Suvreen Guggal 24th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Suvreen Guggal 24th October 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 24th October 2013 Written Update

As soon as Manini says yes,alisha interferes saying she was to talk to manini in private.They both go outside and alisha says there might be some catch otherwise why wd,vc insist on Samar.She says Samar and suvreen are very good friends they nay have some plan and also she has broken up with Yuvraj.Manini says I don’t want to hear your gossip and goes inside and says yes.As soon as all leave she calls yuvraj and tells she has a proposal .
Here samar asks suvreen what is the problem with yuvraj.She says how can I chose bet.Iris and him ,both are imp.She tells him he is above iris for me ,so samar says did u tell him.SHE SAYS he is not listening.Also sono is trying to talk with Yuvraj and he says for her Iris is her priority and not me.Her whole is around iris so can’t accept

In the house suvreen is working and her parents are talking and making noise with the utensils.That Soni tells she spoke to yuvraj and he thinks u are too busy with iris,she can’t listen due her parents talking loudly so she shouts at them saying please I can;t handle yuvraj,iris,and u.Its better u live else so that I get some private space.Hearing this her parents are shocked and then she apologises.

In the evening a cd is received by yuvraj.He gets call from manini saying see the cd and I will make u face of 2 ads and u will be supermodel.Yuraj sees the cd.

Here papa guggal is shown talking to samar,samar tell Suvreen is adult she will take care of her love life.He gives a camera as gift and tells him to click pics of their tiffin service so that they can promote it very well.papa says thak you.
Next day in the office Suvreen tells soni to talk to manini about the contract and 3 percent share.As soon as manini enters she tells one new member is going to join the co.She introduces Yuvraj singh.Everybody is surprised,suvreen thinks just because he is angry for my iris obsession he has joined hands with manini.Suvreen is shown talking to the camera saying I knoe I am wrong for being attached to iris but yuvraj joining manini is totally not correct.
manini says pepper will design for yuvraj and Suvreen will take his measurement.manini goes to her cabin ,yuvraj assurs soni he will not tell the truth and goes to the dress room.Suvreen enters the room to take measurement,she is thinking u are doing this to anger me and yuvraj thinks i know u are angry as i joined manini but i like it that u are taking my measurement.She angrily starts doing her work at that time yuvraj taunts that u might be smiling while taking vc’s measurement.

Here soni asks manini about her 3 percent she tells I will give u 10 percent if u increase my sale by 5 percent.Soni thinks she will ask suvreen about this.
Here suvreen is angry and about leave then Yuvraj grabs her hand and pulls and asks her what did u do to impress Vc.

Precap==Yuvraj and suvreen are arguing loudly outside with soni standing next to them.Hearing this manini asks suvreen to say sorry to yuvraj.She tells she will not as she is right,to which yuvraj says its over and I don;t want to see your face again.

Update Credit to: sujairohit

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