Mumma and Puppa are shocked.

Update Credit to: Naz_YuvReen

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