Suvreen Guggal 25th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 25th July 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 25th July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts off with Samar and Yuvraj talking.. The punch was Yuvraj’s imagination it didn’t really happen (here I thought it was real so dumb of me) Yuvraj smiles thinking of his imagination.. Samar says I spoke to your girlfriend and such a big smile on your face I’m thinking I should speak to your girlfriend everyday.. actually every hour no every half an hour… Yuvraj is angry… Samar sees torches in the flat and wants to go inside but Yuvraj doesn’t let him go inside… Soni comes and pushes Samar out and says there is no ice.
Soni is talking on the phone with Suvreen… Suvi tells Soni she didn’t speak to RC Sir… Soni says you are mad… Yuvraj says in the background who’s mad… Soni says your girlfriend.. Yuvraj says give me the phone… Suvi tells Soni

not talk about this matter in front Of Yuvraj… Soni tells Suvi Yuvraj was talking to Maddy… Suvi says what is Maddy doing there? Why was Yuvrajs phone with Maddy?.. Soni says stop being hyper he had come back to give Yuvraj phone back… Yuvraj tells Soni to give him the phone.. Soni says dono keh dono ghadeh ho Soni gives the phone to Yuvraj.
Yuvreen phone convo… Yuvraj says how are you topper? Suvi says she is fine she misses Yuvraj.. Yuvraj says me and you are the same he then says did you meet Mama and Papa? How is RC Sir? Suvi says she hasn’t met Mama and Papa yet… she then she says tired she has to go she will talk tomorrow … Yuvraj says ok go to sleep goodnight topper I love you… Suvi says I love you… the light goes off at Soni and Suvi flat.. Soni is dressed in white she says time for action… (Khurana chopsi will be done now he deserves it)
RC is annoyed Ira isn’t answering his calls… RC then goes to Suvreens room to ask her if she has ordered Dinner or not… Ira sends a text to RC saying Suvreen knows about your feelings… RC is shocked… he says Suvreen knows oh god.. Suvreen then comes out of the room she says Sir shall we go to the restaurant… RC says he will order room service he is very tired… Suvreen says ok she says to herself what happened to RC Sir?
Soni and Yuvraj both go to Khurana room… Khurana is drinking and watching an inappropriate movie… Soni eyes are also glued on screen… Yuvraj covers Soni eyes says to Soni what are you doing good girls don’t watch such things… Soni says good boys don’t watch it either… Yuvraj says I don’t know about good boys but boys watch it.. Soni says so girls watch it too.. Yuvraj says stop discussing all this.. if she wants to discuss all this discuss it with Maddy not him his ears are burning… Soni laughs… Soni carries on watching Soni laughs seeing Khurana so engrossed in watching movie… she then says what satisfaction does Khurana get watching all this? Yuvraj says he doesn’t know but whatever he will do he will surely get satisfaction. Yuvraj puts on a mask.
Back to Suvi and RC… RC is fumbling with his words.. he tells Suvreen to relax and bumps into the waiter all the tea falls… RC says his sorry.. RC then goes into flashback when he had told Suvreen to come Delhi etc… then RC says Suvreen knew about my feeling all these days and still came to Delhi with me… RC goes to his room.
Yuvraj goes into Khuranas room… he is trying to move the sofa but is unable to do so… Yuvraj then keeps switching the lights on and off to scare Khurana… Khurana isn’t scared … Soni comes inside the room and she says to Khurana I had told you not to annoy them girls but you didn’t listen now who will save you from us… Khurana isn’t scared he picks up his glass to throw it at them… Khurana then says where is my danda? He gets up and chases Yuvraj and Soni they are all running around.
RC is very annoyed… he says Rehaan your such a ass you’re a ghada…no wonder Suvreen was so awkward he then says what was the need of Ira to tell Suvreen everything she should of at least spoken to me first… he then says he will talk to Suvreen first thing in the morning before the meeting.
Khurana is chasing Yuvraj and Soni.. both Yuvraj and Soni are hiding… Khurana shouts at both of the watchmans he tells them to find them 2 people who are dressed in white… he says you guys are useless you always sleep… Samar makes some footstep noises and distracts Khurana and the watchmans.. they all run the wrong direction. Samar signals Soni and Yuvraj to run the coast is clear… both Soni and Yuvraj run to the flat and Samar follows them. Samar shouts at Soni he says if Khurana had seen you he would off thrown you out of the society. Yuvraj says they are taking them out anyways.. Soni shows Samar the letter that says Soni and Suvreen have to leave the flat.
Suvreen is having dinner and is talking to herself she says Ira Mam doesn’t like me… I haven’t told Yuvraj RC Sir has feelings for me… Soni wants me to talk to RC Sir but how can I talk? Suvreen then says she needs to talk to Mama she will surely tell her what to do… she then says she will talk directly to her Mama not on the phone.
We see Mama Guggal and Papa Guggal the landlord comes and tells them to empty the house… Papa Guggal tries to explain but the landlord doesn’t want to listen.. the landlord says they haven’t paid the rent or deposit he says pay the money or get out of the house… he shouts at Papa Guggal.. Mama Guggal tells him to speak respectfully… the landlord then shouts at Mama Guggal calls her chor ki biwi he was about to hit her.. Papa Guggal slaps the landlord and tell him if he is chor he is and not to talk like that to his wife he has no right to speak to her disrespectfully. The landlord says Baldev Guggal you didn’t do good he leaves. Mama Guggal cries and hugs Papa Guggal.
RC says Rehaan now you have to fix everything I will tell Suvreen the feelings I had were in the past but now there is nothing there…RC tells Suvreen I know Ira told you… he was about to apologise Suvreen phone rang Mama Guggal is crying on the phone… Suvreen tells her she is in Delhi and she is coming.. She tells RC she needs to go.

The police arrest Papa Guggal Suvreen is shocked.

Update Credit to: Anam_Ali

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